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Truth about Falun Gong cult concocting 'medical records' and 'living examples


The Truth About the "Falun Gong" Cult Concocting "Medical Records" and "Living Examples"
By Bai Jianfeng

Like other heretical cults the world over, "Falun Gong" claims to be able to cure diseases. Its "typical medical records" are a "magic weapon" used to befog the minds of people, purporting to show that "Falun Gong" has boundless supernatural power to enable people to cure themselves without taking medicine. However, how much truth is there in these "typical medical records," which seem to be objective?

In Guangdong, the "Falun Gong" organization produced three works: Survey of the Bodies and Minds of Some "Falun Gong" Practitioners in Colleges and Universities in Guangdong Province, or the "White Paper"; Living Examples of the Changes in the Bodies and Minds of Some Practitioners in Colleges and Universities in Guangdong Province, or the "Blue Paper"; and Living Examples of the Changes in the Bodies and Minds of Some Practitioners in Party, Government and the Army Units in Guangdong Province, or the "Yellow Paper." However, a host of facts have proved that these materials were elaborately forged by the director of the Guangdong headquarters of "Falun Gong". Most of the data in the "typical medical records" and "living examples" are quite different from the facts, and some are even completely fabricated cases.

According to an investigation, some of the "typical medical records" and "living examples" were fabricated by persons specially assigned by the organization's instruction centers, and were not offered by the practitioners at all, and some garbled the practitioners' statements, sometimes beyond recognition. For instance, according to example 74 in the "Blue Paper," Guo, 22, who enrolled in the Food Department of the South China Agricultural University as a student in 1995, claimed that his "myocardial infarction" had been cured after practicing "Falun Gong." However, according to the investigation, the "living example" was not written by himself, and he has never suffered from "myocardial infarction." Many materials were compiled without the approval of the practitioners, and they only learned about them afterwards. It came as a surprise to them that almost all their real states of illnesses and curative effects had been exaggerated in the articles, but the processes and effects of the medical treatments had been omitted.

To expand the influence of the three types of materials, the statuses of the practitioners were raised in the "typical medical records," fastening one person's story upon another. The Guangdong "Falun Gong" General Station fabricated examples of "senior army officers with illustrious military records," "veteran revolutionaries who braved countless dangers for decades," "leaders of Party, government and army units," "medical researchers," "national experts with outstanding contributions," and "members of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference," attempting to instigate more ordinary people who were unaware of the truth to imitate people who apparently had illustrious titles and positions in practicing "Falun Gong." For instance, Lin in example 4 in the "Yellow Paper" is actually a temporary worker, not the manager of the Yuetong Company of the General Office of the Provincial Party Committee; according to example 10, Fan is the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Provincial Commission for Structural Reform, while in fact he has never held such an important post. Such examples, with obvious intent to deceive, are numerous.

In addition, the "Falun Gong" organization has distorted facts about genuine difficult and complicated cases cured by medical science to take the honor for itself. According to example 86 in the "Blue Paper," Xiao claims that "`Falun Gong' has given me a second life." However, the facts are that in March 1996 he was diagnosed as suffering from acute lymphocytic cellular leukemia at the Second Affliated Hospital of the Guangzhou Medical College. His unit and the hospital gave him prompt treatment at a cost of over 120,000 yuan. Due to the prompt treatment, his condition was controlled quickly, and his blood and marrow X-rays were normal when he left the hospital. He started to practice "Falun Gong" in August 1996. In the meantime, he kept adjusting his diet and traditional Chinese medical treatment, as recommended by the doctors, for strengthening his immunity and preventing a relapse. However, according to the "Blue Paper," he "did not take any medicine when practicing `Falun Gong."' In fact, Xiao's recovery should be completely attributed to the progress of medical science, and has nothing to do with "Falun Gong."

It was preposterous that the "Falun Gong" organization, in the name of "super-science," is actually against science. It clouds the minds of practitioners, and makes them conceal their ailments and refuse to consult doctors. As a result, some sufferers delayed treatment, and their illnesses become worse. For instance, He, 60, in example 70 in the "Blue Paper," 60 years old, had suffered from serious hemorrhoid since 1975. He received treatment at the Guangdong People's Hospital and Guangdong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine from 1989 to 1994, and his condition became stable. His ailment became worse after he started to practice "Falun Gong" in 1994. But he believed stubbornly that the practice of "Falun Gong" would heal him. Despite the pleading of his family, he refused to consult a doctor and take medicine. The result was that his condition became more and more serious. Not only that but when he developed dental trouble, his fellow "Falun Gong" practitioner told him that the practice of "Falun Gong" exercises would be sufficient to promote the growth of all the teeth he had lost. So he refused to see a dentist, and ended up losing nearly all of his teeth.

Black clouds cannot blot out the sun forever. The truth has been brought into the daylight. The "Falun Gong" organization, in order to achieve its ulterior purposes, made the "dream of health" of numerous people vanish like soap bubbles, and made them ill, morbid, crippled or dead, not sparing to adopt nasty tricks, fabricating rumors, and confusing right and wrong. Ripping aside the hypocritical veil of the "typical medical records," we can see the ugly features of "Falun Gong" as a cult.

(People's Daily, October 29, 1999)