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Falun Gong followers in Mainland China and their current activities

2007-09-26 Source:Kaiwind

Since the Chinese government declared banning on Falun Gong on July 22, 1999, Falun Gong practitioners suddenly disappeared from our eyesight, while reverberation from the Internet has been overwhelming. As I am curious about its truth, I manage to get in touch with many Falun Gong practitioners. At the same time, I pay more attention to reaction from Falun Gong media such as Epoch Times, NTDTV, Minghui Net and Boxun News. After a careful study on activities of Falun Gong and articles and lections written by Li Hongzhi, I get some idea about Falun Gong followers in Mainland China.

What are Falun Gong followers in Mainland China?

It is observed that many of the Falun Gong followers in Mainland China were from the vulnerable groups who were critical to the enlarged social gap between the poor and the rich and the unfair social allocation. Since they were weak, they needed to make themselves strong, and some of them practiced Falun Gong for believing that Falun Gong could cure diseases without much cost. A few of the Falun Gong followers were of other motivations. When Chinese government proclaimed that Falun Gong was a cult organization against the government and against human, most practitioners abandoned Falun Gong voluntarily and some stopped practicing reluctantly because of the high-handed policy in Mainland China since the banning on Falun Gong. Nowadays there are few Falun Gong followers who still insist on practicing, most of which have been dissatisfied with the government and the society, or have been punished (including legal punishment and administrative punishment) by Chinese authority. That is to say, they are hostile to Chinese government. I have also found that those who still obsess in Falun Gong but have no resentment to Chinese government are mostly mentally disordered. Therefore in Mainland China, there are few Falun Gong followers still practicing Falun Gong.

State of cult Falun Gong since July 1999:

After 7 years "fighting" against Falun Gong since its banning, Falun Gong is already in a state of disunity now. Falun Gong followers in Mainland China seem to have ceased their activities as there are only occasional reports about Falun Gong followers being arrested by Chinese government for illegal propaganda in certain places. It is generally believed that Falun Gong has no influence in Mainland China. From media report I've learnt that Falun Gong has transferred its focus of action from Mainland China to abroad, especially USA, Canada and Australian. Falun Gong has also hired many vagabonds overseas to move around the Chinese diplomatic missions and disturb the diplomatic activities of Chinese government or to circulate Falun Gong propaganda material in the public places. Falun Gong followers overseas have used a strategy of "promoting domestic development with overseas efforts"  to act against Chinese government, by shipping much anti-government propaganda material to Mainland China, directing  Falun Gong followers in China to have illegal activities with remote control and modern propaganda means. Activities such as telling the truth and propagandizing "nine comments" and quitting Communist Party conducted by Mainland Falun Gong followers in light of overseas instructions are just a passive response to the abroad action. As Falun Gong followers in Mainland China are in disadvantageous condition, their actions are very covert and limited. Even Li Hongzhi has indicated for many times in his lection that it was the last chance for spreading Falun Gong, and that Falun Gong disciples should be brave enough to come out to tell the truth, it is of little effect. Therefore, Falun Gong followers in Mainland China are seldom seen active in the society.

On the contrary, overseas Falun Gong followers were very active. Under the command of Falun Gong headquarters, they have done many things such as concocting rumors one by one and compiling articles against Chinese government, organizing overseas retroactive forces including "democratic movement activists" and other separatists to smear and demonize Chinese government and trying to interfere the foreign affaires of Chinese government. A farce occurred on the south lawn of the White House is quite typical of such deeds. In order to cadge money for their activities, they have connived or even forced Falun Gong followers in Mainland China to confront Chinese government by seducing them with consummation without caring their lives. As Falun Gong followers in Mainland China are very clear about their own condition, and clearly know that their master Li Hongzhi can do anything he wants as he has his shelter. They know that if they act against Chinese government, they are doing nothing but endangering themselves or their families. In this sense, they could only act covertly. Falun Gong followers overseas are in collusion with various anti-China forces. In order to get their financing, Falun Gong followers overseas have already become a tool of these groups. They conduct their anti-China propagandizing by plotting rumors; they hire hobos to interfere foreign affairs of Chinese government; they smear Chinese official out of thin air. In this sense, Falun Gong has already become leader of the organizations hostile to Chinese government.

How does Falun Gong gradually evolve into a tool of the western anti-China political forces? What is the outlook for Falun Gong? Such questions are not only concerned by Falun Gong followers but also concerned by Chinese government. I've found through my study that the evolution of Falun Gong into a cult organization is clearly a gradual process without a clear timetable.