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Evolution and outlook of Falun Gong

2007-09-20 Source:Kaiwind Author:By: Shi Chuan

Here is the article "Evolution and outlook of Falun Gong" written by Shi Chuan. It tells the readers about Falun Gong's yesterday, today and tomorrow.

1. Falun Gong followers in Mainland China and their current activities

Since the Chinese government declared banning on Falun Gong on July 22, 1999, Falun Gong practitioners suddenly disappeared from our eyesight, while reverberation from the Internet has been overwhelming. As I am curious about its truth, I manage to get in touch with many Falun Gong practitioners. At the same time, I pay more attention to reaction from Falun Gong media such as Epoch Times, NTDTV, Minghui Net and Boxun News. After a careful study on activities of Falun Gong and articles and lections written by Li Hongzhi, I get some idea about Falun Gong followers in Mainland China.

What are Falun Gong followers in Mainland China?

It is observed that many of the Falun Gong followers in Mainland China were from the vulnerable groups who were critical to the enlarged social gap between the poor and the rich and the unfair social allocation. Since they were weak, they needed to make themselves strong, and some of them practiced Falun Gong for believing that Falun Gong could cure diseases without much cost. A few of the Falun Gong followers were of other motivations. When Chinese government proclaimed that Falun Gong was a cult organization against the government and against human, most practitioners abandoned Falun Gong voluntarily and some stopped practicing reluctantly because of the high-handed policy in Mainland China since the banning on Falun Gong. Nowadays there are few Falun Gong followers who still insist on practicing, most of which have been dissatisfied with the government and the society, or have been punished (including legal punishment and administrative punishment) by Chinese authority. That is to say, they are hostile to Chinese government. I have also found that those who still obsess in Falun Gong but have no resentment to Chinese government are mostly mentally disordered. Therefore in Mainland China, there are few Falun Gong followers still practicing Falun Gong.

State of cult Falun Gong since July 1999:

After 7 years "fighting" against Falun Gong since its banning, Falun Gong is already in a state of disunity now. Falun Gong followers in Mainland China seem to have ceased their activities as there are only occasional reports about Falun Gong followers being arrested by Chinese government for illegal propaganda in certain places. It is generally believed that Falun Gong has no influence in Mainland China. From media report I've learnt that Falun Gong has transferred its focus of action from Mainland China to abroad, especially USA, Canada and Australian. Falun Gong has also hired many vagabonds overseas to move around the Chinese diplomatic missions and disturb the diplomatic activities of Chinese government or to circulate Falun Gong propaganda material in the public places. Falun Gong followers overseas have used a strategy of "promoting domestic development with overseas efforts"  to act against Chinese government, by shipping much anti-government propaganda material to Mainland China, directing  Falun Gong followers in China to have illegal activities with remote control and modern propaganda means. Activities such as telling the truth and propagandizing "nine comments" and quitting Communist Party conducted by Mainland Falun Gong followers in light of overseas instructions are just a passive response to the abroad action. As Falun Gong followers in Mainland China are in disadvantageous condition, their actions are very covert and limited. Even Li Hongzhi has indicated for many times in his lection that it was the last chance for spreading Falun Gong, and that Falun Gong disciples should be brave enough to come out to tell the truth, it is of little effect. Therefore, Falun Gong followers in Mainland China are seldom seen active in the society.

On the contrary, overseas Falun Gong followers were very active. Under the command of Falun Gong headquarters, they have done many things such as concocting rumors one by one and compiling articles against Chinese government, organizing overseas retroactive forces including "democratic movement activists" and other separatists to smear and demonize Chinese government and trying to interfere the foreign affaires of Chinese government. A farce occurred on the south lawn of the White House is quite typical of such deeds. In order to cadge money for their activities, they have connived or even forced Falun Gong followers in Mainland China to confront Chinese government by seducing them with consummation without caring their lives. As Falun Gong followers in Mainland China are very clear about their own condition, and clearly know that their master Li Hongzhi can do anything he wants as he has his shelter. They know that if they act against Chinese government, they are doing nothing but endangering themselves or their families. In this sense, they could only act covertly. Falun Gong followers overseas are in collusion with various anti-China forces. In order to get their financing, Falun Gong followers overseas have already become a tool of these groups. They conduct their anti-China propagandizing by plotting rumors; they hire hobos to interfere foreign affairs of Chinese government; they smear Chinese official out of thin air. In this sense, Falun Gong has already become leader of the organizations hostile to Chinese government.

How does Falun Gong gradually evolve into a tool of the western anti-China political forces? What is the outlook for Falun Gong? Such questions are not only concerned by Falun Gong followers but also concerned by Chinese government. I've found through my study that the evolution of Falun Gong into a cult organization is clearly a gradual process without a clear timetable.

