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Miao Shuyun


Miao Shuyun was a farmer in Shiqiaotou Village in Laoting County, Hebei Province. A practitioner and victim of Falun Gong, Miao ate her own finger and finally drowned herself in a well.

Li Dehun, Miao's husband, cannot restrain his grief and rage when recalling how his wife fell a victim to Falun Gong. He said, "My wife was normal before being obsessed with Falun Gong. She was very industrious. Her mind began to turn abnormal when she started practicing Falun Gong. She tried to jump into the well only one month after practicing it, shouting about the 'devil.' She said she had to die, or all of us would suffer. Then I took her to the hospital, and on the way she bit off her finger and ate it."

On May 2, 1999, tragedy befell this three-member family.

Li Dehun says, "I went to answer a phone call. When I got back about after a quarter of an hour, I found she had disappeared. She had jumped into the well."