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Truth about how Falun Gong instigates practitioners to besiege office of QEN

2008-01-02 Author:By: Jin Yunwei

Recently, our reporter came to the Female Labor Camp of Shandong Province with Li Xiaofeng's letter for apology to share her feeling and thinking after she has broken away from the cult organization Falun Gong.

Li Xiaofeng began her talk with the reporter with the series reports by Qilu Evening Newspaper (QEN) that had led to the besiegement of it by Falun Gong members.

Angry with the reports

On April 1, 1998, Qilu Evening Newspaper published the first article about Falun Gong entitled "Take a Look at What's Going on with Falun Gong" which irritated some core members of Falun Gong including Li Xiaofeng.

Li Xiaofeng decided that as a Falun Gong practitioner she should go to the newspaper seeking an explanation since it had criticized Falun Gong.

Li Xiaofeng, a core member of Falun Gong, was a tutor in Tianqiao District of Jinan at that time. She had been to Qilu Evening Newspaper for four times with several followers by June 1. During the two months or so before that, Falun Gong practitioners came here to "seek an explanation" nearly every day.

Instigating to Besiege the Office of Qilu Evening Newspaper

"Li Hongzhi once said, 'Why don't you take actions when they are calling us cult? ' " said Li Xiaofeng, recalling how she thought of besieging the office of Qilu Evening Newspaper. Seeing that their repeated disturbance of the newspaper had no effects, some of the tutors had a meeting on the evening of May 30 to discuss new ways. They took a room near the kindergarten of the Northern Worker's New Village as their venue that was actually a place for Falun Gong members to gather, disguised as a shop to repair wireless devices ostensibly. It was decided in the meeting that more people should come to press Qilu Evening Newspaper to give in and that they would not stop until they reached their objectives.

More than 500 Falun Gong practitioners in Jinan assembled "voluntarily and willingly" in front of the building of Qilu Evening Newspaper under the arrangements of these core members on the morning of June 1. They put up several banners to attract the passers-by who knew nothing about the truth, though they claimed to "sit still".

Some Falun Gong core members in Jinan gathered again in the same room near the kindergarten of the Northern Worker's New Village on the afternoon of June 2. This time, more than 20 people took part in the meeting including Li Xiaofeng, who didn't go to work that day.

The participants at this meeting reached a consensus perhaps based on the experiences of the first "performance". They decided that the reports by Qilu Evening Newspaper meant to attack Falun Gong and they also disseminated that those who took part in protecting Dafa would promote to a much higher level. They further decided that the number of people who took part in the first action was still far from enough so this time more people should go there and show their cards in front of the newspaper.

Do you believe that this is a voluntary action?

More than 1,000 Falun Gong practitioners gathered again and sat still in front of the office of Qilu Evening Newspaper on June 3. The Falun Gong members were proud of their success because the number of participants was much more than that of last time. Li Xiaofeng recalled that it had great impacts at that time and it was said that a car accident had occurred at the scene. She said, who would believe that such a large gethering without organizing? "When I came out after I had finished negotiating with the newspaper inside, I gave a sign and all the people left there." Li Xiaofeng said, " 'Old practitioners' have their influences and can play a model role."

Li Xiaofeng is but the cat's pawn

Although she had actively organized and participated in the activities to besiege us, Li Xiaofeng is but the cat's pawn, unaware of  the operations behind the scene. A Falun Gong member once sent a threatening paging message to one of our reporters writing the news criticizing Falun Gong, telling him to "watch out your own child", and thus exposing their extremely vicious nature. Li Xiaofeng doesn't know who did it even at present.

Ridiculous to "protect Fa" twice

Li Xiaofeng began to practice Falun Gong in January 1994. Her parents locked her home for over a month after she was sent back in September 1999 from Beijing where she had gone to "protect Fa". However she went to Beijing again in December leaving his father sick in bed.

This time she was put into the Female Labor Camp of Shandong Province when she came back. She didn't accept a word of the police there at the beginning. It was in December 2000 that she began to realize her ridiculousness and the cult nature of Falun Gong through patient education by the leaders at various levels and police and the Help Center.

Falun Gong can't be eviler

Now, Li Xiaofeng has got to know the truth at last. She said Falun Gong was preaching "Truth, Compassion and Forbearance", yet it had complied with none of them. She said with her own experiences as following ----

"Truth? It's obvious that a lot of activities have been organized deliberately, but claimed to be voluntary. Is this truth? Compassion? As the beloved youngest daughter, she left home to Beijing with her old father suffering from coronary heart disease, arthritis and anemia lying in bed. Can it be called compassion to disregard one's own parents? Forbearance? How can it be called forbearance if you jump up in the air whenever you hear unpleasant words about Li Hongzhi?"

"Li Hongzhi is so good at cheating that I walked on a wrong road unconsciously." said Li Xiaofeng.

"Falun Gong can't be eviler and can't go ahead any more." She further added.

Li Xiaofeng is expecting the future

Li Xiaofeng told us that she felt herself extraordinary while others ordinary when she practiced Falun Gong. Now she feels in an entirely different way and understands that she herself is just one of the common people. "I want to go back to work if I'm allowed. Otherwise, I want to find out a new job so that I can do something useful for the society to compensate my past faults." Now Li Xiaofeng is full of confidence in her future.

 (Qilu Evening Newspaper, March 9, 2001)