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Activities of violating 'Fa' by Falun Gong followers grow in intensity

2007-11-01 Source:Kaiwind Author:By: Luo Zhijun

The data show that from the founding of Falun Gong, Li Hongzhi's followers began to be out of one heart and one mind with him, especially after it was condemned by the Chinese government as a cult. More and more followers have disengaged themselves on  their initiative from Li Hongzhi`s spiritual control and Falun Gong organizaition. This situation was determined by the fact that Falun Gong's vicious nature and the follower's original intention (whether it is real or visional) are badly deviated form each other. It can be expected those followers who have forsaken darkness for light will be the vital strength to final destruction of Falun Gong. Li Hongzhi was terribly scared of this, he once said, "those who can demolish  'Fa' (Law or Dharma) must be the inside followers instead of the outsiders." ("Essential Decree" Legal), "no matter at present or in the future, those who can demolish  'Fa' must be the inside followers, we should pay more attention!" ("Essential Decree")

Li Hongzhi relies on taking lies all along to get rich and survive, but the words "those who can demolish  'Fa' must be the inside followers" are true. From the recent data promulgated by Minghui Net, this phenomenon is getting worse and worse, manifesting in the following aspects:

Firstly, a large number of  followers are very dissatisfied with Li Hongzhi who is perfidious by postponing realizing entelechy(perfection) over and over again. Not long ago, the new edition of Li Hongzhi's essential book "Zhuan Falun" was published. It should be a big event in the "publishing history" of Falun Gong. But out of Li Hongzhi's imagination, the majority followers were not in raptures about it, instead, they criticized and complained about it. The article "the incorrect basic point will lead sidewards", published by Minghui Net on July 14, 2007, revealed that, "In the color printing of the newly-published 'Zhuan Falun', a sentence 'the Spring of True Dharma (Fa) 18th year' printed below Master`s (Li Hongzhi's) picture. Many followers in our district now 'digest' the meaning of it. Many believed that, the Master said since 1990 he began to teach True Dharma to the followers, then until 2008, it will be exactly 18 years. 'True Dharma 18th year' means the modifying activity will be ended in spring of 2008 and everybody will get entelechy. Also some said, the Master wrote 'suffering innumerable trials and hardships for 15 years' in the article 'Tribulation' on January 22, 2004, 'True Dharma 18th year' should be 2007. There are also some followers said, it should be last year-- 2006." "I think, it's dangerous for those who care a lot about the sentence 'Fa-rectification for 18 years'. In the area where I live, many followers are getting more flighty."

Actually, this kind of state is not only for the followers just in one area, but also for most of the followers in the whole organization. They will not believe Li Hongzhi's promises that teaching True Dharma will be ended and the entelechy will be realized.


Secondly, the majority of the Falun Gong followers overtly agree but covertly oppose or even confront Li's order, just because Li and Falun Gong organization are engaged in political affairs. Li Hongzhi himself, once said over and over again  "No Politics", and the majority followers' original intention was also non-political.

But now, the Falun Gong organization has been evolved into an anti-China, anti-Communist political organization; and even nearly to be a terrorist organization, which is the same as excavating their own graves, radically violating the majority followers' will and interest. So it is not difficult to understand why they take all kinds of approaches and methods to kick against Li's reactionary political conspiration.

"Some followers in the vicinal area, at first do the 'three things' taught by the Master quite well, but because of the inflexible mind, they seemed to suddenly 'digest' something, and start all over again, casting away the Master's teaching. To say the 'three quittings' doesn't need his own understanding, just pass by himself and the god will retrieve him. Others just writes down earthling's name on several papers, and take it as having fulfilled the 'three quittings'. In other areas such things happened some followers said they had digested 'truth of a higher level', so they suspended the exercise spots and no longer save other people any more. And some even borrow money from other followers in taking advantage of their kindness, saying that they have 'digested' they should buy a 2-storied apartment." ("Reminding those followers who are going astray" Sep. 28, Minghui Website )

