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Relatives of victims debunked rumors of Falun Gong in Geneva

2007-07-25 Source:Xinhuanet

Two relatives of victims debunked rumors of Falun Gong when they participated the 8th session of the United Nations Human Rights in Geneva on 17th, calling on Falun Gong fanatics to realize their errors and mend their ways as soon as possible.

Wang Juan of China National Women's Federation said she is the daughter of Wang Jindong, who participated in the incident of self-burning in Tian An-men last January and her whole family once infatuated Falun Gong. However, Falun Gong headquarters in U.S.A. denied that the self-burning is held by Falun Gong practicers openly and rumored that the self-burning incident was plotted by the Chinese government. "As I am the daughter of Wang Jindong, the facts I can tell you that my father trust the Falun Gong leader Li Hongzhi's so-called 'forget about life and death, abandon rigid' and participated in the self-burning incident in order to 'consummation'. As a result, he violated the state law, was sentenced to imprisonment,Wang Juan said.

Wang Juan showed a recent group photo of her and her parents in the prison at the press conference. In the photo Wang Jindong's facial burns have basically been restored, but the scars left were still clearly visible.

Wang Juan said, "Falun Gong said the people involved in the self-burning were manipulated by the Chinese government,they  were bought with money. But who can disregard his life only for money? Under the patient education of the government, her family have thoroughly recognized the evil nature of Falun Gong cult and got rid of the spirit control of Falun Gong.

Teng Yuben, who represented the Chinese Research Association of Human Rights, refuted the Falun Gong rumors by the facts. He thanked the Chinese government changed his daughter Teng Yanchun to normal people from a "ghost" and saved the happiness of his family.

He said, "on the heresy website of Falun Gong and on the news Medias of some countries for the previous period, had a very lively report that my daughter was arrested by the Chinese government because of her practice of Falun Gong, who was 'beaten' and inhumanly 'persecuted'." But the fact is not so at all. I went to visit my daughter not long ago, She not only recognized the evil nature of Falun Gong cult and  changed herself completely under the help of the government, but her health has been also recovered, the mental attitude took on an entirely new look, just as a different person. Obsessed with Falun Gong in the past, she was dispirited, demoralized, didn't like food and now her physically emaciated appearance is disappeared."

Teng Chunyan was born in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. She emigrated to the United States in 1990 and was a good meek woman originally. But since 1998 obsessed with Falun Gong, she gave up the normal life and became unusual and not recognized her own relatives. She did not listen to the advice of parents and carried out "preaching" repeatedly in China, which disturbed social order. She was arrested in 2000 and sentenced. Normal life once was completely devastated by practicing Falun Gong, Teng Yuben said it was the government's help and education which made his daughter get rid of Falun Gong cult and resumed to her normal life." Last month I went to visit her, she was in tears of remorse. She said she trust their deception and do harm to others, society and government. She obtained a new life from the body and psychology now."

Finally, Wang Juan and Teng Yuben called on the practicers who infatuated Falun Gong can recognize the heresy and realize the truth, don`t be regarded as a tool of Li Hongzhi and do harm to others and oneself. They also called on the international community to work together to help the pracitcers who infatuated Falun Gong get rid of the heresy as soon as possible and make the victim's human rights no longer be trampled on.


(Xinhua, April 17, 2002)