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Chinese official explains ban on Falun Gong


A senior Chinese official said here today that the Chinese government's ban on the Falun Gong conforms to the will of the people and has enjoyed broad support of the people.

These remarks were made by Li Baoku, vice-minister of Civil Affairs, at a press conference held by the Information Office of the State Council this morning.

The Ministry of Civil Affairs Thursday announced that the Research Society of Falun Dafa and the Falun Gong organizations under its control were illegal organizations and formally banned them.

According to Li, there are four major reasons for his ministry to make the decision.

"The Research Society of Falun Dafa headed by Li Hongzhi ( founder of  the Falun Gong) has not registered with the competent authorities according to law and it has engaged in illegal activities," said Li.


(China Daily, July 23, 1999)