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China Association for Cultic Studies discloses truth of Falun Gong's dance competition


Kaiwind.com has learned of a letter written on April 25 by the China Association for Cultic Studies to the Dancers' Association of China. The letter called on Chinese dancers and overseas youths who want to learn Chinese dance to discover the reality of the "International Chinese Classical Dance Competition" and not to be cheated by Falun Gong. 

It was reported that NTDTV will hold the "International Chinese Classical Dance Competition" in New York City in May. The competition will be jointly organized by the other two major media of Falun Gong, the "Epoch Times" and "Sound of Hope Radio". The China Association for Cultic Studies therefore wrote a letter to the Dancers' Accosiation of China and pointed out that, "Falun Gong is a cult which commits severe crimes in our country, while 'NTDTV' is a media organization set up by Falun Gong outside of China. It has, on many occasions, directly planned and organized a series of attacks, rumor-mongering and disturbing activities. It has also defamed the history and culture of Chinese ethnic groups, attacked the achievements of our reform and opening up policies, colluded with splitting forces of 'Taiwan independence', and made trouble for our application and hosing of the Olympic Games." 

The letter also pointed out that, "After our government banned the Falun Gong cult, according to the law, Falun Gong has changed its method and holds artistic performances outside of China. Its purpose is to conceal its essence of evil religion under the banner of Chinese traditional culture, and also 'truly oppose China in the name of culture.' This time the purpose of holding the 'International Chinese Classical Dance Competition' in the name of 'New Tang Dynasty Television' is to deceive those who are artisticly gifted but who know little about the reality. They hope to trick people into taking part in the contest and contribute to their anti-China activities under the banner of Falun Gong. 

The senior expert of the China Association for Cultic Studies says, "At present, 'cultural communication', 'artistic feast' and 'be famous' are the new spiritual controlling methods of recruiting new members under the present situation." He called on dancers of China and overseas youth who want to learn Chinese dance and their parents to be clear on the essence of the so-called "International Chinese Classical Dance Competition." The expert calls on people to, "Take care of and protect your relatives, family and friends, paying attention to the health of adolescents' bodies and minds, helping them to keep away from evil cults and to not be cheated". 

(China News, April 26, 2007)