2. Falun Gong is catalyzed by greed for money

In the mid of 1980's, "Qigong" and "special competence" became a popular pursuit in Mainland China. It was said that Qigong could cure any disease, and that it could cure disease, especially chronics from a thousand kilometers away. It was said that people with special competence could do many things even better than supernatural beings, such as seeing objects through walls, penetrating walls and taking objects out of bottles without opening the cover. Some media and scholars echoed such overstatements saying that such phenomena deserved to be studied. To the commonners, it seemed as if "Qigong" and "special competence" were real. In a time when China carried out its Reform and Opening up policy and its economy developed rapidly, life of people in China improved greatly, so did their demand for better life and health. Qigong, as a traditional Chinese cultural heritage, is a kind of exquisite exercising method. Since Qigong is easy to learn and to exercise, it is suitable for anyone. Therefore, Qigong is widely accepted by various social groups especially the senior and weak ones. Among the vulnerable groups, their illness led to their poverty. For those people who could not afford to seeing doctors, Qigong should be very appealing as it was boosted that practicing it could cure disease. Under such social background, some Qigong masters made profit by training others practicing Qigong, publishing books on Qigong and other means related to Qigong. At that time, Qigong training courses mushroomed around China. People like Li Hongzhi who has little knowledge about Qigong sensed chances of profiting in the "Qigong fanatic" and "special competence fanatic". They crowded in this field, making money in the way of cheating.

Li Hongzhi began to amass money in the name of Qigong in 1988. In order to set up a kind of Gong of his own, he learnt "Chanmi Gong"("Tibetan Qigong") from Qigong master Li Weidong in Changchun and "Jiugong Bagua Gong" from Qigong master Yu Guangsheng. In order to make the kind of Qigong he "created" different from others, he learnt several folk dancing movements in Thailand as he visited his relatives there and developed a set of Qigong movements along with his gangster brothers in Changchun. In order to make his Gong appealing, Li learnt so called "special competence" magic which was popular in the society. With these techniques, Li Hongzhi decided to propagate his ideas of Falun Gong. At first, he earned money by teaching people ways of practicing Falun Gong free of charge but in the way of alms. He alleged that he taught Falun Gong practicing and treated the sickness free of charge and he  was for merits and virtues. Many people were beguiled by such tricks, and the influence of Falun Gong got greater and greater.

Since in Qigong market there was little market share left, Li Hongzhi realized it would be difficult for him - a new comer in the Qigong market - to compete with his seniors and masters, not to mention to increase his market share. In order to amass money more effectively, Li decided to repack Falun Gong. Since he was clear about the appealing of religion in the civil society, and as a matter of fact, there is profound relationship between Qigong and religion, Li Hongzhi decided to package Falun Gong with religion. In February 1992, Li Hongzhi named his "ways of practicing" as "Falun" (Wheel of Law) -a term of Budhism. In the mean time, he compiled a booklet "Falun Gong" to link his ways of practicing with Buddhism. The 15 pages booklet "Falun Gong" is about 6000 words, including three parts, namely introduction of Falun Gong, Basic ways of practicing and spiritual cultivation. In September 1992, Li Hongzhi added some more material to the booklet and renamed it to "Chinese Falun Gong". In April 1993, Li Hongzhi published his "Chinese Falun Gong". The book is over 80,000 words and is divided into four chapters. In December 1993, the book was republished with the name of "Chinese Falun Gong (revised)" and of over 84,000 words. In the book, Li Hongzhi depreciated Qigong masters, saying, "What they (Qigong masters) taught is only things about keeping fit and away from disease." "They didn't teach anything higher than that."

Li Hongzhi argued that, "around the world, Only I am teaching Gong upon the top grade." Falun Gong coated with religion captivates many people as it seems that practicing Falun Gong can not only making oneself stronger, but also help to achieve consummation. In competing with other kinds of Qigong, Falun Gong won them all and became outstanding in Changchun area. By teaching Falun Gong in Changchun area as well as around China, by publishing the books "Falun Gong" and "Chinese Falun Gong", Li Hongzhi strengthened not only the Falun Gong organization, but made for himself a lot of money.

3. Falun Gong was simply an organization practicing Qigong before 1994

The reason for Chinese government to have banned Falun Gong is that Falun Gong is a cult organization. At first many Falun Gong practitioners thought it was baseless for Chinese government to proclaim Falun Gong to be cult. In my opinion, in the time when Chinese government banned on Falun Gong, it had already evolved into an arrant cult organization, therefore it is proper for Chinese government to have banned it. At that time, frequently happened cases of Falun Gong killing innocents as well as Falun Gong followers' unruly attacking government offices and other organizations had already endangered safety of people as well as the ruling of Chinese government, and thus uncovered the cult nature of Falun Gong. Therefore it is justified for Chinese government to take actions against it. During my investigation on the evolution of Falun Gong, I've found, however, that Falun Gong was not totally cult at its initial stages (before 1994).

