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Guo Zhengyi: Falun Gong in my eyes

2008-01-02 Author:By: Guo Zhengyi

Conversations with Falun Gong practitioners

In the spring of 2000, I had several conversations with some clinging Falun Gong practitioners. (Among whom, they are university teachers, workers and housewives. Some are the directors of Falun Gong practicing site. They not only participated in the illegal gathering up around the Zhongnanhai of April 25th, but also went to Tiananmen Square in the name of "reporting some information". However, they neither were sentenced, nor received education through labor.) During the conversation, I found that they could read by mind the book "Zhuan Falun". What even surprised me was that a middle aged woman could recite the article "Some of My Sentiment" by Li Hongzhi on June 2nd of 1999 without missing a word.

Then I asked them about what Li Hongzhi said in the "Sentiment" i.e. "The U.S. is always leading as respecting human rights. Then would the U.S. government play human rights in trade? And I'm also a U.S. permanent citizen who is the permanent citizen under the jurisdiction of U.S. Law." What's the meaning of this? Dose it mean that your sovereign Master has declared himself as a U.S. citizen and wanted the asylum from U.S.? What do you think of about this?

Some of them said that their  Mater wanted to release U.S. people's soul from suffering. Others mentioned that it was a deep meaning of God's Mind which cannot be understood by us.

I said that you considered me as ordinary people. However, I just wanted to mention what your sovereign Master had said (which you regarded as lection) to make a rhetorical question. For example, Li Hongzhi always said that you not only had nothing to do with politics but also had no organization. However, in his short article "Practicing Falun Gong is Not Political" of September 3rd, 1996, he said "Such is our form of practicing Dafa, and we won't join in any political forces no matter where it's within the country or aboard. Those who have political influence aren't practitioners so that we could not let them be honorary or virtual man at the wheel."(See page 97 from "Falun Lections-Essence and Key".) I want to ask that Li Hongzhi wanted the U.S. protection. Isn't it "to join in any political forces no matter within the country or aboard"? Until now, you still want to be loyal to your Master who was already a U.S. citizen. Aren't you silly?

They could tell nothing but that it was beyond their ability of understanding. However, they still wanted to speed up to practice Falun Gong, for there isn't so much time left.

Then I asked them whether the earth was going to explode.

They tell with one voice that there were some persons who stigmatized the Master and that their Master hadn't said something like that. Immediately, some even took what Li Hongzhi said in his Lections in Frankfort for example. i.e. "there are some religions based on the theory that the earth is going to explode. They tell such things on purpose. It's a 100% cult that is making the society troublesome. They are not responsible for the society. So we could easily see through such cults." However, what they practiced was Dafa that isn't a cult.

Then I asked them some questions such as whether they had seriously read the book "Zhuan Falun" and others time and time again. Would you tell me what's meaning of "last Fa", "last disaster", "predestined fate" and "dangerous fringe", which appeared in the book for several times?

For example, Li Hongzhi said that "I tell you all that I have already tell such before: who are in high level in the last Fa period is suffering predestined fate. What should be protected have already been protected. And what should not be protected disappeared with the explosion. So there is no one now." (Questions and answers in the Counselor Meeting of Falun Dafa of Beijing on 2nd January, 1995. See page 70 from The Explanation of Falun Dafa.) Is the earth going to explode?

I asked them again that whether they take medicine when they were ill.

The answers were not coherent. Some said that they could not be ill when they practiced Dafa. Others said that the Master hadn't told that they shouldn't take medicine when falling ill.

I said that Li Hongzhi published a dishonest article  "A Statement of Mine" on 22nd July, 1999. He wanted to disavow what he had said and done. So you followed him. Please tell me that in the second lection named "Demanding Questions in Zhuan Falun", he definitely said that "so I have told in every class that the Falun Dafa practitioner weren't allowed to see doctors. Those who saw doctors are not Falun Dafa practitioners."(Page. 77 from first edition and Page. 80 from abroad edition.) What dose this mean?

