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Why Falun Gong exaggerate snow in June again and again

2007-09-28 Source:Kaiwind Author:By: Qing Zhongshan

According to Beijing Youth Daily, it began to fall suddenly in flakes down the East Third Ring Road at 18:10, July 30, 2007 and lasted for five minutes. Afterwards, www.163.com reported that  near the Chengfu Road, Haidian District, "the strong wind swept the snow flakes down the road for about 5 minutes " at 15:05 on August 6. In connection with the reports, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and Beijing Meteorological Bureau (BMB) stated that meteorological agencies did not monitored the situation. Guo Hu, Chief of BMB and specialist Zhang Mingyin from BMB said, "It is impossible to snow at all during the dog days in Beijng". The specialist added, "At that time, the surface temperature on the East Third Ring Road and the Chengfu Road, Haidian District was 30 and 28 centigrade respectively, therefore there was no natural conditions for snowing and it was impossible to snow. The white spots, which are called 'snow flakes' in the pictures on the site, should be the white spray formed by broken drops".

Did it really Snow in June in Beijing? I have been living near the East Third Ring Road for a decade. None of my relatives, colleagues and friends and me have seen the snow. Even no one has the interest to care or talk about it, because it means nothing whether it snowed. Besides even if it snowed, it did nothing to our daily life, so we shouldn't take it seriously.

Nevertheless, this kind of news obviously stimulated the most fragile nerves of overseas Falun Gong media which scrambled to make use of the news to hype. The Epoch Times, a media controlled by Falun Gong, released a report with the title of "Snow in June Falls in Haidian District, Beijing for the First Time" on August 6, 2007; the next day another was published with title of "Full Record of Snow in June".... I searched on Google and found there were 224,000 pieces of news about Snow in June published by Falun Gong.

Why Falun Gong was so keen to hype the news of Snow in June?

Firstly, they were making use of the news to fabricate a new superstition of "widespread indignation and discontent" so as to accuse Chinese government.

The so-called "Snow in June and Widespread Indignation and Discontent" stems from Snow in Midsummer of Guan Hanqing, an opera writer in Yuan Dynasty. In the opera, Dou E made three vows before dying, including "her warm blood flies up to a white silk steamer, snow falls in June, this district suffers from drought for three whole years". All the vows became true when Dou E was killed. Hence, Snow in June has been used by later generations to describe the great injustice which shakes the earth and incurs the greatest popular indignation. Actually it's a kind of artistic exaggeration and a fabricate tale on no scientific basis. However, there are some people believing in it will make wild guesses when the climate is abnormal.

The media of Falun Gong have been always a distribution centre of rumors. Their reporters who choose to make and distribute rumors as their profession would certainly not let the so rare tricks like Snow in June slip by. Therefore, when there are news of Snow in June, the ill-intentioned Falun Gong would make use of them to distribute and hype the superstitious rumors of Snow in June and the Greatest Popular Indignation. They desire to stir up trouble and try in vain to destabilize the society. As a result, the obsolete tricks of Snow in June and the Greatest Popular Indignation always appear on Falun Gong's media in an imposing manner. But now in China, there is a prosperous, stable and harmonious society where people living and working in peace and contentment, no matter how Falun Gong hype the rumors, there will be no echo from any media and public in China. The rumors will declare their own bankruptcy and the hype of this kind of rumors by Falun Gong is just a gross deception which will spur the public to disgust and spurn Falun Gong.

Secondly, they deliberately mystify and advocate the rumors of "astronomical phenomena change", "calamity descended from the sky", vainly attempting to deceive and intimidate the public.

Chinese has a tradition of believing "Oneness of Heaven and Man" and considers that the change in astronomical phenomena must correspond with the change in man's world and the latter comes from the former. This kind of psychology has always been used by those who are keen on dishonest practices to spread the rumor of astronomical phenomena change to deceive people and make disturbances. Moreover, Li Hongzhi constantly makes use of the so-called astronomical phenomena change to explain historical events and natural disaster and advocate his fallacy. He stated in his "An Elementary Introduction on Kindness" that "astronomical phenomena change promote the development of the society. Everything in ordinary people's society is not accidental and the history evolves in line with the astronomical phenomena change. Emperor Qin Shihuang united China by the will of Heaven. The human being's society need to be destroyed when it evolves to a particular period because it will be under great pressure at that time, so a small calamity and war may be the most forthright way". Li Hongzhi asserts that this kind of destroy happens periodically and according to his calculation, human being will be destroyed entirely by 81 times..."

Actually, a disaster is always bound to follow a panic, the mother of rumors. Whenever a serious disaster happens, various rumors and blind faith will prevail. This is a normal behavior and public sentiment of the society since ancient times. Now in the modern times, with the scientific advance, convenient information access, it's difficult to fabricate rumors and even if they are fabricated, it's easy to clear up. Hence rumor-makers' plot will not fell through.

Thirdly, they put up a terrible feeling that "the day of last judgment is coming" and "God's pledge is coming true" in order to gather and deceive Falun Gong practitioners.

Li Hongzhi fabricates and distributes a series of fallacy in order to put up the panic sentiment to urge his followers to hate human being, detest the society, regret their lives, despise laws and morality and yearn for a illusory Falun World. At last, these people who follow him blindly to pursue a purely imaginary Falun World are most happy to serve as his moral slave and victim of his wild political ambition.

