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The truth of Liaoning Falun Gong practicer Li Yanhua's death


China news agency on March 18, 2002: A Falun Gong practicer died due to illness in February 2001, however this case caused a disturbance in Dashiqiao of Liaoning Province through the propagation of some persons who had ulterior motives.

This case happened on February 19 last year, "that was a cold morning", the villagers of Xi Jiang Nanlou economic development zone, Dashiqiao, Liaoning Province described that day's weather like this.7:40 in the morning, a villager named Zhang Xiumin found there was an old woman couched by her firewood buttress. Kindhearted villagers fetched the cotton-padded clothes and cotton cushion at once to keep the cold out of the old woman.

The villagers dialed "110" to call the police quickly, and then the police got to the scene rapidly and sent the old woman to the neighboring Donghuan hospital. Rescued promptly by the doctor, the diagnostic result was out: diabetes type II, ketone disease and acidosis, coma, low blood potassium, sinus arrhythmia with bardkinesia, 18/10 of blood pressure, and this woman was a serious diabetic, she was dangerous at any time. The rescue carried on until 6:10 in the morning of the next day, and the old woman was dead finally.

Because there were 31 pieces of  Falun Gong leaflets found in the old woman's pocket and cuff, the local public security organ specially sent the coroner to examine the corpse, the result was: The scalp had not been damaged, the skull had not been fractured, the shank had no mark of gripping, the cartilage had not been fractured, the rib had not been fractured, and the skin of body surface had not been damaged, so the result could get rid of the death reason of lethal violence.

While the public security organ was surveying the dead's identity and relevant situations, on February 21, a villager of Dongjiang named Feng Mingsen went to the public security organ to report a case with his son, claimed his wife Li Yanhua leaved home and had not returned so far on the morning of February 19. Through the corpse recognition, the dead was exactly Li Yanhua.

Investigation showed that: Li Yanhua, female, 58 year old, a villager of Dongjiang, Dashiqiao City. Mrs. Li began to practice Falun Gong in 1994. After Falun Gong was banned, she claimed she wouldn't practice Falun Gong again on the surface, but actually she still practiced it at home, because she had not endangered the social security, her practice at home had not been intervened.

Li Yanhua's family thanked public security men for rescuing in time, nobody had objection to the death reason of Li Yanhua, and relatives of Li Yanhua hadn't found any violence traces when they were recognizing corpse.

So far, followed the described fact above it could infer that, Mrs. Li leaved home at 6:30 on February 19, because of freeze and disease, she fainted in the Xi Jiang village. Later on villager walked along the road and picked up over 30 pieces of leaflets, so it could infer that Mrs. Li distributed leaflets all the way. Mrs. Li had serious glycosuria medical history, so her condition would worsen at any time.

The case originally wasn't very complicated, and also no citizens surmised to the death reason of Mrs. Li. However, somebody used this case to make a big fuss.

On February 23, the cremate day of Mrs. Li, the relatives and friends of her found that in the mortuary and cremate field there were written a lot of slogans of "Li Yanhua was hit and caused death by public security cadres and polices". On February 27, Dashiqiao city found some leaflets which attached the corpse photos of Mrs. Li.

These leaflets made local citizens very repugnant. The villager who found Li Yanhua, the doctor who treated and cured her, the mortuary doorkeeper who dressed and laid the corpse of her, the police who gave the first aid and the coroner who made the deduction all thought the words on leaflet were very naïve and funny. The husband also very angry, he couldn't tolerate that some people had photographed his naked wife just for their lies.

Though there were some people hid back, the case would come to light one day. Investigated by the public security officer, the truth have already found out now: At 11:00 pm on February 22, Wang Changshun, Xu Zhengqiang, Liu qing came to Lu guozhan's house and said to him: " We are going to the mortuary of Donghuan hospital to see Li Yanhua together and take some photos." 4 people came to their rented house in Panlong Street, Qinghua Administrative Area, Dashiqiao City to take camera, screwdriver and flashlight. Then they came to the Donghuan hospital by taxi, entered mortuary, carrried Li Yanhua's corpse out of the ice box and put her on the ground, removed Mrs. Li's jacket. Then Wang Changshun photographed 7 photos of Mrs. Li, they put slogans of "Li Yanhua was hit and caused death by the police, the ghost of her will remain" in mortuary. In the afternoon of February 23, Wang Changshun, Li Ying, Fu Yan, Liu Qingnian, Xu Zhengqiang, Lu Guo got together, arranged to make up an article which totally violating the fact, Wang Changshun gave an oral description while Li Ying wrote it down, then they made some leaflets based on the article to distribute again, and propagandized them on the Internet.

The truth was just like this. Lu Guozhan said afterwards: "We had not seen the scars that we hoped to see in the mortuary." They should stop and accept the fact calmly, but they only thought of "promote to a higher level".

According to Falun Gong's "truthfulness, benevolence and forbearance" statement, lying violates the concept they consistently pursuit, I wonder whether they will be punished or honored, it seems only Li Hongzhi can answer this question.


(China news agency on March 18, 2002)