Before 1994, Falun Gong was a common organization of Qigong, especially at its initial stages. In 1992, Mr. Li Hongzhi compiled "Chinese Falun Gong". It could be observed from the expression in his book "Chinese Falun Gong" that the focus of Li Hongzhi at that time was on spreading Gong. In order to promote Falun Gong and took a share in the Qigong market, Li Hongzhi tried to boast Falun Gong, arguing that Falun Gong was "Buddhist Qigong" and "Gong" of the higher grade. Li Hongzhi's Propagation of Falun Gong at that time was on explaining "ways of practicing" and "theory of Falun Gong" and on teaching Falun Gong. When Falun Gong was landed in Beijing, Li Hongzhi also believed it to be a kind of Qigong organization so as to get a legal status. Consequently Falun Gong was approved by the civil administration department and directly registered as one of the schools of "China Qigong Scientific Research Association". In article Enlightening in the booklet "Keys to Vigor", Li Hongzhi said, "'Chinese Falun Gong' and its revised edition are only something helping people to understand things with Qigong". In this sense, activities of Falun Gong were only for Qigong spreading. From May 1992 to 1994, when Li Hongzhi frequently traveled around China to teach Gong and teach Fa, Falun Gong gradually evolved from a Qigong organization into a cult organization. By the time "Rotating Wheel of Law" was published in December 1994, the cult theory of Falun Gong was formed. Publishing of "Rotating Wheel of Law" is the watershed for the evolution of Falun Gong. Since then, Falun Gong replaced its original parlance "Buddhist Qigong" with "Buddhism of Rotating Wheel", turn it from a "Qigong" organization to a religion organization (and gradually evolved into a real cult organization). It is an essential conversion for Li Hongzhi to have published "Rotating Wheel of Law". From then on, Li Hongzhi didn't ever acknowledge Falun Gong to be a kind of Qigong organization and never mentioned the book "Chinese Falun Gong" and its contents.

4. Falun Gong gradually evolved from a Qigong organization into a cult organization from 1994 to 1996

People in Changchun Qigong circle knew everything of Li Hongzhi, including his knowing about Qigong. Li Hongzhi surely was aware of the hardness for him, who was insufficiently skilled in Qigong, to compete with the Qigong seniors and masters. In order to win the Qigong market to make money, Li racked his brains to fabricate tricks. As he knew that religion, especially Buddhism and Taoism is of great influence in the civil society, he sanctified himself by both Buddhism and Taoism, saying that: when he was four years old, Master Quan Jue, the tenth successor of Buddhist Great Fa, had gave him secret instructions on how to reach the top stage of "truthfulness, Benevolence and forbearance"; when he was eight years old, his training was completed, he acquired great power and near his canthus suddenly emerged three Chinese characters- "truthfulness, Benevolence and forbearance"; when he was 12 years old, the Taoist Master Baji Zhenren (Eight-Pole Immortal) taught him Taoist practices; In 1972, he received Taoist instructions from Master Zhendaozi (True Taoist), a great Taoist different fro both general Buddhist and Taoist and; in 1974, he received further training in Buddhist cultivation from a Buddhist female master, and then his merits reached a top grade beyond imagination of common people, boasting him as a sovereign god. In the meantime, he made up Falun Gong with doxy from both Buddhism and Taoism. Falun Gong therefore has been featured in a cult organization.

In order to amass money, Li Hongzhi even depreciated the Qigong masters who had instructed him. He said in "Chinese Falun Gong (revised edition)" that, "I come to the public to improve the overall effect of practicing by helping those who have practiced for several years without progress to a higher grade and having them enlightened as soon as possible and; to help clarify bad phenomena in the Qigong community as well as things bad from another space, so that the orthodox Fa can be carried forward, Qigong can develop healthily along with the correct route. " By saying so, Li Hongzhi indicated that Qigong of the masters is of no effect. In this way, Falun Gong, which is coated with religion finally defeated other Qigong categories. The success of Falun Gong in Changchun area brought a lot of profit to Li Hongzhi.

Driven by the greed for more money, Li Hongzhi decided to have Falun Gong spread around China. In the spring of 1992, Li transferred his headquarter to Beijing. In order to have a legal status, Falun Gong was directly registered as one of the schools of "China Qigong Scientific Research Association" in 1992-1993. Li Hongzhi promoted Falun Gong in ways such as giving lectures, demonstrating "special competence" and "curing disease with Qigong". He managed to participate and had a successful performance in "Oriental Health Expo" held in Beijing, where he was awarded Special Gold Award,  "Most Popular Qigong Master" and Award for Advancement in Marginal Science. Li Hongzhi made efforts to promote Falun Gong everywhere, even entering into the office area of the Ministry of Public Security. Enlarged influence of Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong in Beijing gave birth to Li's ambition of becoming a hierarch.

