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Who is Li Hongzhi?


It's a hard question too. Because Li Hongzhi gave us different answers about himself  before and after he came to America:


In China, he said, he is the highest God in the universe. Jesus Christ, Buddha and all other gods are quite a few levels below him. (Hongzhi, Li. "Zhuan Falun", Vol.2, Chapter 3.)


In America, he said to the western media, "I am an ordinary human being." But, he still keeps telling his followers that he is the number-one god, and all his followers are protected by his "shadow god", which is kind of a clone of him and there are billions of them. In his own words, "my shadow gods are in every single grain of sand", so his followers can do whatever they want and not get hurt. (Hongzhi Li, "Zhuan Falun", Chapter 3.)