They could say nothing. But one person was weepy and said "It's so difficult in propagandizing the universal Dafa!" And another one said, "we know what our Master in the U.S. suffered a lot in order to retrieve earthling."

I asked them that who told that Li Hongzhi was suffering  in U.S.? They said that they realized it. I told them that there were some people who made up rumors and instigated the followers, they just said that Li Hongzhi was suffering  in U.S. so that the followers believed in them and went to Tiananmen Square to make troubles.

In fact, Li Hongzhi had already wanted to go to U.S. earlier. At the end of 1994, more than 100 people from his hometown responded to the relative authorities to charge against him. So he was panic and in the Counselor Meeting of Falun Dafa of Beijing on 2nd January, 1995, he definitely said that "Even though it's a new year, we have to get together because many practitioners have known that I'm to disseminate Falun Gong abroad." "There is another rumor that Li Hongzhi is going abroad and won't come back for ever. Those who said such things considered me as Common Person. When I'm abroad, I make money and come back, or I would settle there. I'm not such a person. You all know that I have relatives abroad. I could go abroad at any time and I could live a better life." (See page 67 from The Explanation of Falun Dafa)

Although we talked in wide range, they were clinging and always mentioned that Li Hongzhi was telling them to be good people. However, it's fortunate that they admitted they were Chinese citizen. I said that it must be coherent between good people and good citizens. Even though you didn't consider yourselves as Common People, you were still living and working in common world so that you couldn't destroy the rules that were obeyed by all the persons. And you have to obey laws and rules and couldn't destroy the stability, too.

Then I talked with a doctor from a certain institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Although he got diabetes and nearly lost his sight, he believed in what Li Hongzhi said that "do not take medicine when you're ill" and he preferred not to see doctors. He once published article named "Falun Gong- not a kind of superstition but a profound science."

I asked him "you are a postgraduate major in biology and you have a high degree. Why do you admire Li Hongzhi who has just been educated in middle-school level and the words that he makes up?"

He said there still lots of unresolved mystery, such as The Great Pyramid, The Triangle,Prehistory Civilization including Prehistory Nuclear Engineering and E.T. visiting the earth and so on and they cannot be explained according to modern science. However, the Master Li Hongzhi explained all of these. So I mentioned that Falun Gong is not somewhat superstition but a profound science.

I asked him again that in the Chapter Five named "Kai Guang" from the book "Zhuan Falun", Li Hongzhi said that "there was a man practicing Dao in the past. When he's practicing, a snake crowed inside him so that he died before he succeeded. The snake took his body so that it practiced itself into a human being. Because he had to be nature, it turned into a huge snake to annoy me. I found it so unreasonable that I hold it in hands. I used a powerful Gong named Hua Gong to disappear its lower part of its body into water. His upper part went back…However; he annoyed me again in 1993. I destroyed him completely, for he always did bad things and annoyed me to propagandize Dafa." Is he propagandizing superstition or profound science?

Cao Kai said that according to the words, a common person believed that it's superstition. However, he cannot understand its true meaning behind these words.

I said that would you please tell the real meaning behind these words? OK?

However, Cao Kai said that I haven't reached that level.

I asked him that after somebody read the phrases or words in Zhuan Falun, they could turn into Falun or the figure of Li Hongzhi. You have reached that level!

Cao Kai said that he hadn't reached level.

At last, I asked that whether he had read all Li Hongzhi's books? How many types did he read?

Cao Kai said he had read all. But he couldn't tell out the numbers. I told him that there were 17 types, which I had read.

When I left, Cao Kai asked unhappily that why I didn't practice Falun Gong after reading so many books. I answered that I was not muddled as he was. It seemed that when a person with a high degree of learning fell off, he was more clinging and more uncontrollable.

Falun Gong attacks children

After 25th April, 1999, Li Hongzhi left China for Sydney by air. He joined a 2-day meeting on 2nd to 3rd, May. At the meeting, Li Hongzhi said "In fact, the chief and teachers of some kindergartens in some places are practicing Falun Gong. So are the children. The little children aren't clinging. When they sit there, it's so fairly pure and great. Of course it's good. It benefits the children all through their life by using Dafa to educate them."