In order to have Falun Gong spread around China, Li Hongzhi organized and held Falun Gong training courses all over China under the flag of "Falun Dafa Research Society". In the one and a half years' time from May 1992 to late 1994, "Falun Dafa Research Society" and Li Hongzhi held some 53 terms Falun Gong training course around China, which trained thousands of direct backbones for the Falun Gong organization. In order to enlarge his influence as a Falun Gong hierarch, in 1995, Li Hongzhi also rushed about in countries such as Sweden, USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, Singapore and Switzerland to give lectures on Fa. In order to enhance his control over the Falun Gong organization, Li Hongzhi stated in chapter six of "Requirements for Falun Dafa Teaching Station" that, "Conducts that violate connotation of Dafa should be firmly denounced. No disciple can share his lower level understanding and feeling with others, even it is for Benevolence, because it is not the Fa but words for good without any supernatural power. Anyone who preaches with his own experience and personal feeling shall be regarded as violate the great Fa. When quote my words, must use the term 'Li Hongzhi said' ……" It means that explanation for the alleged doxy of Falun Gong is attributed to Li Hongzhi.

In the training courses, Li Hongzhi tried to set his image as a hierarch by boasting himself as a god of limitless supernatural power superior than any other gods. On the training course held in Guangzhou, Li Hongzhi said, "Any Falun Gong disciple who has not get instruction from the master himself cannot take the post higher than assistant. " Until the end of 1994, from the top to the grass root branches, Falun Gong had already evolved into a nationwide cult organization leaded by its headquarters "Beijing Falun Dafa Research Society" with  Li Hongzhi as its head (in 1996, the South Commanding Center of Falun Gong was set up in Wuhan Falun Gong General Teaching Station). Li Hongzhi's hierarch status in the Falun Gong cult organization was established.

5.Falun Gong evolved into a cult organization gradually through spiritual control over its followers

In late 1994 when his hierarch status in the Falun Gong cult organization was established, Li Hongzhi began to have spiritual control over his followers in the way of other cult organizations to stabilize his status as a hierarch.

Li Hongzhi demanded all Falun Gong practitioners to learn "Rotating the Wheel" and took learning "Fa" as their priority. In the way of holding training courses for Falun Gong practitioners' forum, He continuously and repeatedly indoctrinated the notion of learning "Fa", calling for the practitioners locking themselves off to reject information from the outside world. This resulted in the practitioners' obsessing and becoming Li Hongzhi's tamed tools by disabling their distinguishing of good and bad, blocking their common cognition and thinking, and consequently Falun Gong was evolved into a cult organization. Li Hongzhi strengthened in training courses around China that Falun Gong practitioners should learn "Fa" by reading and reciting "Rotating the Wheel". He said in "Requirements for Falun Dafa Teaching Station" , "reading books of 'Fa' should be taken as a compulsory daily course. "

In Proposals Made on Beijing Falun Dafa Assistants' Meeting, Li Hongzhi said, "Hope you can bring about a surging in learning 'Fa'. Daily practicing should not be taken more important than learning 'Fa'. We should not only keep practicing everyday, but also keep learning 'Fa' everyday. Only if 'Fa' is well mastered can your practicing be guided. "

In "Keys to Vigor" number one, Li Hongzhi said, "Some of our regional guiders didn't read books to learn 'Fa', say that they feel headachy when read. Obviously there is devil interfering while they themselves don't want to cast away from its control…Those who don't want to read books and learn 'Fa' but complaining headachy are all interfered and controlled by devil. The only way of casting away from its control is trying hard to read and learn 'Fa'. It should be clearly noted not to complain about headache during reading, otherwise you are nothing but coward… Some people come here with their own purpose, but after learning 'Fa' most people can change their initial purpose…The more knowledge about Falun Gong your have, the less nature you will have of average people and the sooner you will form a stereotyped thought on Falun Gong." In Explaining "Fa" on European Falun Meeting, Li Hongzhi said, "Your must devoting yourself to reading books on Falun Gong. Every time in explaining 'Fa', I would stress on reading, reading and reading. As long as you read, your will get things better than you ever expected."

In Explaining "Fa" on Singapore Falun Meeting, Li Hongzhi said, "It is primary to read books on Falun Gong, which ensures your changing and consummation, while practicing is a complementary way for consummation. You cannot put practicing to a primary status while reading secondary. If you do like that, you can never reach such a top grade." When answering a question raised by a Falun Gong practitioner, "Is it good for us not to share our experience since we have been organized for three times each week to read through 'Rotating the Wheel'?", Li Hongzhi answered, "Yes, it is good. What do you spare so much time to share for? Just read through the book, just devote yourself to learning 'Fa'."

