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Wang Zhiwen: '4·25' affair was plotted in this way

2008-01-08 Source:Kaiwind Author:By: Tan Deyin

Wang Zhiwen has a rosy complexion. It is difficult to believe that he has been in prison for 7 years, and has been 52 years old.

Talking about what he had done for Falun Gong and Li Hongzhi before his imprisonment, Wang Zhiwen emphasized again and again that his awareness of the law had been weak. He was regretful for the words and deeds of the addicts of Falun Gong, and felt terribly bad for the bad influence on the country and government of "425" incident. "We surely should introspect!" Wang Zhiwen said in prison in September, 2006.

Up to now, Wang had not known why Li Hongzhi chose him to take charge of the liaisons with the practitioners all around the country and the organization of preaching sessions.

In August, 1993, "He (Li Hongzhi) told me about this. I think organizing class to practice Falun Gong was only an easy job. Just do what he told me to do. As for the reason, I did not know clearly." said Wang, "Maybe because he knew I practiced seriously."

Wang Zhiwen was one of those who met Li Hongzhi at an early time. "As early as 1990, Li was practicing Falun Gong. But he had not spread it yet. Only few people spread Falun Gong at that time. Someone recommended it to me." Wang said he was quite interested in it. And when contacting with Falun Gong, he met Li Hongzhi through introduction.

Wang Zhiwen is one of those who paid attention to health and liked practicing Qigong in early time.

It was voluntary to organize classes for Li Hongzhi. "I had put my address on the magazines, so if Qigong organizations wanted to contact with me, they wrote letters." Wang Zhiwen said, after consulting the details with those who wanted to hold classes of Falun Gong, he sent words to Li Hongzhi. And then, Li would bring several persons there to teach. As for the earning of the lecture,  40 percent of the earning belonged to the local organization, and 60 percent belonged to Li Hongzhi, which was irrelevant to Wang Zhiwen. And it was Wang who paid for the letters and telephone calls arising therefrom.

Wang Zhiwen established relations with Falun Gong organizations all around the country through holding classes, which helped Wang transmit the "425" plan.

The cause of besiegement of  Zhongnanhai on Apr. 25th was the practitioners' failure to negotiate with the Tianjin Normal University. In April, 1999, "Science Review for Juvenile" sponsored by Tianjin Normal University published an article- " I oppose Juvenile practicing Falun Gong" written by academician He Zuoxiu. The practitioners could not accept the negative report of Falun Gong, and went to Tianjin to negotiate. "But the practitioners were not satisfied with the result. When we knew that, we also wanted to solve the problem through negotiation. But it was not as we expected."

When Wang Zhiwen talked about this, he sometimes wringed his hands, but his talking speed was steady.

"Probably on Apr.22, Li Hongzhi came back from abroad," said Wang Zhiwen, "I had talked about the Tianjin matter with Ji Liewu. On Apr.22, we discussed this again. Ji did not say much, and took me to Li Hongzhi. At that time, I knew Li had come back."

At 9a.m. that day, Wang Zhiwen and Ji Liewu came to Li Hongzhi's home in Beijing. "When we got there, in view of the importance of the matter, I told him the cause and effect and everything I knew about it and Li concerned about its development." Wang Zhiwen said, "Because it was time to go to work, after reporting the matter, I left."

"At that time, he did not tell us what to do." Wang Zhiwen said, "But I thought Li Hongzhi had known the situation, and I had reported to him. I had no idea about it, because I could do nothing."

"On the evening of Apr.22, the situation in Tianjin became severe. They began to disperse crowd." Wang said, "As the situation developed, it was said that the organizations in Beijing had probably decided to take steps to report to Zhongnanhai."

"There was a Falun Gong tutors meeting at Beijing on the morning of Apr.24. Li Chang and Ji Liewu and I also came to the meeting. It made some arrangements and Li Chang was in charge of the arrangements. I told them what I knew, and Li Chang planed an action." Wang Zhiwen said, "Then, the tutorial stations of the districts and counties allotted the action."

Wang Zhiwen was in charge of contacting the tutorial stations. "I mainly stayed in touch with the regions around Beijing, such as Lang Fang and Shijia Zhuang. I also called other places, like Tang Shan. I told them briefly that the practitioners in Beijing were planning to go to Zhongnanhai to report the matter and they could go together if they could arrange. The place was Zhongnanhai, at about 8.am. on Apr.25." Wang said, "The details were arranged by Li Chang and others."

"On Apr.25, according to the plan, we went to Yao Jie's home. She arranged another place. Li Chang should have connection with those who were at Zhongnanhai. Ji Liewu and Li Hongzhi also had contact with them with phone." Wang Zhiwen said, "I did not know when Li Hongzhi left. It was said that he left on Apr.24. Maybe it was true. I did not know clearly. Because I reported to him only once afterwards, and from then on, I had not met him again."

Wang Zhiwen was at the scene of "425". "At that time, some officials from Zhongnanhai came to find out what happened. They wanted to talk about those who knew more about the matter." Wang said, "Then, about 5 people, as a delegation, came in Zhongnanhai, including me."

"After we talked about our demand, they said it was not allowed for so many people to gather at such a place. They wanted us to help them to disperse the crowd. We discussed and then withdrew all the people at about 11:30.pm. according to their request." Wang said, "It was what happened that day."

"When I told Li Hongzhi about the situation on Apr.22, I wanted to know his decision." Wang said, "of course, the "425" incident should be decided by Li Hongzhi. No one else could decide on that."

Before and after May.1, Wang Zhiwen's work unit intentionally made him leave Beijing in the form of business trip and so on. So, Wang Zhiwen did not know much about Li Hongzhi's reaction to the "425" incident. "I knew some. It was said that Li Hongzhi was not satisfied with this manner. He said that we did not see any state leaders and there was not a result." Wang said, "According to his meaning, as others told me, he wanted us to meet the Premier."

In 1999, Wang Zhiwen was sentenced to 16 years' imprisonment and deprived of political rights for 4 years because of undermining the implement of law and causing death by organizing evil denomination, and illegally obtaining state secrets.

(Kaiwind, October 15, 2007)