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'Fa Teaching to Australian Practitioners' reveals greed and strife in Falun Gong

2007-11-06 Source:Kaiwind Author:By: Qin Qiongshan

In the "Fa teaching to the Australian Practitioners", Li Hongzhi said, "The biggest problem is that the followers do not act in concert with each other...Where there are any project or thing to be done, they struggle with each other before doing." "The followers often said that 'I'm here not for working. I'm here practicing'...these words show that they stand opposite to the social reality and against all aspects of the actual live." Here, Li Hongzhi publicly admitted that among  Falun Gong organizations there existed problems such as not attending to their proper duties, struggling with fellow practitioners, greediness, etc.

Li Hongzhi specifically gave the following example: "In other areas, there are Dafa followers operating companies to help other followers and offer an environment of both working and practicing. This is a very good thing, but some people just don't do the right thing, claiming 'I'm here not for working but for practicing', messing up the business of the company. So what? The owner had nothing to say." This is just a good support of a recent event that has been the focus on the Internet: Duan Huizhi, a Falun Gong practitioner with dual nationalities of Brazil and the United States, sued E Yuefeng and Zhou Mei (reporter and compere of NTDTV), two key members of Falun Gong in the U.S.

On August 28, 2007, Duan Huizhi, boss of the Crystal Palace Company that runs the wholesale business of crystal and jade in Los Angeles, filed a lawsuit with the federal district court of Los Angeles, charging E Yuefeng, former manager of the company, and Zhou Mei, former employee of the company (who is now the reporter and compere of NTDTV), of misappropriating and stealing a total amount of US$235,000 from the company.

Duan Huizhi described himself as a devout Falun Gong practitioner running companies both in the mainland of China and in Brazil. In order to take care of Dafa practitioners, since 2003, his Crystal Palace Company in Los Angeles hired only fellow Dafa practitioners as employees. As the company was doing well with its business, in order to develop the company faster and open up chain stores in the United States, the less competent manager was laid off, and E Yuefeng, who was also a Dafa practitioner, was employed as the manager of the Crystal Palace Company with the recommendation of Dafa practitioner Pu Zhanxiong in November 2003. E Yuefeng then employed Zhou Mei as the accountant for the company.

Later, an audit of company accounts showed that Zhou Mei helped E Yuefeng  misappropriate of company assets in her first month in the company to express her thanks E Yuefeng for employing her. For example, from December 2003 to May 2004, an important customer made ten purchases from the company, the average purchase was around US$13,000. Zhou Mei, accountant of the company, only recorded the amount of money in the account without collecting the cash, letting E Yuefeng embezzle all the payments (later,the company only took back three payments). So far, the provable company accounts have already shown that E Yuefeng, together with Zhou Mei, embezzled a total amount of US$158,600 of payments of goods. At the same time, E Yuefeng also paid Zhou Mei back, allowing her to reimburse invoices kept since the year 2000 of her personal consumption from the company (the reimbursement of her 5 cell phones for instance). In few months, E Yuefeng approved for the reimbursement of as much as US$74,900 of the personal expenses of Zhoumei. Moreover, Zhou Mei bought several GPS instruments with E Yuefeng for personal use with the money of the company, but nothing was shown in the company accounts. When these things exposed, a dozen of Falun Gong practitioners including Zhou Mei and E Yuefeng quit in September 2004 without handing over company accounts, client lists and bills.

Duan Huizhi said that being a Dafa practitioner too, out of truth, compassion, and forbearance, it was difficult for him to believe that the fellow practitioners for whom he trusted so much could ever do such treacherous things. Following the master's teaching of being a good man, he did not make it public but had talks with E Yuefeng and Zhou Mei in an effort to settle the thing privately. He made it clear to them that as long as they return the company assets, he would let bygones be bygones. However, his efforts all failed. Zhou Mei played for time and excused herself by saying that she was short of cash at the time, and what she "borrowed" from the company would be paid back in the future. E Yuefeng only returned a small part of the stolen money, hiding away or just "disappearing". And Zhou Mei paid back nothing so far. (http://www.peacehall.com/forum/boxun2007b/376424.shtml)

In recent years, swindlers among the Dafa practitioners emerged endlessly. Unlike other fraud, the Dafa swindlers liked to cheat their own men, those "immortal" fellow practitioners being the preferred ones. To this point, the moaning of Duan Huizhi, which was confirmed by Li Hongzhi, was a very good demonstration. Actually, scandals such as E Yuefeng and Zhou Mei among Falun Gong practitioners are not accidental.