In Explaining 'Fa' on Eastern America Falun Meeting, Li Hongzhi said, "It is worse of all for those who read 'Rotating Wheel of Law' for the first time to comment on 'Fa' with concept of human being by saying 'well, it is great here, I have some doubt over there'. In that way, they will read the whole book in vain. What a pity! As 'Rotating Wheel of Law' is a serious book from heaven, when people, who are not clear about where their thoughts are from comment on such a book with conception of human being certainly can get nothing. Read the book without the interference of any preconditioned conception, and evaluate it after your read it through. Remember not to comment on the book while you are reading."

According to Li Hongzhi, when the practitioners are reading "Rotating wheel of Law", they should "disarm the mental arming and read through the book without selecting, choosing or thinking, not to mention analyzing, judging or reasoning. " In Explaining "Fa" on Florida Falun Meeting, he said, "no matter how difficult it is, no matter how busy you are, don't forget to learn 'Fa'. You must learn 'Fa', because it is the ultimate guarantee for your promotion."

Li Hongzhi asked Falun Gong practitioners to spend more time learning "Fa", stressing it is best to recite "Rotating Wheel of Fa". He repeated the importance of learning "Fa", requiring Falun Gong practitioners learning "Fa" with no intrusion of other thoughts or their own common cognition. He even boasted learning "Fa" to be the precondition for "promotion" and "consummation" pursued by the Falun Gong practitioners. Through learning "Fa", Falun Gong practitioners were gradually lost in the spiritual control of Falun Gong, obsessed in it and manipulated by Li Hongzhi, and Falun Gong gradually evolved into a real cult organization.

6. Forces of cult Falun Gong expanded and their political ambition emerged gradually from 1997 to 1999

In 1996, Chinese government got aware of the Falun Gong's cult nature. In late 1996, China Qigong Scientific Research Association made a decision to expel Falun Gong from China Qigong Scientific Research Association. But Li Hongzhi ignored Chinese government's policy as well as decision of China Qigong Scientific Research Association, kept on his activities in the name of "Falun Dafa Research Society" which was established in 1994 but was not registered according to the law. "Falun Dafa Research Society" held many group leaders' meetings of Falun Gong to give command to the Falun Gong organizations all over China. Key members of "Falun Dafa Research Society" were active around China to give command to the Falun Gong organizations all over China as commissioners of Li Hongzhi.

Since "Falun Dafa Research Society" belonged to an unlawful organization, it would certainly be rejected by Chinese government. Li Hongzhi, on the other hand, still went his own way. In the letter to Beijing Falun Gong practitioners on December 25, 1998, Li Hongzhi clearly stated, "If not independently registered, just do as before." That was to act against Chinese government. In 1996-1998, due to the strong trickish promotion and instigation, the Falun Gong organization expanded rapidly around China. For instance, in Shanghai, Li Hongzhi told leaders of the Falun Gong organization there that he wouldn't go to Shanghai to teach 'Fa' until the Falun Gong organization there developed to certain size. In 1996, Wang Zhiwen, the leader of Beijing Falun Dafa Research Society criticize Shanghai Falun Gong organization through telephone call, saying, "In such a large city like Shanghai, number of Falun Gong practitioners is not comparable to that of a county. " In order to develop Falun Gong organization in Shanghai, Ji Liewu, the member of Beijing Falun Dafa Research Society, went to Shanghai for three times in 1996-1998 to coordinate and guide the leadership of Shanghai Falun Gong organization. As the secondary center of Falun Gong in the south, Wuhan Falun Gong General Teaching Station gave much more guidance and instruction to the Falun Gong organization in Shanghai. With the promotion of Falun Dafa Research Society and Wuhan Falun Gong General Teaching Station, the Falun Gong organization in Shanghai published a journal "Falun Dafa in Shanghai" to help spreading Falun Gong in Shanghai. It also planed a "Dafa" promotion activity of over ten thousand people (in Shanghai Stadium). Since it has not been carried out because the Shanghai police has detected its plan, nevertheless it brought about certain social impact. Although Shanghai police has greatly deterred the Shanghai Falun Gong organization, its size still enlarged for several times in the period of 1996-1999.

Falun Gong's rapid development around China has resulted in the inflation of Li Hongzhi's political ambition, who thought that forces of Falun Gong was strong enough to act against Chinese government. On June 17, 1996, Guangming Daily pointed that "Rotating Wheel of Law" is pseudoscience that spread superstition. Later Falun Gong besieged Guangming Daily and asked it to deliver public apology. Until 1997, Falun Gong got more and more arrogant. Any organization or individual who denounced Falun Gong, would be challenged by Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong in laying a siege and attacking, including school, individual family, media or Party and government department compounds.

