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Chen Xingqiao: Falun Gong is a typical heretic adhering to Buddhism and pseudo-Qigong

2007-12-13 Author:By: Gao Jianxin

In Buddhism, People in general called Buddhist Dharma as Inside Teachings and apart from that, the other teachings or beliefs as Outside Teachings. Meanwhile, only those heretics, which take Buddhism as their guise or usurp Buddhist terms for teachings were called Outside Teachings adhering to Buddhism or Dharma. Mr. Chen Xingqiao, a famous Chinese Buddhist scholar, said that Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong was a typical heretic adhering to Buddhism.

Mr. Chen, also called Chang Zheng or Zhi Yuan in dharma name, was the secretary-general of Harbin Buddhist Association and lecturer of Lingyanshan Buddhist Academy in Suzhou. He is the editorial chief of Voice of Dharma, the Journal of Buddhist Association of China, and has issued dozen of articles on "Voice of Dharma", "Nei Ming" and "Cultural and Historical Knowledge" in recent years to refute Li Hongzhi and his evil cult Falun Gong.

He pointed out that the pseudo-Qigong or pseudo-Buddhism, which misused the name of Buddhism, like Falun Gong, still confused many Qigong fans. Not only some of them suffered a lot from Falun Gong, but also the right faith of Buddhism was grievously wronged as well.

Mr. Chen firstly gives the reporter introductions on Qigong's origination and development in China.

He said that Qigong was an exercise from ancient times in China to keep practitioners in good health with asceticism. It could be divided into static Qigong and dynamic Qigong. Qigong was overheated in China then, which brought out many problems concerned simultaneously. On one hand, in a flourishing of pseudo-Qigong, some Qigong masters were greedy for fame and money. In order for more followers and money, they purposely made mysteries and did something unconventional to exaggerate the function of his exercise. It corrupted social values and disturbed regular order of people's work and life. On the other hand, some of Qigong masters themselves were not qualified. With little learning and virtue as well as personal integrity, they made all kinds of feudal superstition be in vogue. Some reactionary secret societies took it as opportunity to spread evil teachings or cult. Confusions were brought to Qigong circle and religious circles as well as all societies. In this case, Li Hongzhi could be able to get his way around in the name of Qigong and signboard of religion.

Mr. Chen said that, in history, Qigong maintained close ties with religions while in modern times it was separated from religion as asceticism practice only for keeping in good health. Falun Gong itself took large amount of religious teachings as Qigong exercises for spreading, which made a mess in both Qigong and religious circles; so Falun Gong is a typical heretics adhering to Buddhism with characteristics of folk faith.
In the beginning of "Zhuan Falun", Li said that in several years before, there were many Qigong masters taught their exercises, what they taught only stay at level of getting rid of disease and keeping in good health. Certainly he didn't mean that other people's practice was not good, he just said that they failed to teach things in high levels. He knew the Qigong's conditions in nationwide as well. Inside or outside of China, masters really wanted to teach the practice in high levels, presently only he did it alone. Why were there no people to teach in high level? Because it would be concerning about credential problems, historical originations involved being deep into root, the scale concerned would be very broad as well, there involved sharp problems. It could not be taught by an ordinary figure, because it concerned the turning down in many ideas of other schools of Qigong. So-called passing on Qigong to high level by Li Hongzhi was making religious work actually. He aimed at converting people. He went to society for his converting to all living beings under "the faith" created by him. In this case, many problems would be naturally brought out while some of them would be very incisive.

Chen Xingqiao said that Li Hongzhi tried to evade that he was constructing a religion, so he was forced to hoist a signboard of Qigong. What kind of Qigong did he make? Li Hongzhi said that in accordance with sayings of asceticism, the Qi could be divided into three levels; but in real practices, there were totally two levels: one was the Qi inside the world, the other was the Qi outside the world. The practices of the Qi both inside and outside the world were different from mundane or transmundane Dharmas in Buddhism, which was theory only. The changes in two levels they experienced came from the real human body, as the human body in practice inside the world would be purified step by step, once they arrived at the highest point of practice of Qi inside the world, the human body would be completely replaced by high-energy matters. In regards to practice of Qi outside the world, it would be practice of Buddha's body. In that case, the intentions of Qigong was boundlessly broadened by Li Hongzhi, cultivation for breathing and keeping in good health would be secondary, the premier thing is cultivation for Buddha's body.

In this regards, Falun Gong wasn't exercise of Qigong at all. In fact, Li Hongzhi himself had embarrassment because he had to use the name of Qigong for his teachings. In the book  "Explanation for Teacher of Falun Dafa in Changchun", he said, "as you know, when I set up exercise class in Changchun in the beginning, what I said was very high as well, but I had to keep on saying it was Qigong. We would not talk about any more as we passed on the exercises to high level at then. That was a procession for us to be known by people step by step." After that, he suggested at the meeting with Falun Dafa teacher in Beijing that they should talk about the issue of exercise in high level at very beginning, they would never say Qigong or something like that. It is clear that Li Hongzhi just took the name of Qigong to cheat the society and confuse the government. When he saw some followers of his own were confused by his tricks, he himself was hurried to correct it among his organizations.

Mr. Chen emphasized that the reason of why we fighted against the heretics adhering to Buddhism like Falun Gong, is that they misused Buddhist terms to cheat people. When they took the name and made use of Buddhism, they abused and denounced the right faith.It made people wrongly take Li Hongzhi`s sayings as that of Buddhism. The evil cult took the place of the right faith, which had obstructed people knowing the real Buddha Dharma. Li Hongzhi's books unmasked his shallow and superficial knowledge on Buddhism as well. People with a little Buddhist learnings could be able to point out his mistakes on elementary knowledge.

(People's Liberation Army Daily, March 20, 2001)