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Compilation of fallacies of cult leader Li Hongzhi


1. I defeated the "snake spirit"

Once there was a man practicing Taoism in the Ming Dynasty. One day when he was practicing his art, a snake spirit occupied his body. The man finally died of this and the snake spirit took on the shape of a man. But having a spirit's nature, he was evil-minded and used to make trouble to me in the shape of a giant snake. I was so annoyed that I caught hold of it in my hands and used a powerful magic called "Melting Gong" to turn its lower part into water. Its upper part fled in panic.

(Zhuan falun, Turning the Wheel of the Law)

2. I have made available a ladder---Zhuan Falun---for people to climb up to Heaven

He* is at a very low level because he did not explain the principles of practice, the characteristics of the universe and how people can ascend to a higher plane. In contrast, I systematically explain the principles of practice and guide people to attain all-round fulfillment. I have done something unprecedented and opened a door for people. So that is why a very high level god told me, "You have made a available a ladder---Zhuan Falun---for people to climb up to Heaven."

(Falun Fofa---Sermons in Sydney)

* refers to Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism---(editor's note)

3. I have countless law-bodies. They look like me and they have the same power as the Buddha

I have countless law-bodies and they all look like me. They are in another space and are able to become large or small as they wish. Full of wisdom, they have the same power as the Buddha. Although I am the main body and they are my incarnations, they are independent and can take care of you and protect you. In addition, they can help you in the practice of Falun Gong. In fact, it is I who give you protection.

Most of my law-bodies wear kasaya, and have blue curly hair.

(Falun Fofa---Sermons in Sydney)

4. Every word in the book Zhuan Falun is a wheel of law and also one of my law-bodies

Those who have attained some achievements in the practice of Falun Gong can see that every word in this book* is a wheel of law. If you can see them in another space, you'll find that all these words are law-bodies of mine. All the components of these words are images of Buddha. (Falun Fofa---Sermons in Sydney) *refers to Zhuan Falun---(editor's note)

5. Mankind had been completely destroyed 81 times

Once I checked carefully and found that mankind had been destroyed 81 times. Only a few people survived. They lived a primitive life with a little prehistoric civilization remaining. After many generations of multiplication, the human race flourished again and modern civilization appeared.

(Zhuan Falun)

6. Humans fall down from the universe, level by level, to the lowest level

Just as mankind lives in human society, it* also exists in its own society. In that society, some individuals change, becoming more complicated and selfish, which does not accord with the demands of life in that society. Therefore, these individuals are rejected by that higher society and fall down to a lower one. As they become more degraded, they fall down again. In this way, they fall down, level by level, to the lowest level of the universe, the human world, where they lead a low-level life and multiply in a primitive way.

(Falun Fofa---Sermons in Sydney)

*refers to the so-called "life of higher levels in the universe"---(editor's note)

7. At present mankind is evil through and through

Nowadays the normal standards of the whole of society are declining sharply. In the midst of such a tendency, everyone is degrading, but hardly knows it. Comparing themselves with others, some people believe themselves to be good and nice, but they are using the wrong criterion to judge themselves after you practice Falun Gong and ascend to higher levels, you will surely find out that the human world today is full of evils and mankind is degraded through and through. It is dreadful to live here.

(Falun Fofa---Sermons in Sydney)

8. The Earth has exploded many times

The Earth is not the only planet in the universe where life exists. There were a great number of Earths before, right before, but they were destroyed, many of them exploding. Each time, when the Earth has been in its final stage, life on it has been in a state of moral degeneration. The Earth as a whole was in great karma and had to be got rid of.

(Falun Fofa---preaching at a Ceremony in Switzerland)

9. I can protect mankind and the Earth

What I am doing today is to make mankind and the things on Earth better. I can do it, because the other living things, plants and animals, do not need to know the law. I can give them a new lease of life directly.
How can the Earth be saved? When you practice Falun Gong, you create a new Earth as well as going up to higher levels yourselves.

(Falun Fofa---preaching at the First Ceremony in North America)

10. Existing religions can no longer save people from torment

As for Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism and some other religions, I admit that in the past they were true religions. However, in this historical period and in this society, when the concepts of mankind are being modernized, it has become impossible for people to understand the true concept of the nature of man from ancient ideas.I tell you this because I'm afraid you may be led astray by the religions that cannot relieve people from their torment.

(Falun Fofa---preaching at the First Ceremony in North America)

11. "Falun Dafa" is a magnificent palace, while Christianity is just a small and simple room

What I'm preaching is the law of the universe. It is the biggest Dafa from top to bottom in the universe, which can create a living environment for all living creatures, gods in different levels and human beings. It is unreasonable to equate "Falun Dafa" with Christianity, for "Falun Dafa" is a magnificent palace while Christianity is just a very small, simple room.