On April 19, 1999, "Teenager Science-Technology Outlook", a Tianjin Normal University magazine, contained an article entitled "I'm Opposed To Qigong Practice By Teenagers" by Professor He Zuoxiu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. On April 22, 1999, Li Hongzhi organized Falun Gong practitioners to besiege the university. Falun Gong took offense at the article saying that He Zuoxiu was devil and threatened to get rid of him. On April 25,1999, Li Hongzhi organized more than 10,000 Falun Gong practitioners gathered outside Zhongnanhai to challenge Chinese government face to face. Through this, Li Hongzhi's political ambition was full revealed.

7. Li Hongzhi created an exile headquarter of Cult Falun Gong by throwing himself into the lap of the western anti-China forces

Li Hongzhi was clear about the consequence of acting against the powerful Chinese government. From late 1994 to early 1995, he managed to apply American visas for him and his family with the money he amassed. As a precaution, he settled his family in America. When Falun Gong practitioners were besieging Zhongnanhai in April 1999, Li Hongzhi himself fled abroad to give remote control and observe its evolution. When he observed that Chinese government would take real action on the Falun Gong organization for have besieging Zhongnanhai, he denied for having organized the incident and fled to his home in America that he had arranged in advance, claiming that he was an U.S citizen, Chinese government could do nothing to him. Since Chinese government's banning on Falun Gong, organizing structure of the Falun Gong organization in Mainland China was collapsed. With revealing the cult nature of Falun Gong organization and the government's persistent persuasion, most Falun Gong practitioners quitted Falun Gong, only a few backbone members and practitioners who had been punished by Chinese government still insisted on their position about Falun Gong. Under the strong policy of Chinese government on banning Falun Gong, activities of Falun Gong in Mainland China have almost vanished.

From July 1999 to 2000, Li Hongzhi hid in America without any public activity. According to the Falun Gong organization, Li was peacefully observing evolution of the society. In fact Li Hongzhi was busy with two kinds of activities during that time. First, since Fanlun Gong organization in Mainland China was destroyed by Chinese government, he would re-establish the exile headquarters for the Falun Gong organization; second, since the exiled Falun Gong organization overseas was in very bad financial state, it would need financing from the western anti-China forces. Chinese government's abrupt banning on Falun Gong led to a ceasing period for Falun Gong as its activities had to be paused before Li Hongzhi's new boss needed time to review and accede to his wish of seeking refuge.

With the help of its western boss, the Falun Gong organization got revived in 2000. In order to gain the cognition of Falun Gong followers, Li Hongzhi asked his followers to curse Chinese government and its leaders by "Fazhengnian", a kind of ridiculous witchery used by wizards and witches. In 2001, on the Falun Gong Meeting held in Canada, Li Hongzhi instigated Falun Gong practitioners to collectively "Fazhengnian" upon Chinese government, saying that as long as Falun Gong practitioners collectively recited "Fa conquers the universe and the evil perishes", "Fa dominates the world and revenge takes effect", "devilish" Chinese government would be destroyed and turned into bloody water. Minghui Net also claimed on May 27, 2001 to have turned He Zuoxiu into poisonous bloody water when "Fazhengnian". On October 13, 2002, Li Hongzhi called for worldwide Falun Gong practitioners to "Fanzhengnina" at the same time everyday, saying that their "Nian" force( will power) should be focused and strong with their mind be clear and focused, that they should have the vigor of demolishing any evil force in the universe, and that they should finish the pithy formula with the word "Mie" (die) with strong "Nian" force gathered. How much hatred Li Hongzhi must have towards Chinese government!

From 2000 to 2005, Li Hongzhi established abroad his new commanding center for Falun Gong and rallied again since he cast himself to his western boss. Falun Gong actively coordinated the west to denounce our human right status and attempted to get international sympathy by spreading  that Chinese authority treated a civil organization with the state mechanism. Since its overseas headquarter was established, Falun Gong actively developed its organization by gathering overseas Falun Gong followers and supporters (including democratic activists) to promote its overseas influence. With the financing of western anti-China forces, Falun Gong gradually set up propagating facilities including network, press and publication system to propagate among overseas Chinese with fabricated rumors and anti-China Communist publications to get their sympathy. They attempted to restore its underground organization in Mainland China by means of penetration and forced Falun Gong practitioners in Mainland China to "tell the truth" with a strategy of "promoting domestic development with overseas efforts". They threatened to propagate Falun Gong in Mainland China by means of overwhelming propagating material, IP calls and attacking satellite. Efforts of Falun Gong organization have resulted in certain rebounding of Falun Gong activities in certain area of Mainland China, disrupting public orders in some areas and seriously disturbed Chinese government's efforts of helping and saving Falun Gong practitioners in Mainland China.

