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Famous star Chen Chong discloses cheating tricks of Falun Gong


American "China Press USA" published an onymous letter of famous American Chinese movie star Chen Chong in January 19. The content is as follows.

In August 2003 I held a press conference in Beijing since I would be the prolocutor of "the element of health" and the press conference was organized by Ms. Li Erwei. After the conference, a lady named Jin Qiong came to Li Erwei, said that she worked for an American Chinese TV station which cooperated with CCTV and asked for an interview. Therefore Li gave her my email address. In her email to me, Jin Qiong said she was a friend of Li Erwei and talked about family and children and asked to interview me. Since I was very busy, I rejected again. Later she called me and asked if I could spend just 5 minutes and said happy New Year to the audience of her station. I thought it would be too unkind to decline and then said happy New Year. It never occurred to me that the sentence "Happy new year to the audiences of New Tang Dynasty Television" she asked me to speak was related to "Falun Gong".

The next day Jin Qiong called again and requested me to give her one of my family photos and published it in a newspaper called "The Epoch Times" without my permission. It is not until now that I know it is a newspaper with close relationship with "Falun Gong".

When I received the information from China that I attended the spring festival activity of "Falun Gong", I was confused. It cost me a long time to remember the happy New Year sentence I recorded for Jin Qiong and the photo I gave her, and then I called her and finally understood that I was cheated and made use by her. I have no interest in "Falun Gong", let alone profound understandings. And I never recognized the acting way of "Falun Gong". This time since I didn't know the relationship between "New Tang Dynasty Television", "The Epoch Times" and "Falun Gong", I was cheated and made use by them; I revolted against "Falun Gong" more than before.

The cheating tricks of Jin Qiong, "New Tang Dynasty Television" and "The Epoch Times" are morally wrong and they should take all the legal responsibilities.

Hereon I clarify that I didn't approve or sympathize "Falun Gong" and will take legal measures against related person and institution.

(People's Daily Overseas Edition February 21, 2004.)