(Falun Fofa---Preaching in Europe)

12. Taking medicines merely presses back karma and finally destroys you

Diseases do not arise from this space. Taking medicines can kill the surface virus, and it really works. But the power achieved by practicing Falun Gong can automatically eliminate viruses and karma. When medicines kill the surface virus, other viruses and karma in other spaces know it and do not come to you, so you feel better. But I assure you they are still there. Human beings accumulate karma from beginning to end. When a person accumulates too much karma his illness will be incurable and he will be thoroughly destroyed when he dies.

(Falun Fofa---Preaching in the United States)

13. The basic cause of all illness and misfortune is karma

Why do people have diseases? The basic cause of all illness and misfortune is karma. Illness came from the karmic field formed by black substances. It is negative and bad. All bad spiritual things are negative and black. That's why it comes. This environment is suitable for it. Karma is the fundamental cause and the most important source of illness.
Birth, old age, disease and death are preordained. They are karmic retributions. Once you owe debts, you have to repay them.
(Zhuan Falun)

14. The Nanjing Massacre and Hitler's killing were caused by changes of astronomical phenomena

More than three million* Chinese were killed in the Nanjing massacre. That is nothing to us. The two atomic bombs killed even more people, Hitler killed a lot of people, and many people died in World War II, many more people have died in wars in the past. All these things were caused by changes of astronomical phenomena.
(Excerpts from a taped speech by Li Hongzhi)
*The actual number of people killed was more than 300 thousand---(editor's note)

15. What I am doing was arranged by myself countless years ago

In fact, what I'm doing now was arranged by myself, countless years ago. This includes those who have attained Fa, but appear as ordinary people. In fact, what I have learned from my masters in this life, I taught them in previous lives. When the right time has arrived, they have returned to teach me as I arranged.
(Falun Fofa---Essentials for Attaining the Highest Level)

16. French presidents were all emperors, that is the arrangement of gods

Although people want democracy, they never really get it, because only gods control this world. They let those who have more fortune and are more capable be higher officials; those who have less fortune and are not capable have no chance. The Paris Commune overthrew the monarchy*, but I tell you, the presidents of France were all emperors. That is another arrangement of the gods. Everything is under the control of the gods.
(Falun Fofa---Preaching in Switzerland)
*In fact, it was the French Revolution of 1789 which overthrew the monarchy---(editor's note)

17. When you reach a very high level after spiritual cultivation, you may gain compound eyes like those of flies

Beyond the worldly spiritual cultivation, compound eyes appear. That is to say, a big eye appears on the upper half of the face, with countless small eyes in it. Practitioners at master level may have many eyes, filling the whole of their faces. All these eyes may see anything they want to see through this big eye. One glance may see through all levels. Modern zoologists and entomologists have studied flies. Their eyes are very large, and through a microscope one can see that they contain many small eyes. This phenomenon is called a compound eye. Only when a person reaches a very high level can he attain compound eyes.
(Zhuan Falun)

18. The more powerful spellbound-holding Dafa can ferret out the original soul

We have another, more powerful Gong called Spellbound-holding Dafa. It can ferret out a man's original soul and immediately make him unable to move.
(Zhuan Falun)

19. "Sumingtong" can see man's future and past

The way "Sumingtong" works is like having a small television screen on a person's forehead. Some have it on the forehead; some near the forehead; some within the forehead. Some may see it without opening their eyes; some may see it with their eyes open if it is strong enough. But others cannot see it because it is something within one's own field. When this capability has been attained, another capability is needed to act as a carrier and reflect scenes from another dimension. That's why we may, through the "Tianmu", or "heaven eye", clearly see a man's future and past. No matter how well fortune-telling works, it cannot predict small or detailed events. But this does, even allowing one to see the exact time. For what one sees is the true reflection of people and matters in different dimension.
(Zhuan Falun)

20. When you reach a very high level, you may have what you want and do what you want to do

A person who reaches the highest level of spiritual cultivation, may have what he wants and do what he wants to do. In his world, he has everything. This is his virtue and has resulted from his hard cultivation.
(Zhuan Falun)

21. I will stage a marvelous spectacle by bringing all my disciples to fly into the sky

I will stage a marvelous spectacle by bring all my disciples to fly into the sky. Those who do not want their bodies may melt them away in the air. This will be a glory never seen throughout history, and leave a valuable lesson to people.
(Falun Fofa---Preaching in Europe)

22. When you attain all-round fulfillment you will become gods, and you can hold the Earth in your hand without least effort

If you really attain all-round fulfillment, you have cultivated yourself into a very great deity or a Buddha. Do you have this kind of power? Certainly. You have the power not only to save your relatives from torment, but you can hold the Earth in your hand without least effort.
(Falun Fofa---Preaching in Europe)

23. The whole of the Universe has three levels, each with its own shell

The last time I came to the United States, I said that the universe consisted of between 2.7 billion to 3 billion galaxies like that of our own. This universe has shell and edge. That is the universe that we usually speak of. But what about beyond this universe? There is another universe in a much more distant place. Within a certain range, there are 3,000 such universes. Outside of these 3,000 universes there is a shell, which forms the second-level universe. Beyond this, there are still another 3,000 universes as big as the second-level universe, called the third-level universe, with its own shell. (Falun Fofa---Preaching in the United States)