It's not a surprise that during the period of clearing Falun Gong, a Falun Gong studying group for the little children was found. There were 19 children who were deceived to practice Falun Gong. The least were 4-5 years old. The oldest was 12. The young ones were deceived by sweets and the old ones were enticed by becoming God through practicing. They were locked in a secret room to practice Falun Gong by watching Li Hongzhi's videos. They also studied the books about Falun Gong and recited poems  "Hong Yin" written by Li Hongzhi. It's terrible! What a studying group it was. It's nothing but a camp to ill-treat children!

After they rescued Hu Zhenwei who was only 10 years old, she complained that "when I held my breath to practice, my heart ached for holding breath for too long." I asked another child named Wang Guangjun about what he had practiced on earth. He said that they sat in crossed legs and passed the Guan. And they said that they got A in their school learnings before they practiced Falun Gong. However, they are just average now.

What on earth did this studying group work on? They were struggling for the next generation with us. We taught our children to study science, love science and use science. Well, what was Falun Gong doing? Just as what the founder of the studying group said, they were just kids so that you told what it was and they believed in what it was!

It's so terrible. Because the children's minds were just like white papers so as not to contaminate by Falun Gong. However, they did so. It's a big deal. The battle that's struggling for successors was near us.

Here, I want to mention what happened in a kindergarten near my home. A teacher was practicing Falun Gong there. However, she wanted a little girl so that she allowed the girl not to play with other children. She kept her in the room to sit cross-legged. She also told her parents that she wanted to be her step-mother. The little girl's parents got her back home as soon as possible and didn't send her to kindergarten then.

According to our knowledge, Li Hongzhi established several Minghui Schools abroad. It's necessary to investigate what the students learn there.

What Li Hongzhi updates in recent 2 years?

Li Hongzhi abridged and regulates lections, which was prepared for his new plan.

Firstly, he secretly deleted "A Statement of Mine" which was most flagitious. Because he attempted to deny what he said, such as that the earth was going to explode and that don't take medicine when being ill. However, it's so clear that he cannot. It's also a bullshit which he promised that "they will not go against the government at present or in future." Then he deleted the article named "Severe Didactics" from Minghui Net on 26th September, 2000. Because he wrote that "As a matter of fact, if the practitioners who are with a high class inside the country could use their environment to prove Dafa and then didn't expose themselves to the devil, they are marvelous to prove Dafa." Such words revealed that he secretly organized the second echelon in early stage to continue to sabotage China. Under his control behind the scenes, some Falun Gong practitioners were used without recognizing it. Under the call of "Telling the Truth", they sticked the slogans, handed out materials, sent out video disks, phoned somebody by typed words, sent junk mails and ruined the TV broadcasting and so on. They did every bad thing. Then the secret second echelon was above the surface and exposed themselves to public.

On 22nd September, 2003, they published an article named Catalogue of Books of Dafa claiming they wouldn't print and publish the books "Chinese Falun Gong" and  "Zhuan Falun (volume 2)". Then they put articles on Epoch Times which was Falun Gong's newspaper to blame He Zuoxiu not reading "Zhuan Falun" in earnest. It's Li Hongzhi who is really against Qi Gong and who is the wise man against extraordinary functions. It occurred to us that it was based on " Chinese Falun Gong" that Li Hongzhi became a bigshot, in which he said clearly that he had 4 functions i.e. conveying, fixing on, mind-control and stealth respectively. It cannot be ruined by "no longer printing  and publishing".

Collective "Fa Zheng Nian" (Curse)

At the conference in Canada on 19th May, 2001, Li Hongzhi invented a malicious action, that is a collective way of curse--"Fa Zheng Nian" -- to eliminate Evil. The picture of the evil colletive curse(Fa Zheng Nian)  was once the home page of Minghui Net. It's said that by reading "Fa corrects the universe so that all evils disappear" and "Fa corrects the heaven and earth and the present retaliation is realized in this life", the Evil would be eliminated and turned into bloody water. Minghui Net claimed that when they started to "Fa Zheng Nian" once again on 27th May 2001, they could turn Mr. He Zuoxiu(a Chinese scholar who is against Falun Gong) into poisonous bloody water.

