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Zhao Puchu: Falun Gong is an evil cult and demon's teaching


On August 1, 1999, Rev. Zhao Puchu, Vice-chairman of National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and President of Buddhist Association of China, was pleased to hear the decision of Central Government to ban the illegal Falun Gong. He expressed his views on Falun Gong during his stay in hospital for treatment.

Rev. Zhao said that he firmly supported the ban on the Falun Gong. The decision was very essential and completely correct while it came at an extremely right time as well. It was a good news satisfactory to the people. He also said in the hospital that it was highly necessary for the government to get rid of this big disaster for the people and remove this "hidden peril" for the country as well as cutting off this big cancer for the society. The decision removed this "big obstacle" for the science and cleared away "the biggest and most harmful heretic adhering to Buddhism" for the right faith of Buddhism as well. It was a great victory by our Party and nation in the ideological and political front.

Rev. Zhao said that the Buddhist Association of China had been aware of problems of Falun Gong at early time before, because it deceived its followers by misusing Buddhist terminologies. Compared with the belief of Buddhism, Falun Gong was completely an evil cult and demon's teachings. He said that the publications of B.A.C., like "Voice of Dharmma" and some other Buddhist magazines in other parts of the country, had criticized Falun Gong's fallacies in the past few years, and the articles were attacked by Falun Gong devotees, headed by Li Hongzhi, and some other illegal organizations. During a symposium held by the Association last year, the participants said Falun Gong run counter to Buddhism and the Communist Party of China's policy of freedom of religious belief. He also said that the Chinese religious circle should be alert to false theories and evil sayings and never let it stir up trouble.

Rev. Zhao stressed the importance of promoting cultural and ethical progress in the building of socialism with Chinese characteristics. He urged the strengthening of science education and improvement of the quality of all the people. He called on religious circles to pay attention to self-building and unite with people from other walks of life, in an effort to help maintain social stability and soundly push forward the socialist cause into the new century.

(Chinanews, August 1, 1999)