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Falun Gong saboteurs nabbed in Jilin


March 5 saw TV transmission lines broke down, linkages were wrecked in Changchun City and Songyuan, Jilin. A most monstrous thing is that some TV transmission trunk lines were totally cut and these instead of normal TV relaying had even been set to transmitting illegal printed matters turning out to be the evil doings of Falun Gong diehards in Changchun and Qianguo County.

Investigations pinpoint the clandestine crimes of Falun Gong saboteurs. Early back in December 2001, Falun Gong diehards Liang Zhenxing, Zhou Runjun, Zhao Jian and their company schemed to use TV transmission lines to go in for their activities of cultic agitprop.

Early January this year saw Liang Zhenxing with Falun Gong core elements Liu Chengjun and Yun Qingbin began their rendezvous with various plots hatched in a storeroom rent on Huanghe Street. Replacing this was then a new secret rendezvous to hide out in a residential quarter in Tiebei, Changchun City, to include 18 more of the same batch including Lei Ming and Zhuang Xiankun with schemes plotted.

Liang Zhenxing then with a sum of 11,000 yuan all on his own provided himself and his band with every agitprop, had written instructions ready, and with a training course set up, went on tests publicizing their cult. Meanwhile, Liu Chengjun and others had for many times been to Changchun, Jilin, Yanji and Tonghua to make things sure to translate their crimes into practice.

March 4: Zhou Runjun learned that Changchun Nanguan Court was going to hold court to look into Falun Gong elements' crimes. Zhou with Liu Chengjun along with 18 others including Zhao Jian, Lei Ming and Zhuang Xian, all out of their rendezvous, set about their crimes in sabotaging TV transmission lines, relaying their cultic printed material...

Falun Gong diehards' sabotage fully points to the anti-human and anti-social heretic nature. There will be no way for the saboteurs to excuse themselves from being severely punished by law for their crimes committed.

(People's Daily, April 2, 2002)

Cult members sentenced for cable TV hijacking

Fifteen Falun Gong cult followers were sentenced to prison terms ranging from 4 to 20 years by the Intermediate People's Court of Changchun City, capital of northeast China's Jilin Province, on Friday.

The Falun Gong cult followers were convicted of damaging radio and TV property, and of conspiring to use the cult to undermine Chinese law enforcement earlier this year.

Those sentenced were Zhou Runjun, Liang Zhenxing, Liu Chengjun, Liu Weiming, Lei Ming, Zhao Jian, Yun Qingbin, Zhang Wen, Sun Changjun, Li Dehai, Liu Dong, Zhuang Xiankun, Wei Xiushan, Chen Yanmei and Li Xiaojie.

According to local public security authorities, at about 19:00 hours on March 5 this year, when residents in Changchun and Songyuan cities of the province were viewing regular TV programs, to their surprise, some Falun Gong devotees hijacked the cable TV transmission and broadcast a propaganda program for the evil cult through the use of their own small-sized broadcasting equipment.

Due to the hijacking, two trunk cables of the cable TV transmission network in Changchun were cut off, and subscribers to the network in four districts of the city could not watch cable TV programs as usual. The hijacking also resulted in the suspension of cable TV programs for 210 minutes and left 16,000 people affected by video and audio propaganda by the Falun Gong cult.

The perpetrators damaged TV broadcasting equipment that was under protection of State laws and disrupted the public order of society in a serious way.

According to a police officer named Li Shichang from the municipal Public Security Bureau of Changchun, the Falun Gong devotees involved in the TV hijacking case, also dubbed the "March5 Case", were well-organized, and had financial support and relevant technology, with a clear division of labor. The investigation and ensuing confessions by the perpetrators eloquently showed that the carefully-hatched crime had been engineered by Falun Gong ringleader Li Hongzhi and the headquarters of the cult, and had also received technical guidance from the cult's website.

According to sources with local procuratorial authorities involved in the case, the suspects have violated the Clause One of Article 124 and Clause One under the Article 300 of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China, and they would be accused of sabotaging radio and TV broadcasting equipment and of negatively affecting law enforcement through organizing and utilizing cults.

(Xinhua, September 20, 2002)