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Is Falun Gong against religions and science?


Although Li Hongzhi refuses to recognize his Falun Gong as a religious group, he decries and libels other religions. He said many times that Falun Gong is nothing about religion but he also said he is the only god who can realize the transformation to the Heaven. In his opinion, other religions are corrupt and Falun Gong is the only way for human being to go to the Heaven. According to his speech, Jesus Christ is among the lowest god and Li Hongzhi himself is the highest god in the world. Once in a Falun Gong conference he said he can make thousands and millions Jesus Christ out of his followers. The audience, most are his devotees, applauded and cheered to that. Please ask FLGers around you to translate the corresponding paragraph to you. I don't know why FLGers are always so modest to keep such important and brilliant "truth" in secret. They had never translated those parts to any western languages. By the way, although master Li Hongzhi said in one of his books that he has some knowledge about "cosmic language" to communicate with the aliens from outer space, unfortunately in most people's eyes he can only speak Chinese in a very uneducated way. he always makes stupid mistakes in written scripts and speeches. He explained that the reason why he didn't go to the college for high education is just because he didn't want to be fouled by the corrupt, declined morden science which was fully manipulated by evil aliens. He warns that the aliens are trying to control and then destroy human being via computers. See, you guys using computers are really involved in big trouble. According to Li's theory, all the computer users except for his followers are labeled and controlled by aliens. Hero Li Hongzhi is the only one in the world who knows the evil purpose of the aliens, and he fights fiercely against them to save us. Besides, he kindly persuade people to believe in him to go under his correction and protection.

For further information about "evil aliens", please check Falun Gong websites and this funny interview by Times: