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Follow-up Report on Self-burning Incident: Crimes Not to Be Covered up by Lies

2007-08-20 Source:China News Author:Wang Hengtao, Wu Huanqing, Zhai Wei

The declining Falun Gong cult has a "life-saving straw"-fabricating lies. However, it has already been proved by facts that lies cannot save Falun Gong.

On January 23, 2001, Falun Gong addicts Liu Yunfang and others, in order to obtain "completeness", created the world-shocking tragedy of self-burning on Tian'anmen Square. After that, Falun Gong cult, which was used to spreading rumors, for fear that it would be conspued and rebuked by the public, denied the self-burners to be Falun Gong addicts on the one hand, smearing the government of "planting" the tragedy on it, and called together some Falun Gong followers in China to go for investigation secretly in Henan province on the other hand, playing a farce of "investigation".

With the cowardice of thieves, Falun Gong cult was very clear about the final result. The "investigation" showed that fascinated by "putting down life and death", "rising into heaven", "completeness" etc. that were advertised by Li Hongzhi, Liu Yunfang and other Falun Gong addicts created the monstrous self-burning incident on Tian'anmen Square.

It was found out that after the self-burning, the overseas Falun Gong cult immediately issued "investigation" order in three ways.

According to the account of Feng Haijun, a die-hard Falun Gong follower of Kaifeng, Henan Province, who participated in the "investigation", on the second day after the self-burning incident, he was informed by the clandestine organization of Falun Gong to go to Zhengzhou immediately for a special mission.

At a secret den in Zhengzhou, Feng Haijun met Xu Xieqia, backbone member of Falun Gong clandestine organization in Henan Province. Xu said anxiously that he was informed by the organization to investigate whether the self-burning incident was carried out by Falun Gong members from Kaifeng.

On January 27, 2001, when Feng Haijun was back in Kaifeng, he received a telephone message left over by Falun Gong practicer Du Fang asking him to investigate the self-burning incident for "Ming Hui Net". Police investigation confirmed that after the self-burning incident on Tian'anmen Square, Du Fang received the order of backbone member of Falun Gong clandestine organization in Beijing. A mysterious man using the alias "Lao Zhou" gave her in person a slip of paper that was about 14 of a writing paper with 7 names on it.

"Lao Zhou" asked Du Fang to "immediately find out by connection whether these people are Falun Gong practicers and whether they live in Kaifeng. This is wanted by the overseas Falun Gong headquarter and 'Ming Hui Net'." Hearing this, Du fang informed Feng Haijun at once.

Receiving orders from "superiors" in succession, Feng Haijun certainly would not dare to neglect them, starting "investigation" in Kaifeng immediately. He used to be in contact with Liu Yunfang, Wang Jindong, Liu Chunling and Liu Siying before when practicing Falun Gong, so in his "investigation", he focused on Liu Baorong, Hao Huijun and Chenguo.

After several days of bustling around, Feng Haijun wrote a two-page "investigation report" through out the night. This report not only confirmed that the 7 people participated in self-burning were indeed Falun Gong practicers, but also described in detail the names, period of practicing Falun Gong, and family background of these people and how they practiced Falun Gong.

On January 30, 2001, at a den on Huaibei Street, Zhengzhou, Feng Haijun gave the "investigation report" to Du Fang and asked Du Fang to tell the investigation result to Xu Xieqia. Du Fang, a postgraduate, feeling that the report was too verbose, gave it another brush. On the same evening, at a den in Xi Cai Xiao Qu of Zhengzhou, Feng Haijun and others asked Ma Le, a Falun Gong practicer who was familiar with computer operation, to send the encrypted "investigation report" to the overseas Falun Gong headquarter and "Ming Hui Net".

In order to obtain information as soon as possible, the overseas Falun Gong headquarter also arranged a third channel for "investigation". According to the account of Si Mei'e, a former Falun Gong practicer who was tracked down, on January 27, 2001, core members of Falun Gong cult organization in China, "Hong Guo" and "Lao Li", arrived in Zhengzhou, arranging in person Song Xu, a Falun Gong practicer in Zhengzhou, to "investigate" in Kaifeng.

"The seven people are indeed Falun Gong practicers from Kaifeng." This was a conclusion that the overseas Falun Gong headquarters and "Ming Hui Net" had expected. However, in order to cause further disturbance, Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong cult organization, who started by fabricating lies and spreading fallacies, again brought out their stock-in-trade of stirring up trouble by rumor-mongering.

Not only Li Hongzhi did not mention a word of the "investigation report", but "Ming Hui Net" also "forced it out". Moreover, Falun Gong cult organization made a fresh start for a series of stories "Wang Jindong is an actor, not 'Falun Gong" practicer, and he wasn't burnt either." "The self-burning incident was directed by the government spending 7 million Yuan."…Strange stories and rumors like these were spread through the Internet, compact discs, leaflets, etc.

"Ming Hui Net" publicized materials that were very different to the "investigation" result in succession. Du Fang, who used to be convinced with Falun Gong, could not understand this. This former "Dafa follower" said, "Why did they deny these 7 people to be Falun Gong practicers They wanted to excuse themselves by denying the facts. It's not 'truth, compassion, and forbearance'. It's totally 'falseness, evil and disgrace'."

Ma Le, who sent the "investigation report" to "Ming Hui Net" in person, was very angry too. He said that all the other materials sent to "Ming Hui Net" together with the "investigation report" were publicized on the website, only the report missing. Instead, many "scriptures" of Li Hongzhi were publicized, trying to stir people up to oppose the government. It seemed that no matter what kind of material it was, as long as it did not fit for their taste, they would discard it. "Ming Hui Net" was a bulletin board of Falun Gong headquarters, playing a role of cheating and inducing.

Knowing the rumors of Falun Gong confusing black and white, Wang Jindong, participant of Tian'anmen Square self-burning incident of Falun Gong addicts, was filled with fury. Although the injury caused by burning healed, there still left deep scars in his face and hands. Wang said, "Addiction in Falun Gong almost made me a soulless man. Being a parent, I not only did not teach my child well, but almost led her to a blind alley. This kind of self-blame and guilt will forever accompany me. I want to tell all those kind people, through the painful lesson I have learnt, that Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong are devils killing without blood!"

Wang Jindong's wife He Haihua and daughter Wang Juan were also obsessed in Falun Gong once. Now the two have a clear knowledge of the vicious purposes of the rumors and fascinations of Falun Gong. He Haihua said, " Falun Gong led my husband on a road to self-burning. Believing in the monstrous saying of 'rising to heaven for completeness' spread by Li Hongzhi, he took a false road as he was cheated and spiritually controlled by Li. Falun Gong denied because they felt guilty themselves." "When you have seen the real features of Li Hongzhi and his fraudulences and mend your way, you will get to know what brightness means." Wang Juan so advised Falun Gong addicts.

The farce of "investigation" again completely tore off the false mask of "truth, compassion, and forbearance" of Li Hongzhi, exposing the cult nature and evil features of Falun Gong under the sun. Lies could not cover up crimes, and would not be able to save the notorious Falun Gong cult either. The stern and fair judgment of law is awaiting it!

(China News, Jan. 23, 2002)