8. Cult Falun Gong evolved into a core of the anti-China organizations controlled by the western anti-China forces from 2005 to 2007

Since banning, the Falun Gong organization gradually diminished and died out in the society because of Chinese government's long lasting alerting and strict punishment. With a few exiles hostile to Chinese government, overseas Falun Gong organization is very weak no matter how active it is. The most foreigners looked down upon these Chinese practicing "refugee exercise", only a few were believing Falun Gong. Falun Gong has been marginalized and its days is getting harder and harder. What the western anti-China forces regard as important  is Falun Gong's social foundation in China, and they just want to have Falun Gong organization to act as the banner holder of the anti-China organizations under its control. In order to get support from the western anti-China forces, Falun Gong gets more and more accustomed to the master-servant relationship between them under the consensus of anti-China. Therefore,  Falun Gong gradually gave up themselves to their masters to gather together various overseas hostile forces and actively mingled with the anti-China forces in and out of China, and gradually evolved into a core of the anti-China organizations controlled by the western anti-China forces.

In "Rotating Wheel of Law", Li Hongzhi argued, "Power of Buddha is manifested in everything, from particle to molecule to the universe. It perceives every mystery without missing. It is the different expressions of Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance in different grade. It is Tao in the term of Taoism and 'Fa'(Law) in the term of Buddhism." By such an argument, Li Hongzhi explained clearly that Falun Gong was a religion. By 2006, however, Li Hongzhi changed his altitude and tried to deny the religious nature of Falun Gong aiming to casting away Chinese government's assertion that Falun Gong is a cult religion.

On February 2006, on Falun Gong Meeting in Los Angeles, Li Hongzhi said, "By the way, all of you must not answer the question of whether we are religion or not. It doesn't matter how others think of us. Do you understand? In China, religion is clearly defined. For religion there must exist temple, prayers and rituals such as baptism. It is quite clear that you must take part in religious functions since you are its followers. Otherwise you cannot say that you are its followers. While in the western society, things are quite different. In this sense, if someone ask whether you are religious or not, you must not give any answer. If the government authorities, social communities and parliament members indicate that you are religious, you should not deny it. If legal issues are involved, you may address with articles related to religion. Remember that under such occasions, especially when legal issues are involved, you may admit that you are religious. This is the difference between the east and the west, which doesn't offend the Law if mentioned. As I have already indicated in 'Key to Vigor', we are not religion, while people may take us as religion. Every one of you should be aware of this point. " Here Li Hongzhi clearly explained that Falun Gong was not a religion. In order to deny its image as a cult, when responding to question "whether it was necessary to see doctor of illness", Li Hongzhi said that he had never asked Falun Gong practitioners not to see the doctor.

In the meantime, Falun Gong has gradually evolved into an anti-communist political organization. For example, Falun Gong intentionally fabricated rumors such as "Sujiatun Rumors", " Harvesting Falun Gong practitioners' organs alive" to deceive the public; to defame Chinese government's human right status by means of abusing lawsuits against Chinese officials; to interfere the foreign activities of Chinese government and to blemish the international overall profile of Chinese government…These all prove that Falun Gong has evolved into an anti-China, an-Communist political organization.

In the initial time when Falun Gong organization  fled abroad, it pretended to be lofty, claiming that it was Law of the universe and Li Hongzhi was the sovereign god to save people on the earth. Therefore anti-China forces including democratic movement activists looked down upon the Falun Gong organization. But with the intervening of its western anti-China masters, Falun Gong began to gather together various overseas hostile forces against China and actively mingled with the anti-China forces in 2006. It improved its coordination with Taiwan independence force. Wang Wenyi, a Falun Gong practitioner who had interrupted the White House ceremony, worked closely with the Taiwan independence force by organizing Falun Gong followers in Taiwan to give support to "Three Quits" one by another.  The articles "Nine Comments" were compiled by and published on Epoch Times which was adminstered by the democratic movement activists, in order to serve as core the anti-China forces, Li Hongzhi also let down his dignity as a hierarch and changed his rigid rule of "Falun Gong practitioners in the mainland China should not take part in propagating 'Nine Comments'", asking his followers to spread "Nine Comments" and taking the activity of spreading "Nine Comments" as essential part of Falun Gong's "telling the truth". Later, Li Hongzhi worked even more closely with the democratic movement activists in spreading "Disaggregating Culture of the Communist Party" complied by  Epoch Times. Contents of its "telling the truth" also shifted from the initial propagating of its alleged persecution of Chinese government upon Falun Gong to human rights and democracy, aiming to demolish or even overthrow Chinese government. In this course, Falun Gong modified its original cult image. Li Hongzhi argued for his cult words and deeds in many occasions. Now he doesn't instigate Falun Gong to have self-immolation or insist on not to see doctor for illness. In this sense, the fanatic and unreasonable cult nature of Falun Gong changed a little. It is, indeed, evolving from a cult organization to a political organization and core of the anti-China organizations under the control of the western anti-China forces. Future of Falun Gong is of great concern to every one.

