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Zhang Yijun talks about the present and the past

2008-01-08 Source:Kaiwind

Editor's Note:

"Consummation" is the highest cultivating target and the ultimate pursuance of the Falun Gong disciples, as well as the "roundest" cake drawn by Li Hongzhi and the biggest bait supplied by him to cheat them. Since the expansion of "Dafa", is there any disciple who has ever reached "consummation"? Even the most active Feng Lili and Li Guodong didn't reach nirvana and achieve "consummation" when they died with great regrets.

However, there has been an extremely unusual "exception". On July 4, 1998, eight core members of Falun Gong led by Chen Yong, deputy director of general tutorial station in Hainan Province, left Haikou for Sanya by a minibus, which crashed into a bus on the speedway. Seven Falun Gong disciples including Chen died on the spot. Zhang Yijun, was the only survivor on the minibus. This traffic accident no doubt astonished all the Dafa disciples since Li Hongzhi had pledged firmly for many times that his "dharma body" could protect every disciple at all times and places. How could he let a group of active core members die on their way to "promote the Fa"?

Li Hongzhi wrote a letter to Jiang Xiaojun, director of general tutorial station in Hainan Province immediately after he knew the accident and declared with unusual "generosity" in his letter that the "eight disciples" on the minibus had got their "consummation", thus showing that his "dharma body" didn't even know the exact number of his dead disciples, though his real intention was to cover the neglect of duty by his "dharma body".

Thus Zhang Yijun, together with the seven dead Falun Gong members, came on the "apotheosizing list" of Li Hong, becoming the only living person in the world identified as "reaching consummation" by his master.

It was gratified that Zhang Yijun not only survived in the traffic accident, but also woke up from his error and regained a new life shortly after the ban on Falun Gong by the Chinese Government. Today, he has already looked upon Li Hongzhi's identification of "consummation" as filth and dirty and he has exposed Li Hongzhi's outrageous fraud with his own experiences.

Jiang Xiaojun:

I know clearly what happed in your place and I can understand your feelings at present. You must want to know the reason. In fact, a lot of our disciples come from various levels. The purpose of different celestial worlds is to assimilate the universal Dafa. And because those worlds don't need body while reaching consummation, there are different ways of consummation. Have you ever heard about the consummation story of Maudgalaputra, one of the disciples of Buddha Sakyamuni? He reached his consummation after being killed by other people with stones. Only the disciples of Dafa who have been to the Falun world obtain consummation with transformed body. Your master understands your thinking. In fact, the eight disciples of mine have already obtained consummation in their different world when you receive my letter." (The above is translated from Li's original letter in Chinese.)

Your Master,
Li Hongzhi
July 5, 1998

This is the letter Li Hongzhi wrote to Jiang Xiaojun, the former director of Falun Gong general tutorial station in Hainan on July 5, 1998 which talked about a heavy traffic accident on the east line of expressway (then a single line) in Hainan that happened a day ago. A minibus crashed into a bus head on. All the eight passengers on the minibus were Falun Gong practitioners and core members in the general station in Hainan, including the deputy director Chen Yong. At that time, the Falun Gong practitioners went around to preach "Gong" and promote "Fa". The eight people, too, were on the way from Haiko City to Sanya City to promote "Fa". We thought then that to promote "Fa" was very "sacred" and believed firmly that Li Hongzhi's dharma body would protect these core members in Hainan so that we could reach our destination safely. We never thought of such a heavy accident with seven deaths and one serious injury. I'm the injured one and the only survivor of the tragedy. Li Hongzhi didn't know what happened exactly in the accident and thought the eight of us had died. So he himself wrote the fax-mail I have copied above to director of the general station in Hainan on the next day. Li Hongzhi, without knowing whether it was eight or seven people died, wrote in that letter, "In fact, the eight disciples of mine have already obtained consummation in their different world when you receive my letter." He wouldn't have written like that if he had known I was only one survived. But it was too late when he got to know the fact. So comes the living "consummator" as me. Those seven people "have already obtained consummation in their different world", but in which world have I obtained "consummation"? Is it because I have some desires yet to realize? Or has another advantaged life been substituted for my body? I don't know. Li Hongzhi said that if we learnt his Falun Gong, we could not only avoid disasters but also would be protected by his dharma body and Falun, so that we would never face fatal risk or any other problems. He also said that we would be "Buddha" finally and elevate our bodies into the sky and then fly away. All of us disciples would elevate our bodies into the sky and fly way, according to him. At the time when the two buses crashed, where was Li Hongzhi's dharma body? Where was his Falun? We didn't see anyone "elevating his body and flying away" with so many people obtaining "consummation" all at a time. Instead, we saw miserable situation.

