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Records of Falun Gong's failure in UN Human Rights Conference

2007-11-01 Source:Kaiwind Author:By: Wen Jun

Since Falun Gong was outlawed by Chinese government in July 1999, Falun Gong assembled about 100 practitioners around the world to have protests and petitions against so-called Human Rights violation during each year's UN World Conference on Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland, wishing to gain compassion and sympathy from international Human Rights organizations. But they failed in each time. According Genevan police, since Falun Gong bears all characteristics of cult and greatly interrupted public order, all of its action in Switzerland was under full control of the police.

The 56th World Conference on Human Rights of UN in March 2000

While the western anti-China forces on the one hand didn't fully recognize the value of Falun Gong and Falun Gong on the other hand was in a stage of recasting and Li Hongzhi was still observing the situation and waiting for chance, it was quite calm on the 56th World Conference on Human Rights of UN in March 2000 with only a few Falun Gong practitioners holding a news conference sneakingly on the day when the World Conference on Human Rights started. In order to make it more impressing, they set the conference in the correspondents' reading room, a place in the UN chancery but not under the jurisdiction of UN. They even called on the policeman to guard the door. But things didn't work out as they wish and there were a small audience and a little impact. Holding news conference sneakingly has been one of the unique skills of Falun Gong. In holding news conference, they violated the international practice given that they didn't either poster or advertise, nor did they invited reporters from China to make it more factual.

On March 11, in the session discussing women issues, Lu Xingchong, a representative of the victim's relatives denounced Falun Gong for having killed his wife Zhang Yuqin. In his presentation, he expressed his indignation to representatives from certain non-governmental organizations who disregarded the fact of Falun Gong abusing Human Rights and instigating with fabricated falsity; he also expressed his indignation to USA who denounced China on the issue of Falun Gong.

The 57th World Conference on Human Rights of UN in March 2001

On the 57th World Conference on Human Rights of UN in March 2001, Cui Li, Tian'anmen Square Self-immolation victim Hao Huijun's sister and Chen Guo's aunt, revealed with irrefutable facts the criminal deeds of Falun Gong in abuseing Human Rights. At that time, Li Hongzhi had found a backer - the western anti-China forces, and Falun Gong thus became a tool of the western anti-China forces. Since it had new excuse of interfering Chinese internal affairs, USA submitted its instantly developed anti-China resolution on Falun Gong, for which, however, it suffered and lost its seat in Human Rights Commission. If you like, you can surf UN website for the Report of the 57th session of the Commission on Human Rights. In the chapter about China, the report didn't mention any excruciation or persecution against Falun Gong. In the Chapter about US, however, the report indicated that there were certain excruciation in the US such as back cuff, restrainer, suffocative capsaicin, electrocution and so on.

Switzerland has a population of over 7 million while Falun Gong practitioners there amounted no more than 30. In order to coordinate its foreign master's anti-China activity, the Falun Gong organization called up hundreds of followers to Geneva and performed farces there during the World Conference on Human Rights. No matter how did Falun Gong perform there, nobody in Geneva echoed them. Due to the cult Heaven's Gate for having committed self-immolation in Switzerland, Swiss associated Falun Gong with self-immolation as well. Since Switzerland authority rejected for many times the request of Falun Gong to assemble, Falun Gong resorted to their own countermeasures: sometimes they took off their coats in the streets to display the Falun Gong propagandistic slogan on their underwears; sometimes they sat on the lake banks or benches in the park pretending to be practicing Falun Gong. Such impolite behaviors and barbaric actions interrupted the public order in Geneva and were strongly denounced by Geneva citizens. In Geneva, as Falun Gong members tried to present their anti-China advocacy in front of the foreign delegations, they were either denied or clearly rejected. In order to spread their falsities, Falun Gong members called repeatedly on foreign reporters in UN office, forcedly foisted material into their mail-box and sent long faxes, which hindered the normal work of the reporters.

On March 19, Falun Gong held one more so-called news conference in Geneva just like in 2000. While the news conference in 2000 was not successful, the institute that provided them with place rebuffed their request this time. In addition, as many well-known hotels didn't allow Falun Gong to have anti-China activities, Falun Gong had to have the so-called news conference in a small restaurant. During the meeting the door of the restaurant was closed and guarded with several strappers. In 2000, since some western reporters in Switzerland were of a little "interesting" in Falun Gong, there were seven or eight people participating in the conference but left during the meeting for being bored. It was much more awkward for the Falun Gong member in 2001. While more than 20 Falun Gong members participated in preparation of the news conference, only two foreign reporters in Switzerland got there for the conference and both left in advance, making the news conference quite losing. Foreign reporters had "applauded" Falun Gong as well: Falun Gong was the "richest" organization had demonstration in this World Conference on Human Rights. Without strong financial support it would be impossible for them to make and spread so much literal and video material in the conference. According to the estimation of a Chinese Swiss, Falun Gong had wasted at least 50,000 USD during the conference given that they had gathered in Geneva more than 500 members from all over the world. Where did the money come from?