"That follower said he read 'Zhuan Falun' and Master's new lections, cleaned the corridor, did good every day, but never went out to tell the truth and save the people. He deemed it as 'politicization'. And he also said he himself didn't take the "three quittings', which he deemed as formalistic" ("Sentiments on the article 'Looking out, abnormal digestion commences bit by bit'", Aug. 22, Minghui Website)

We are lack of all-round cooperation. And because of this, we can't deal with the evils` destructive matter  in time, and fail to timely reveal the local evils so as to let them survive. For example, the local Minghui Weekly has been published 17th periodical at the beginning of the year in Yunnan province, but until now, there is no new edition. Does the vicious situation there be over or has the new evil matter been openly revealed? ("Rethinking on the emergence of mendacious and abnormal digestion message in Kunming district" Aug.3, Minghui Website )


Thirdly, minority insane followers ignore Li Hongzhi`s existence, organize their factions and revolt openly. Just like a folk says, " rats leave a sinking ship", when Li Hongzhi dies, the Falun Gong organization will be disintegrated and its followers dismissed.

Now, Li Hongzhi is alive, but his followers are not in the same boat with him any longer. Li is just like a carrion tree, which can not sustain the whole. The artical "interchanging views with Liaoning co-practitioners on Chen Limin and others' violating Fa", delivered on May 12, Minghui Net, described that Li Hongzhi had no other way but bewailed  the situation of his followers organizing their own factions.

The article alleged, "Recently, some so-called 'practitioners' in Linhai area often had services around the Liaoning province, 'teaching' the local practitioners how to find within the organization, how to explain  'Attachment', and 'fame, gain and passion', which had influenced the practitioners a lot and disordered the 'Fa'. Those followers, choosing Chen Limin as their leader, had organized other factions and revolted openly."

"Some even said openly, 'I am Chen Limin's hands and feet, that's my pleasure.' If  somebody found Chen's fault, then those guys would go and argue with him, persuading him to identify and be in parallel with Chen. It seems that they want Chen to replace Li Hongzhi."

"Chen and her followers, to some extent, never mentioned Master's appreciation and Falun Gong's power. According to their opinion, 'the favorable situation' in Linghai area depends on 'Chen's coordination', and the fact that they can cultivate themselves also depends on Chen's directions. A dozen people, headed by Chen Limin, had held nearly a hundred sermons within Liaoning province. They gave lecture every time without preparation, and talked about what they had thought. This kind of  frequent exchanges delayed the activity of salvation."

"They stand high above the masses, just regard themselves as catholicon and direct others how to do, putting themselves above the 'Fa'. During every intercommunion, they didn't listen to others' opinion, just unilaterally indoctrinated their own theory and then left." On the issue of racking her brains to gain money, Chen Limin is very similar with Li Hongzhi, "Chen always takes the 'Fa' as a pretext, first 'interchange ideas' with other followers, then collects money from them. She tried to persuade other follows giving her money of their own accord. Since a few years ago, all the money collected in Linhai area has been controlled by Chen."

This kind of phenomenon isn't specific, Li Hongzhi could not help but acknowledge in his article "Fierce Smacking" that "in certain areas, some people organized lecture teams without permission, swindling those followers here and there. It seems that they propagandize the 'Fa', but actually they propagandize themselves. Every follower systematically cultivates himself under my psychical instruction, but some have not realized or recepted the 'Fa', so doesn't their behavior disturb their cultivation? Some people has even given a speech before thousands of people, what they had taught is just their own opinion, and what's more, they tried to explain the 'Fa', just confuse other followers.What they spread is the black karma and evil matters."

After Li Hongzhi fled abroad, he claimed that the main body propagandizing Falun Gong still remains in the mainland. The fact shows, most of the followers in the mainland China have given evil and returned to good, the main body of Falun Gong doesn't exist at all. The few remained crazies and diehards also set others factions, casting away Li Hongzhi's order. What Li can take as a method of cheating the public and consoling himself, is nothing but empty numbers and visional image.

(Kaiwind, October 10, 2007)