24. All things are composed of water

I would like to tell you that the entire universe that we know is made of completely still water with great density. All things are composed of water. Water can be squeezed out of even iron and steel, and these can even be melted into water, so the basic particles of the hardest things originate from water. (Falun Fofa---Preaching in the United States)

25. There are many living creatures in the sand: black, white and yellow races

Today, I would like to tell you more explicitly that the outer shell of every grain sand and that of our material space belong to the same system. There are many living creatures in these grains of different sizes composed of molecules, whose form is the same as human beings. Therefore, the people in the sand, including the black, white and yellow races, are the same as us, and you will be surprised to learn that their dress is similar to our ancients.
(Falun Fofa---Preaching in the United States)

26. Modern science is wrong

Modern science has actually developed on a basis which is wrong, and which has incorrect understandings of the universe, mankind and life. Therefore, the practitioners of Falun Gong do not accept modern science at all, and regard it as erroneous. (Falun Fofa---Preaching in the United States)

27. Science has led to the moral degradation of human society

It is most terrifying that science is superficial and has led to the moral degradation of human society. Because science does not know the concrete patterns of micro-substances, it is unaware that bad deeds produce karma. It is therefore unaware that dark things bring disasters to mankind, while white substances are produced when people do good deeds, which would bring happiness to people. It also fails to explain the situations and retributions and transmigration, and it does not prove the Kingdom of Heaven. Whenever you talk about this, those who believe in science will say that you are superstitious, and these things do not exist. Please think about it, the stick of science is ruthlessly beating the most crucial thing of that mankind needs---morality. Isn't this terrifying?
(Falun Fofa---Preaching in Europe)

28. Science is a false teaching

It* causes people to ignore morality, and as a result, they fail to raise their morals, and give way to all their desires. It also destroys the living environment and nature of mankind, as well as people's standards. Looked at in this way, science is a false teaching.
(Falun Fofa---Preaching in Europe)
*refers to science.

29. Science has brought the greatest disaster

The new generation cultivated by modern science, unscrupulously kill, burn and do all kinds of bad deeds. Criminal gangs have sprung up in society bringing all kinds of evils. Taking drugs, selling drugs, prostitution; they will do anything. Isn't this kind of society terrifying? It is the greatest disaster that science has brought to us, for science cannot prove the existences of gods and morality, and ignores retributions for sin. People will beat you with the stick of science whenever you talk about these problems, and regard you as superstitious. Mankind pays less and less attention to morality, and as a result, society is in a mess, and people are faced with the most dangerous of times.
(Falun Fofa---Preaching in Europe)

30. Aliens are controlling mankind through computers, making them slaves to machines

Why have aliens invented such a scientific thing for people? Because it belongs to their planet, and they want to bring it to our world to finally mankind. As they have discovered, the human body is so perfect that they want to use it to replace people. People would in turn become the slaves of computers and machines, and finally replaced by aliens. How do computers develop so rapidly? Why does human brain become so active? Because human minds are controlled by aliens, who have assigned a number to every person who is able to run a computer. I have deleted the numbers for my followers so that they would not be disturbed when using computers.
(Falun Fofa---Preaching in Europe)

31. People are disciplined by the laws as animals

People, including those who formulate the laws, are restricted and sealed up mechanically by the laws. People keep sealing themselves up until they have no way out. They are disciplined as animals, for the laws impose so many restrictions on them that they have no freedom at all.
(Falun Fofa---Preaching in Europe)

32. Demons will take the lives of those who betray "Falun Dafa"

Do you know why some followers of Falun Gong have died suddenly in these years? For some of them, it is because they acted in this way*. You should not think that I, your master, would do this to you. You should know that there are countless gods which are responsible for protecting and maintaining Dafa. Demons will not spare you. You have escaped the disasters in your life, caused by the karmic debt you have owed, due to the practice of Falun Gong. However, once you descend to becoming an ordinary human being, you will have nobody to protect you, and demons will take your life. It would also be helpless to ask other Buddhas, Taoists and gods to protect you, for they will not protect those who have betrayed Dafa. Moreover, karma will return to your body.
(Falun Fofa---Essentials for Attaining the Highest Level)
*refers to that "they abandoned their practice of "Falun Gong"---(editor's note)

33. The purpose of the gathering of "Falun Gong" practitioners outside Zhongnanhai was to test them collectively

"It is impossible for an ordinary person to achieve all-round fulfillment without any test. It is better to test people collectively like this* than one by one. In fact I think more people should have gone there. Ten thousand was far from enough."

(Falun Fofa---Preaching in Sydney)
*refers to the incident of the "Falun Gong" cult organization illegally gathering outside Zhongnanhai, the seat of the Chinese government, on April 25, 1999---(editor's note)