As early as on October 10, 2002, an article entitled "I Uncovered the True Colors of Falun Gong in Canada - the Process of a Chinese Canadian Fighting Against Falun Gong Cult Organization Overseas" was published on Page 4 of the Overseas Edition of People's Daily. In this article, Chinese Canadian Ms. Katherine said that she started practicing Falun Gong when she immigrated to Canada in 1995. In 1997, she and her husband broke up because of her practice of Falun Gong, and her husband moved to live in the United States by himself. On May 22, 1999, she attended a Dafa gathering in New York, at which Li Hongzhi held her hand and said, "For this chance of a lifetime for practicing the Dafa of the universe, affections between couples or parents and children are nothing. We should attach no importance to wealth, putting it aside. We should let more people know the Dafa, delivering more of them." Later, Zhou, a key member of Falun Gong in North America, came to her and asked her to help Li Hongzhi's brother, Li Donghui, who lived a hard life for "promoting Dafa". Arranged by Zhou, one day in April 2001, she met Li Donghui in the hall of a shopping mall in Toronto. Li asked her to print a set of portraits, books, banners, and slogans, and to donate US$50,000 to build a practice base. After that, Li Donghui called her four times for the US$50,000. At a Dafa gathering in Toronto in May 2001, as he did not get the money, Li Donghui slanged her publicly, and threatened to kill her if she did not give him the money. Later, Li Donghui gathered together some key members of Falun Gong and launched personal abuse and insult of Ms. Katherine and injured her time and again, which caused her to report to the police for protection many times. Such are Master Li and his Brother! His followers' corruption and ruining other people's business are surely outshone.

The illness is with the followers, but the root is with Master Li Hongzhi.

Li Hongzhi is himself good at accumulating wealth by unfair means, which is indeed a model for his followers. So it is said that when those high up do not set a good example, the subordinates cannot be expected to behave well. Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong claim to "teach Gong for free" and "deliver people without charge", but according to reliable evidence, from May 1992 to the end of 1994, Li Hongzhi himself illegally earned over RMB2.84 million through teaching 56 sessions of  "Falun Gong" classes. He also made an illegal profit of RMB42.29 million by making, publishing, issuing, and selling Falun Gong books, videos, costumes and other items related to practicing Falun Gong. Cheating the money of sweat and toil from the followers, he also evaded state taxation and accumulated tremendous amount of wealth. Becoming an upstart, he bought villas, luxurious cars, and passports as well as going to pornographic places and receiving pornographic services. After arriving in the United States, Li Hongzhi bought a house in a top residential area in the Boroughs of Queens, New York, with US$293,500. At the beginning of 1999, Li Hongzhi bought another villa of 4,600 square meters near Princeton University, New Jersey, with US$580,000 in the name of his wife Li Rui, a private swimming pool alone worthing US$24,000. He also bought a red sports car, leading a life of debauchery. It is not strange at all that such a master would have followers that are corruptive and good at inner struggling.

Li Hongzhi is also good at "struggling" too. Before his "showing up", he was good at doing things like beating up neighbours and deflating the bicycle tyres of co-workers. In the early years of making up Falun Gong with Li Changfeng, Liu Fengcai, Song Bingchen and Zhao Jiemin, he put all the money earned into his own pockets, and kicked them aside when they succeeded, blaming these people of "too greedy". When Li Chang and Yao Jie uncovered some inside stories of Falun Gong, Master Li instigated some of his followers to call them "Judas". The news media was just making some different comments on Falun Gong, but Li Hongzhi asked his followers to launch besieges. When the Chinese government cracked down on Falun Gong, he incited followers to encircle Chinese Embassies and Consulates every day. When the Singaporean government punished several law-breaking Falun Gong practitioners, Li again instigated practitioners to attack the Singaporean government and charged its former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew...

There is no truth, compassion or forbearance in the genes of Falun Gong. It is full of greed, falsity, ugliness, evil and fighting. Without accumulating money, Falun Gong would not be able to support its huge propaganda machine and their expenditure. Without degeneration and corruption, it would not be able to gather together the will of its key members. Without inside struggle, it would not be able to couple threats with bribes to the followers to make them follow Li Hongzhi obediently. Therefore, in his "Preaching for the Australian Practitioners", Li Hongzhi was only putting on airs by criticizing the followers, his only purpose being preventing them from acting too excessively and publicly so as to protect his fundamental interests.

(Kaiwind, October 17, 2007)