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Li Shulin


In August 1994, Li Shulin, a worker at the Additive Plant of the Jinzhou Petrochemical Company, Liaoning Province, and his wife, after one year of practicing Falun Gong, made a special trip to Harbin to hear Li Hongzhi preach. Unexpectedly, Li Shulin suffered cerebral thrombosis and was sent to hospital. But being deceived by Falun Gong, Li Shulin firmly refused to receive medical treatment. He staggered back to the course of instruction and sought help from Li Hongzhi.

Qi Baocheng, the son-in-law of Li Shulin, described what happened, "Being informed that my father-in-law had fallen seriously ill in Harbin, my wife, her brother and I hurried there. Since my father-in-law had a high temperature and was in a coma, we pleaded with Li Hongzhi three times to save him. But Li Hongzhi said it was quite normal, for my father-in-law practiced Falun Gong at the highest level. And he also promised that my father-in-law would soon be out of danger. A few days later, my father-in-law's illness worsened, so my wife's brother and I went to the hotel in which Li Hongzhi was staying and implored him, on our knees, to save my father-in-law. But he said that he had no time. Later, he sent one of his disciples to see my father-in-law, but he soon left without saying a word. That same night, my father-in-law passed away."