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Open letter from the Buddhist Association of China

2007-12-13 Source:Xinhuanet

To all Buddhist associations in various areas, Buddhist temples, eminent monks and fourfold assembly of disciples in China,

The Faith of Buddhism advocates dignifying the motherland and benefiting all sentient beings. It pursues spirit of loving both country and religion with protecting country and benefiting people. The Dharma Wheel in Buddhism is regarded as analogy to Buddha Dharma, while the first precept in Buddhism is not taking animal's life. On Chinese nations' most glorious times since hundred years before, all Chinese Buddhists pray with fragrant incense for country's prosperity and people's happiness.

Unexpectedly, Falun Gong raised and adverse causes were brought out in sudden. Li Hongzhi came out and a nightmare has befallen in a moment. It is the bad sort who stole our Buddhist wheel as a cult title and abused holy birthday of Lord Buddha as that of the common herd as well as taking Buddhist terms for his evil sayings. It is Falun Gong, which cheat innocent people. People will be frightened once Falun Gong is talked about. As Falun Dafa does so many evils to society, we Buddhist feel shameful with his sayings on Buddhism. It is a huge humiliation for Buddhism in its long history and a big evilness could not be born by Buddha Dharma in thousands of aeons. In an auspicious time of family reunions at spring festival night, poisoned and bewitched by Li Hongzhi's heresy of "consummation", the crazy followers of Falun Gong went to Tiananmen Square to burn themselves for death. Desperate cry of the naive girl distressed us in depth of our hearts. So tragic an event in human world made people startling as well. The ferocious feature of the evil cult was completely unmasked in front of blood and fire. Why could the "consummation" become Li Hongzhi's excuse to murder innocent life? Why was Dharma wheel with no guilty reduced to be Falun Gong's tool  controlling the people mentally?

Buddhism in right faith stays in far apart from the cult Falun Gong. Ancient people said that sages established religions to honor the way of gods and convince people to believe while the cult confused people in divinity way and pushed the world into chaos. The saying with hundred weight made virtues and evilness into entirely difference. Buddhism focuses on compassion and joyful giving as well as loving care to all living beings while the evil cult kills the innocent lives and does great harm to society. Buddhism makes people improve in wisdom while the cult makes followers be confused to lose regular senses. Buddhism teaches people to be kind and does not take lives of living beings while the evil cult pushes their followers into setting on fire to commit suicide on themselves. Buddhism teaches people to be thankful and pay back the gratitude while the cult lures followers to disown their relatives and friends. Buddhism teaches people to love motherland while the cult teaches followers to throw in their lot with foreigners. The evil flower of cult blossoms in present world while the fruits of karma will be brought out in future world. Li Hongzhi, the head of the evil cult has made so tremendous crimes, how will he himself remove his hindrance of karma?

Li Hongzhi and his cult Falun Gong did what they were particularly good at to belittle, blaspheme and humiliate at Buddhism as well as other religions. He declared in crazy that "religions in nowadays, like Buddhism and Protestantism as well as Catholics etc., could not convert people as they are something in vulgar. Presently, in the whole world only I myself am teaching the right things, I could convert all human beings into a bright light world, as I am a savior to be more higher than Sakyamuni or LaoTzi or Jesus Christ". What a shame! In the wrath of God and anger of human, Li Hongzhi should be punished for his evil blasphemes.

Since years before, fourfold assembly of Buddhists has been kept alert on the cult Falun Gong. They have indignantly denounced Li Hongzhi's crimes without stops. Rev. Zhao Puchu, the late President of Buddhist Association of China, stressed as early as five years before that Falun Gong was a cult. Banning only was not enough, theories of right faith should be used to effectively suppress false sayings of cult. With our fights like ocean's roar or lion's roar or vajra's anger, all Buddhist temples, monks & nuns should be raised to fulfill last wishes of Rev.Zhao and throw themselves into struggles with the evil cult Falun Gong. All Buddhist temples, monks & nuns should take opportunities of lecturing on Dharma to make Buddhist disciples clear about the differences between religions with right faith and the cult. Let people know about the evil cult Falun Gong's harm to country and people as well as religious beliefs. With Buddhist traditions of fights with cult, we refute the evil cult Falun Gong's false sayings. With spreading of Buddhism with right faith, let our faith resume to be holy and pure and the Dharma wheel to be brilliant more.

Our Association appeals for five major religions in our country to take active actions to turn against the cult. With a mind of compassion, we go to move the cult-confused followers and save obsessed people. We, in name of justice, turn against the cult and remove the evils for the right way of beliefs.

Buddhist Association of China
A.D. March 3, 2001
Buddhist Calendar February 9, 2545

(Xinhua, March 16, 2001)