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Former Falun Gong station heads exposing Li Hongzhi

2007-09-20 Source:Xinhuanet

Additional former heads of Falun Gong stations have broken away from the cult, saying they had been fooled by its founder, Li Hongzhi.

Xu Xianglan, head of the Falun Gong general station in Wuhan in central China's Hubei Province, said that her station was in charge of promoting Falun Gong in south and east China's six provinces including Hubei, Fujian, Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangdong, and Hainan.

She noted that Falun Gong is a tight organization armed with modern communications. The Wuhan station has three branches, each branch with practice sites. Xu also disclosed that the Falun Gong station in Wuhan is a national distribution center for Falun Gong books and propaganda materials.

Many more people like Xu across China have repented since the government banned the cult last month. Some former key members of Falun Gong in the city of Nanchang in east China's Jiangxi Province have repented of following Li Hongzhi, and vowed they will have nothing to do with the cult.

Jin Ming, former head of the Falun Gong station in Jinzhou District of Dalian City in northeast China's Liaoning Province said that Li Hongzhi defrauded many people through a variety of nefarious schemes.

These former key members of Falun Gong have called on fellow practitioners to see through the political nature of the cult and the grave harm it caused the country, and wake up from blind faith.

(Xinhua News Agency, August 10, 1999)