On 13th October, 2002, Li Hongzhi didn't consider it enough so that he decided to make the practitioners all over the world started the collective curse ("Fa Zheng Nian") at the same time every day. He said,"The steps were as follows: 1. concentrate the mind and have an absolutely clear and reasonable mind. Concentrate the power of  Nian and have vigor to destroy all the evils in universe. 2. Can`t see the practitioners temporarily in another space. After finishing the pithy formula, centralize the powerful Power of Nian  to speak out the word 'perish'. The word must be stronger as the universal sphere. It should include every space and cannot miss anything. To decrease the damage and to save the earthlings, please display the Dafa disciple`s  'Zheng Nian'! Please show your power and moral!"

Therefore, on 26th October, 2003, Minghui Net claimed that:

"From 2:00, daylight saving time in north America and other relative area is over. (The Australian daylight saving time is an exception.) When it's 2:00 of New York Time, we should reset the watch back for 1 hour so that it would be 1:00. The Dafa desciples abroad should adjust themselves to the right time to Fa Zheng Nian".

"There is no daylight saving time in the continental China. So the time is still at 6:00 every morning and at night, at 12 at noon and 12 in the midnight, and at 5:00, 6:00 and 7:00 on Sunday."

"The Dafa desciples who are in north America and other areas that start daylight saving time should pay attention to that: from now on, the same time when every desciple all over the world start to Fa Zheng Nian is: 5:00, 11:00, 17:00 and 23:00 of New York Time; and the thrice continuous time to Fa Zheng Nian is 16:00, 17:00 and 18:00 of New York Time every Saturday. deciples in other areas abroad should refer to such time."

"In order to guarantee deciples` rest time and physical power, the busy practitioners for a long time could consider to reduce the times of Fa Zheng Nian from 4 times to 2 times per day. However, you should guarantee the quality. Please inform and remind of each other."

"Fa Zheng Nian(curse) has already become a necessary Falun Gong cult's ceremony. No matter what activities it takes, it should start Fa Zheng Nian(curse) collectively."

Making rumors and ruffians

Lots of people consider Minghui Net as a rumor-maker. Here are two examples:

There are two fora nets that are always propagandizing Falun Gong. Of course, there are different opinions there.

This June, a post from one forum net said that "Falun Gong has always been defeated in court. However, it always boosts it has won through Minghui Net. If you don't believe this, you could put "Falun Gong Failed in Court" in a searching ban to verify this. This tells the truth against Falun Gong. Therefore, Falun Gong then uses plenty of junk e-mails to destroy the net so that it hasn't been OK till now.

Another is called Falun Gong Forum. On 25th June, 2003, an addicted Falun Gong practitioner named Wang Ping put up a post named "Whom should we be truthful for?" Then Falun Gong used lots of junk e-mails to attack it so that it couldn't work for a month. Although it hasn't been attacked now, it isn't OK and the post named "Whom should we be truthful for?" is still there.

What has Wang Ping said on internet?

He said that "I recently read a story from the Dafa Net. It's that a man in our hometown caught cancer so that he couldn't move, for he got retribution. However, I saw him in the street yesterday. And he was directing others to get rid of our slogans."

"And one of our local practitioners was caught. I heard that he was thrown away from a building two days later so that he was crashed into bad damage. Then the Dafa Net informed this. However, I heard from one of his relatives that the practitioner told him by himself that he was afraid of being prosecuted so that he jumped off the building. Recently, Dafa Net published lots of examples about destroying the truth and about evil making retribution. However, the stories could not be considered seriously and some of them were just hearsay or even were made up so that they aren't based on truth. Because Dafa Net informed these, it could increase the feelings of mistrust for those practitioners."

Even it's like this. Facing heartfelt words from a Falun Gong practitioner that is protecting Falun Gong, they couldn't allow him to do so. Let alone truth, benevolence and forbearance.