Since Falun Gong knew Geneva police would not allow them to assemble in name of Falun Gong, they resorted to their general trickery by applying for a demonstration on Place des Nations on April 18 in name of other anti-China organizations to coordinate the anti-China resolution made by US in the World Conference on Human Rights that day. In the demonstration, Falun Gong demonstrated their anti-China banners directly, which fully revealed their intention of acting against the government. When it was reported that US suffered its 10th failure on the World Conference on Human Rights, most of the Falun Gong practitioners vanished with only a few crying sadly in the face of the US representatives.

The 58th World Conference on Human Rights of UN in April 2002

On the 58th World Conference on Human Rights of UN in April 2002, the hundreds meters long banner with signature of millions of Chinese against Falun Gong submitted by Chinese representatives was accepted and archived. On this session, Wang Jindong's daughter Wang Juan and Teng Chunyan's father Teng Yuben accused the various crimes of Falun Gong. On the news conference held in Geneva on April 17, they revealed the various rumor spread by Falun Gong with their personal experience and called for the Falun Gong fanatics to convert as early as possible. In the meantime, the overseas Falun Gong organization gathered hundreds of people once again to have their general trickeries in all means to defame Chinese government. One year before, US made use of "human rights" to interfere Chinese internal affairs and Falun Gong might thus follow and cheer for it. But things in this years was quite different as US had to cease their activities against China after 10 times of failure in proposing anti-China bills. Thus, Falun Gong had to perform by themselves, resulting in their failure and frustration as before.

The 59th World Conference on Human Rights of UN in March 2003

The 59th World Conference on Human Rights of UN started on March 17, 2003. Geneva justice, police and security authorities decided to prohibit any kind of demonstrations. Since US failed on the 2001 World Conference on Human Rights, it didn't propose any human rights resolution against China but unprecedentedly claiming that Chinese human right record had certain improvement. This time Falun Gong should cry once again, since on the one hand they shouted "group annihilation", on the other hand US claimed that Chinese human right record had certain improvement! Although Falun Gong had no good idea, they just would not cease down. They had an illegal demonstration with thousand of people this time. They felt quite good since they smoothly carried through the demonstration despite that fact that they didn't apply in advance. While they didn't enjoy much about their success, they were fined by the security authority for interrupting public order. In the meantime, Geneva public transportation company complained to the court that Falun Gong had interrupted transportation in the center of the city. Tribune de Geneve commented by quoting speaker of Geneva Public Transportation Company that the demonstration organized by Falun Gong compelled the company to "increase some lines and change their route". The company required Falun Gong organization to compensate its lose. Falun Gong was then aware that they had made trouble and had to pay for the fine. Might they be so tamed at home? What trouble might they cause if they were in China? Minghui Net reported only that Falun Gong had held a demonstration on the first day World Conference on Human Rights with mentioning the lawsuit.

The 60th World Conference on Human Rights of UN in March 2004

The 60th World Conference on Human Rights of UN started on March 15, 2004. This time Falun Gong still gathered over 500 Falun Gong practitioners while some were from the alleged "independent country" Taiwan as reported on Minghui Net. Let's read the article "Falun Gong Practitioners Plead in Geneva on the First Day of World Conference on Human Rights of UN" appeared on Minghui Net on March 16, 2004, "On the first day of the 60th World Conference on Human Rights of UN, Falun Gong practitioners from over 20 countries including Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Slovakia, Russia, Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Taiwan, US, Australia, Israel..." Taiwan was listed as a country among other countries! After several times of failure, Falun Gong came this time with the last hope, as US had one more chance to submit its so-called anti-China proposal "Human Rights Status in Mainland China". The proposal, which was not only claimed by US delegation as "friendly urge China to more towards the right direction", but also mentioned the great improvement in China since the reformation and opening up as well as the great effort made by Chinese government in enhancing human rights, was abolished as well, because the World Conference on Human Rights decided not to review it. Up to 2004, US suffered 11 times of failure in attempting to interfere Chinese internal affairs by using human rights. The bad actions by Falun Gong in supporting its master's anti-China actions in Geneva were not echoed and finally end in failure.

The 61th World Conference on Human Rights of UN in April 2005

The 61th World Conference on Human Rights of UN was ended on April 22, 2005. During the six weeks meeting, representatives reviewed agendas on human rights such as maintaining national rights of self-determination, development as well as economic, social and cultural rights, women and Children rights and occupied territory. The conference adopted more than 100 relevant proposals, decisions and chairman statements. Neither US nor EU submitted any resolution against China.

The new Human Rights Council of UN in March 2006
On March 15, 2006, the 60th UN General Assembly adopted a resolution setting up a new Human Rights Council to replace the much-criticized Human Rights Commission based in Geneva. On March 27, the 62th World Conference on Human Rights of UN ended in Geneva. The Conference unanimously adopted the Report of the 62nd session of the Commission on Human Rights and the Human Rights Commission ended its last meeting on March 27 after adopting a resolution to transfer all its work to the Council.

All gummy anti-China activities conducted by Falun Gong on World Conference on Human Rights of UN were against the willing of the public and eventually ended in failure.

(Kaiwind, October 10, 2007)