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A few examples of Li Hongzhi's ignorance


1. I Am Creating a New Earth

At the first prayer assembly of North America, Li Hongzhi declared:

What I am doing today is to make all human beings and materials on earth good. I have the ability to do so. Other living things, plants and animals do not need to learn or know the law. I can transform or assimilate them directly.

You want to keep the earth? How can it be kept as it is? Just like your practice, along with the evolution of your bodies, you are manufacturing a new earth.

What a "Savior"! Were the earth and living things on it born like this? Those scholars studying the origin of the earth and of the species can relax. The difficult problems that the scholars of several generations have taken pains to find answers to have been solved by Li Hongzhi. Poor students, they will have to learn geography from the very beginning!

2. The Nanjing Massacre Was the Result of the Change in Celestial Phenomena

When preaching "Falun Gong," Li Hongzhi once said: In the great tragedy of the Nanjing Massacre, over three million compatriots were killed (Since the actual figure was 300,000, where did the extra 2.7 million come from? Since "Master" Li knows everything, he shouldn't have got this wrong. Or are the history books deliberately concealing the true figure?). Do you know what was in the hearts of these compatriots? There are people who would not believe me no matter what I say. Three million people are nothing. Do you know how many people were killed by the two atom bombs? How many people have died in wars throughout history? How many people died in the Second World War? How many people were killed by Hitler? I can tell you that all these things happened because of the changed celestial phenomena in the whole universe.

This is the height of folly and ignorance only a cult founder can attain!

3.The Great Pyramid-A Great Preserver

In Zhuan Falun (Volume II), Li Hongzhi writes: "Today people believe the Great Pyramid was constructed by the Egyptians, and are trying to find where they moved the stones from. In fact it was part of a pre-historic culture which had sunken to the bottom of the sea. Later changes took place on earth, and after many changes of the continental plates, it appeared again. Later new residents in the area gradually recognized its effects: The pyramid can preserve things for a long time. Then they moved people's corpses into the pyramid. The pyramid was not built by the Egyptians; the Egyptians found it and made use of it. With the passage of the time, the Egyptians constructed some small pyramids modeled on the big one, thus confusing the scientists."

The above paragraph proves that Li Hongzhi is shooting off his mouth. The things that can supposedly be preserved in the pyramid for a long time are mummies. Due to special materials and methods, the mummy can be preserved for a very long time. It has nothing to do with the pyramid.

Moreover, even if people believed that the pyramid can preserve things for a long time, surely they would have preserved other things rather than corpses.

If the small pyramids were modeled on the big one, scientists could have easily discovered this by the different ages of the stone materials.

Li Hongzhi is so ignorant and there are so many mistakes in his speeches that we cannot point them out one by one.

(Compiled by New Star Publishers, Aug., 2000)