9. Where will Falun Gong go in the future?

Chinese government maintained a sustainable, speedy and stable economic development and Chinese comprehensive power is greatly enhanced. Such achievement made the western anti-China forces worried, and "Chinese deterrence arguments" emerged once and once again. Anxiety of its masters also agitates Falun Gong as well. Since Falun Gong has become the core of  anti-China organizations, its cult nature of anti-reason, anti-science and anti-human has changed a little. But on the other hand, it has got more and more politicized and gradually become a political tool of the western anti-China forces, and thus posing a great threat to the Chinese government.

Before 2006, although Li Hongzhi had some political ambition, he dared not to say he played politics. On September 3, 1996, Li Hongzhi said, "Practicing is not political"… "Some practitioners are critical to the society and the government. They learned our 'Fa' without giving up their strong hatred and even wishing to make use of 'Fa' for their politic ambition. These are dirty psychological behavior that violates Buddhism and 'Fa'. They will not consummate if they don't give up such thought. "

On September 7, 1996, Li Hongzhi promised in the book "Dafa Lasts Forever" that Falun Gong "will never involved in politics, never interferes the state affairs. By real practicing and pursuing benevolence, keep purity of 'Dafa', and it will last forever."

On June 4, 2001, in the article "No Politics", Li Hongzhi alleged Falun Gong to be "the force to strive for justice that acts against the evil regimes", saying that Falun Gong was not politicized but "to save people". In those days, Li Hongzhi didn't admit the kind of retroactive political activities to be "involved in politics". Although Falun Gong was involved in politics at that time, but they dared not to say so openly.

By February 21, 2007 (the fourth day of the new year under Chinese Lunar calendar), however, Li Hongzhi eagerly published the book "Reflection on Politics". In "Reflection on Politics", Li Hongzhi said, "Since 'politics' can reveal facts about persecution and stop persecution, can help to tell the truth and save people, why can't we make use of politics? Falun Gong disciples shall get involved in politics to fight against Chinese government". He held up the flag of politicization by further instigating Falun Gong practitioners to get fully involved in politics and overthrowing Chinese government. Currently Falun Gong has completely mingled with the anti-China organizations and served as the pioneer of the western anti-China forces.

By creating Falun Gong, Li Hongzhi wishes to be the Number one hierarch in the world. He had meant to develop Falun Gong by making use of the influence of religion among people. After several years' promotion, however, he felt that other religions hindered the development of Falun Gong. In particular it was every difficult to spread Falun Gong in religions such as Christian, Islam, Buddhism and Taoism because followers of these religions are very devout to their respective belief. Li Hongzhi was very hostile to these religions as they have hindered him from realizing his dream of becoming No. one hierarch in the world, hindered him from realizing his goal of enlarging Falun Gong and serving as pioneer of the western anti-China forces. Such hatred bursted out on February 28 when Li Hongzhi published an article "Comprehensively Disaggregate the Psudo-gods Interfering the Orthodox Law", declaring war against religious followers in the world. He said, "the so called gods that dominate the major religions…at present they try to prevent the followers from understanding the truth, having billions of followers lose such a outstanding chance; they put the common people at such a risk as to be washed out and; even directly interfere the orthodox law. In order to save the common people, Falun Gong followers must comprehensively disaggregate the Psudo-gods that prevent the commonners from being saved from understanding the truth. Comprehensively disaggregate and clear out them, disregarding what forms they have, whether they are tangible or intangible and how lofty they are." Li Hongzhi's act on impulse has betrayed his intention of becoming No. one hierarch in the world.

Based on Falun Gong's evolution, its latest actions and analysis of the two lections of Li Hongzhi, I estimate that the political tendency of Falun Gong would be as follows:

Falun Gong will continue to serve as the core of anti-China, anti-Communist organizations under control of the western anti-China forces. Taking its overseas headquarters as a centre, it will coordinate the anti-China and anti-Communist propagating efforts of the western anti-China forces; interrupt foreign activities of Chinese government, blemish Chinese government's international images; it will try to prop up Mainland China activists under the camouflage of human rights, freedom and democracy, and to coordinate the western anti-China forces with their efforts of peaceful evolution against China, including having color revolution. Toppling down Chinese government is the ultimate goal of Falun Gong.

In the future, priority of Falun Gong organization will still be: serving as the anti-China political tool of the western anti-China forces; trying whatever they can to promote influence of Falun Gong and develop its forces; denouncing belief of Chinese government as "exotic culture" that are antipathetic to traditional Chinese culture by fabricating articles like "Nine Comments on the Communist party", "Disaggregating Culture of the Communist Party"; By fabricating rumors and rootless propagating of "Sujiatun Rumors", "Harvesting Falun Gong practitioners' organs alive" and "Three quits" to deceive the compassionate public, including overseas Chinese and friends of China and; disrupting public orders by instigating Falun Gong practitioners in Mainland China to have illegal activities such as telling the truth.