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Why does Chinese government ban Falun Gong?


Very simple! Li Hongzhi is a cheater, maybe smarter than other ordinary cheater, but still a cheater. He cheats the follower for money. Please search the news from Wall Street Journay "American Dream Finds Chinese Spiritual Leader", November 1, 1999 by Craig Smith. "At the beginning of 1999, she(Li's wife) became the owner of a house measuring 4,600 sq ft near Princeton University in New Jersey in the United States."


Li Hongzhi couldn't explain how could it be possible to him to afford a house costs US $ 580,000. That is only the tip of the iceberg. Before he introduced Falun Gong to public in 1992, he earns no more than US$100 per month as a low income employee of a local grain storage department in a remote town in northeastern China. How chould he be able to accumulate such a big fortune in 4 years (1992-1996)? He had a well established internal network called "teaching stations" spreading all over of China. His followers working voluntarily in those stations collected money for him by selling his illegally copied books, pictures, handouts and so on which he didn't pay taxes. You can see why I called him a super cheater. He really knows how to make fortune by cheating.