"I also want to bring humankind a magnificent scene at the time of your consummation. I want to have all Dafa disciples, regardless of whether they need bodies or not, elevate their bodies into the sky and then fly away. This will create a glory that's never existed before in history, leaving human beings a profound lesson. Some people don't believe in spirits, so let spirits truly manifest before them. " This is what Li Hongzhi said while preaching in Europe on May 31, 1998. It's too fallacious to say "have all Dafa disciples, regardless of whether they need bodies or not, elevate their bodies into the sky and then fly away". Only two months later, a heavy traffic accident occurred when none of us could elevate our bodies into the sky and fly away in line with Li's words.

Li Hongzhi often said that he had countless dharma bodies and he had planted a Falun in the body of every practitioner to protect them against any problem. He also boasted repeatedly that many core members of the Falun Gong tutorial stations came from high levels and they would not have problems at all. Then why didn't he protect us eight core members when we were on the way to Sanya to "promote" Falun Gong? That location of the speedway, according to witnesses, was scattered with corpses and too horrible to look at. I lost my sense in the accident and was sent to the nearest Wanning People's Hospital. I thought when I regained consciousness, "There can't be anything wrong with me because I'm a Falun Dafa cultivator with the protection of Master Li Hongzhi." But I just couldn't move and felt very weak. Then the doctor told me that two of my bones were broken. So I knew I couldn't move and had to take treatment. But I was still not willing to accept the fact. How could this happen? It was impossible! I kept expecting a miracle to turn up but that never happened. A few years later, the bones of my legs didn't become better, instead, they began to atrophy so that I had to walk with a crutch. They were cured finally with an operation in hospital several years later. Being obsessed in Falun Gong, I used to think it was because I didn't do well and hadn't reached a high level. But I'm the one who have obtained "consummation", how could this happen to me? I lived in contradiction all those days. In fact, Li Hongzhi knew later that seven people died and one got injured in that accident (since Jiang Xiaojun went to Beijing to report about it), so he kept fabricating lies to cheat people. He said in his lecture in Changchun City on July 26, 1998, "In this universe, in the heaven world that used to have a lot of forms of cultivation and various spheres, 99.9% of people don't have their bodies." (Lecture in Changchun) Again on September 3, 1998, he said in Geneva, "Some sects don't need body, the whole world will come into confusion if you bring body there." He further said, "Many of us think as common people. How good it is to fly into the sky! How good it is to let people see me flying! You are thinking the matter of the spirits with a heart of common people. It's impossible! When it's time for consummation, there is a way." (Lecture in Swiss) Flying into the sky, the way of "consummation", has become a cloud-built magnificent scene, a ridiculous attachment, a bubble-like dream, and finally a cruel and tragic "consummation", like our "spectacles".

I stayed at home after the traffic accident. I didn't contact any one from outside and knew nothing about the content of Li Hongzhi's fax-mail to the director of general station of Falun Gong in Hainan. What was sadder was that nobody had come to see me since the tragedy. I didn't know the reason and no one had ever told me. During these years I just stayed at home and learnt "Fa" and sometimes practiced Falun Gong, too. Later when people knew that they asked me scornfully, "Why are you still learning and practicing since you've obtained consummation?" Actually I knew nothing about my so-called consummation. It's lucky that the Party and Government have saved me from the fiery pit and the demon. I was sent to "Education and Transformation Class of Law" in April 2005 and got to understand Falun Gong deeply there. It's a 100 percent cult that compromises not only the society but also families. It has turned me into a semi-human, semi-demon creature. When thinking about my years of insistence on "consummation", I understand that I am so selfish and want to say sincere thanks to the Party for having given me a second life...

Now I'm leading a normal life. I have got back my job and all the political rights. My family is as harmonious as before. In 2005 after my transformation, I took part in education classes actively and help transform other obsessed Falun Gong practitioners. Furthermore, I have given lectures with my own experiences to help transform a number of Falun Gong practitioners. I feel very gratified about what I have done. Now I have recognized Li Hongzhi's fallacies and lies and have realized that how deplorable, how woeful, how pitiful and how laughable this "consummation" farce is! It's so undeserved for those seven people to have died like that. Some of them were state cadre, teacher, manager or technician, all persons with abilities. They left this world with confusion, sadness and sorrow. If they were conscious under the earth, they would tell the obsessed Falun Gong practitioners with sad tears: Wake up, you obsessed Falun Gong practitioners!

Sept. 8, 2006

(Kaiwind, September 18, 2006)