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Li Chang: Government is so sensible in treatment of Falun Gong

2008-01-08 Source:Kaiwind Author:By: Tan Deyin

He compiled and published Li Hongzhi's first Falun Gong book.

He set up all the overseas tutoring stations of Falun Gong and managed to have Research Society of Falun Dafa successfully registered.

Since Li Hongzhi went abroad in 1995, he became the chief leader of Research Society of Falun Dafa in the mainland of China.

He is just Li Chang. As a former favorite of Li Hongzhi and a leading figure in Falun Gong, Li Chang used to be completely faithful to Li Hongzhi and crazily believe in Falun Gong, and Li Chang used to think that he would work for Falun Gong wholeheartedly for the rest of his lifetime.

Li Chang graduated from Nankai University as a student of science and technology. By the time he was enforced with residential surveillance on July 20, 1999, Li Chang has been a member of Communist Party for 39 years and 20 days. However, just for the sake of Falun Gong, Li Chang decided to retire two years earlier than expected from the Ministry of Public Security. Then Li Chang has been a national cadre of division level.

In order to defend Falun Gong, Li Chang directly plotted and commanded "April 25" beleaguerment of Zhongnanhai by Falun Gong practitioners, which shocked the whole country and the world. The former besiegement of Beijing TV Station was also organized and launched by Li Chang.

In September 2006, Li Chang of 67 years old recalled that period peacefully and reasonably. He remarked, "I have to be responsible for what I have done."

When Li Chang was waiting for his sentence, he was greatly concerned that his family members would suffer because of him.

However, what happened later has surprised Li Chang a lot. Li Chang said, "China has undergone many great movements, such as the movements in 1951, 1953, 1957 and the Cultural Revolution. Improper measures or policies have been taken in those movements to some extent. But I held that our country has dealt with Falun Gong in a very calm and reasonable way. It is really out of my expectations."

Li Chang said, "There is no use crying over spilt milk. As for me, I have been given the due punishment. I only hope that my family members will not sustain any punishment because of my crime. I usually hold great affection for my family."

In order not to bring any trouble to his family, Li Chang has told his wife that he would avoid any contact with his family members. "For these years, I have never corresponded with them or called them. Of course I am allowed to write letters. But I will not write any letters. Sometimes I will have my wife pass on some words to my family. I earnestly hope that my family will be safe and sound." Li Chang said slowly.

"All our family members are very filial. I have got two younger brothers and three younger sisters." Li Chang continued, "As for my own family, my grandson was only one year and four months when I was imprisoned. Now he is 8 years old. He has been a pupil at the third grade. He is very tall, with 142cm in height." When it came to his grandson, Li Chang smiled happily. He said, "In future when I am set free, I will plant some flowers and play with my grandson."

In fact, there would be 11 years' imprisonment waiting for Li Chang. When he is set free, his grandson will be 19 years old and maybe it is impossible for him to play with his grandson freely. Before he entered the prison, his grandson was only one year and four months. At that time it was prime time for him to play with his grandson. But what was Li Chang busy with then? Yes, he was busy spreading and defending Falun Gong. Even during the Spring Festival, he had not spared much time for family reunion.

Li Chang worried most about his wife who was also working in the Ministry of Public Security.

Li Chang said, "When I was imprisoned, the Ministry of Public Security held meetings to convey the news. Then all the Party branch secretaries would have meetings. In each meeting the name 'Li Chang' would be mentioned many times. My wife is just a branch secretary. So she must feel very embarrassed at that time. So she decided to quit her branch secretary. But her leader comforted her that it was Li Chang instead of her who has done wrong, so she needed not worry about her job. That year my wife was still awarded as advanced individual in the Ministry."

Li Chang said that his wife would visit him every month. Li Chang was very satisfied with her present situation, "After her retirement, she has been reemployed by the Ministry to help the young employees. The young people like her very much. And she feels happy all day long."

What happened to his younger brother has brought Li Chang the greatest surprise. "When I was enforced with residence surveillance, the Party committee of the Ministry of Public Security transferred to me a fax from my younger brother who was then the secretary-general of Party committee in the city of Yakeshi. In the fax my younger brother has instructed me to break away from Falun Gong. I thought his political career would be badly influenced because of me." Li Chang said, "On the contrary, my younger brother obtained a promotion two year later."

Li Chang also talked about his sons. He felt rather guilty of his sons. He said, "My second son and his wife are both working in Shanghai. My first son formerly started his own business. But he met some hardships, so he gave up the company and find a job in Qsinghua Tongfang Company. My first son graduated from Qsinghua Universtiy." Clearly Li Chang felt proud of his sons.

Finally Li Chang concluded, "All my family members have not got into trouble because of my imprisonment."

(Kaiwind, September 28, 2006)