"What These Natural Disasters Indicate", an article published on Minghui. org, illustrated perfectly the purpose and meaning of Falun Gong's hype on Snow in June "It will be a vitally important moment when the earth, human being and even the universe experience a unprecedented great change. At that time, everybody must choose to live or die and this is the last hope of human being. At this stage, all of us have understood the predication which has been confirmed repeatedly for thousands of years that God gives a clear predication to human being who will enter this historical chapter - the predication is true! God takes great pains to make you convince of it and help you to make a wise choice at a vital moment! The vitally important moment is coming and God is so merciful to you that he warned you again by this abnormal astronomical phenomena. You.... Please make a smartest choice at the vitally important moment!"

It is an old trick of every heresy at all times and in all lands to advocate that the coming of the day of last judgment and request people to make a choice. Falun Gong tends to advocate "the notion of doomsday" and make panic by talking foolishly about "calamity descended from the sky" as well as making a shocking statement of "God's warn to human being". Then they will act as a Savior to fabricate a false impressing that only Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong can save human being. Although the repeated deferral of perfection date promised by Li Hongzhi resulted in doubts on Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong by lots of Dafa disciples, Falun Gong dispelled partly the worry of its disciples by hyping modern superstition of Snow in June and Prophesy on Great Injustice and fabricated a illusion that "the Master did not deceive us and God's pledge was realizing" to stimulate their impenitence. Therefore, disciples are fooled by deceptive remarks, such as "Falun Gong is a over-normal science", "get down Falun", "open private eyes", "save all living things", "God's pledge was realizing", to fall deeply into a trap set by Li Hongzhi and become the political tool and victim used by the heresy in the fight against China and the Communist Party.

It's nothing strange that Falun Gong is keen to hype Snow in June. I was so surprised when searched on Minghui.org and found there were 143 pieces of information about Snow in June from July 9,1999 to August 14, 2007. It's not surprising to find Snow in June on Falun Gong's media, such as Snow in June Appeared in Beijing on July 18,1999 (see Snow in June Appeared in Beijing Yesterday published on Minghui.org on July 9, 1999); Snow in June appeared in Songhuajiang in 2000(see Poem the 8-line poem with 7charaters to a line - Memory for Zhou Zhichang Snow in June; Behind the Smile published on Minghui.org in August 7, 2001); Snow in June in Shijiazhuang on July 9, 2007 (see Snow in June Fell in Beijing Yesterday published in Minghui.org on July 9, 2007); Snow in June Appeared in Songhuajiang (see Poem the 8-line poem with 7charaters to a line - Memory for Zhou Zhichang Snow in June; Behind the Smile published in Minghui.org on July 9,2007); Snow in June Appeared in Shijiazhuang on May 30, 2007 (see Warn of the Disaster in Shijiazhuang Dafa Judge All Living Things); Snow in June Appeared in Lingzhi District, Shangdong on July 29,2007, Snow in June appeared in Wenzhou on August 5, 2002 (see Snow in Summer in China Hinting Unusual Injustice); Snow in June Appeared in Shenzhen in August, 2002 (see Snow in August in Shenzhen Indicating the Injustice of Falun Gong)....There is something more incredible than Snow in June among these reports Snow Falls Thick and Heaps for 1 Chi (over 33 cm) in Wuyu Village, Lingshou County, Hebei at the end of May, 2001; "Snow Flakes Floating with the Wind Instead of Falling".

Thus it can be seen that it is a customary tactics of Falun Gong heresy to make use of Snow in June in order to purposely make a mystery, intimidate the public and disturb the society and achive their ultirior motives. The whole truth has come out that Li Hongzhi and his heresy take pleasure in other people's misfortune, desire to stir up trouble and make every attempt to destabilize the society.

It snows in June in Beijing, to look all around the world, the weather has been extremely abnormal for many times in this summer. Hot wave attacked Central and Southern Europe. In Kiskunhalas, 130 kilometers south of Budapest,it was 41.9 centigrade, the highest in this country. Greece had its hottest summer in over 100 years. A high summer has taken away many lives in the region and there is frequent rainstorm in England. Train tracks in Texas, US got stranded because of rainstorm and flood happened in Bangladesh because of rainstorm. In Pakistan nearly a hundred people died because of mud-rock flow.... We should ask Falun Gong followers, is there abnormal injustice in these countries Is there calamity descended from the sky on ruling parties of these countries Obviously, Falun Gong reporters have a extremely absurd logic.

Facing various strange things, foreign media published reports one after another on the topic of "The Earth Is Angry" to replace "God's angry". Of course, all of these are talking about from the point of the meteorology and environment protection and has nothing with "abnormal injustice and the greatest popular indignation" at all.

Snow in June is an event of small probability at most and has nothing with greatest popular indignation is history or Falun Gong. Instead, what Falun Gong has done this time can't help make us think of his ugly show during the period of SARS in 2003 When SARS broke in the spring, Li Hongzhi and the headquarter of Falun Gong at abroad organized so many "Fahui" to distribute new "canons" and rumors on Minghui.org to resort to demagogy. As soon as SARS broke, Li Hongzhi could not help to claim that he had foretold the disease and scared the public that SARS was a calamity descended from the sky as well as a kind of Divine Retribution to the persecution on Dafa disciples. He called SARS patients as "nonsense". The headquarter of Falun Gong has ordered its domestic underground groups to create a disturbance, hinder the fight against SARS and long for the spread of SARS. But on the contrary, Chinese people managed to overcome the disease under the strong leadership of Chinese government in a less than one year. During this period, Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong acted like a buffoon and make a spectacle of themselves. It seems that Falun Gong Group has not drawn a lesson and are ready to continue their ugly performance in front of Chinese around the world.

(Kaiwind, August 28, 2007)