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Statement by spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Canada on the attacks on Sinosat by Falun Gong


Manipulated and directed by Li Hongzhi, the Falun Gong cult stationed abroad illegally launched television signals carrying Falun Gong contents to attack the transmitter of Chinas Sinosat satellite between June 23 and 30, resulting in the disruption of normal broadcasting of China`s radio and television programs and the normal functioning of the satellite.

The above-mentioned act by the Falun Gong cult has seriously violated the basic principles enshrined in the pertinent international pacts and those pertaining to civilian communications, endangered the public safety and infringed upon the rights and interests of the public, which is in itself a serious illegal activity .

Such a rarely-seen despicable act of trampling on international laws and public morality has once again revealed the anti-humanity, anti-science and anti-society nature of the Falun Gong cult and will surely be unanimously condemned by the international community.

(The Consulate General of The People's Republic of China in Canada, July 8, 2002)