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A simply organization practicing Qigong before 1994

2007-09-26 Source:Kaiwind

The reason for Chinese government to have banned Falun Gong is that Falun Gong is a cult organization. At first many Falun Gong practitioners thought it was baseless for Chinese government to proclaim Falun Gong to be cult. In my opinion, in the time when Chinese government banned on Falun Gong, it had already evolved into an arrant cult organization, therefore it is proper for Chinese government to have banned it. At that time, frequently happened cases of Falun Gong killing innocents as well as Falun Gong followers' unruly attacking government offices and other organizations had already endangered safety of people as well as the ruling of Chinese government, and thus uncovered the cult nature of Falun Gong. Therefore it is justified for Chinese government to take actions against it. During my investigation on the evolution of Falun Gong, I've found, however, that Falun Gong was not totally cult at its initial stages (before 1994).

Before 1994, Falun Gong was a common organization of Qigong, especially at its initial stages. In 1992, Mr. Li Hongzhi compiled "Chinese Falun Gong". It could be observed from the expression in his book "Chinese Falun Gong" that the focus of Li Hongzhi at that time was on spreading Gong. In order to promote Falun Gong and took a share in the Qigong market, Li Hongzhi tried to boast Falun Gong, arguing that Falun Gong was "Buddhist Qigong" and "Gong" of the higher grade. Li Hongzhi's Propagation of Falun Gong at that time was on explaining "ways of practicing" and "theory of Falun Gong" and on teaching Falun Gong. When Falun Gong was landed in Beijing, Li Hongzhi also believed it to be a kind of Qigong organization so as to get a legal status. Consequently Falun Gong was approved by the civil administration department and directly registered as one of the schools of "China Qigong Scientific Research Association". In article Enlightening in the booklet "Keys to Vigor", Li Hongzhi said, "'Chinese Falun Gong' and its revised edition are only something helping people to understand things with Qigong". In this sense, activities of Falun Gong were only for Qigong spreading. From May 1992 to 1994, when Li Hongzhi frequently traveled around China to teach Gong and teach Fa, Falun Gong gradually evolved from a Qigong organization into a cult organization. By the time "Rotating Wheel of Law" was published in December 1994, the cult theory of Falun Gong was formed. Publishing of "Rotating Wheel of Law" is the watershed for the evolution of Falun Gong. Since then, Falun Gong replaced its original parlance "Buddhist Qigong" with "Buddhism of Rotating Wheel", turn it from a "Qigong" organization to a religion organization (and gradually evolved into a real cult organization). It is an essential conversion for Li Hongzhi to have published "Rotating Wheel of Law". From then on, Li Hongzhi didn't ever acknowledge Falun Gong to be a kind of Qigong organization and never mentioned the book "Chinese Falun Gong" and its contents.