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239 Falun Gong practitioners kill themselves in order to rise up to heaven

2008-01-17 Source:Xinhuanet

After the self-immolation incident took place at the Ti`anmen square, Li Hongzhi and his like made utmost efforts to quibble that this incident had nothing to do with Falun Gong and Falun Gong did not allow practitioners to commit suicide.

In fact, there is nothing new that Falun Gong addicts commit suicides by various means incited and deluded by Li Hongzhi’s fallacies and absurdities as the "doomsday”, “rising up to heaven”, and “consummation”.

According to incomplete statistics, before 22 July 1999, a total of 136 Falun Gong addicts killed themselves for the call of "putting aside life and death” from Falun Gong. Among all these cases, 4 burnt themselves, 38 jumped off from high buildings or cliffs, 1 jumped off from speeding vehicle, 26 drowned themselves in rivers or wells, 25 hanged themselves, 2 fasted to death, 28 took poison and the other 12 disemboweled, mutilated themselves or lied on the rails letting the train run over. After the ban on Falun Gong organization, another 103 people killed themselves so as to rise up to heaven.

4 July 1999, Li Jinzhong, a worker in Beigang village Tunliu County of Shanxi Province, sat on the feet face to face with another fellow practitioner Chang Haochi who was a student of Coal Managing Cadre's Institute of Shanxi, poured gas over and burnt themselves.

August 1997, 44 year-old farmer Liu Yufeng in Lingshui County in Ganjinzi District of Dalian City lit the gas holder and was burnt to death.

Oct. 1998, 31 year-old farmer Li Yumei in Nanyuan County in Zhaoyuan City of Shangdong Province had the illusion and said that Master Li would take her to the heaven. On the afternoon of 27 Oct., she poured diesel and set fire on her haystack, drilled into the haystack and was burnt dead.

At the noon of 23 Sept. 1999, railroad maintainer Liang Zhaofeng of the communication department of Guangdong Shaoguang Iron and Steel Group got an unbearable headache but still refused to see the doctor. On the morning of 24 Sept., she took pesticide and was dead.

22 May 1999, Farmer Li Yonglin in Liaoyuan City of Jilin Province hanged himself on the microwave iron tower in the mountain. Later he was found that he had burned 7 sticks of incense and a portrait of Li Hongzhi was spread on the ground.

11 July 1995, Sun Weiyong, staff  member of the Economic Committee of Huzhou City of Zhejiang Province, jumped off from the second floor to show that he had obtained the Budhahood. He was not hurt at first and believed he really had some kungfu. He jumped off the second floor again at midnight breaking his abdominal organs and died from hemorrhage.

10 Oct. 1998, 24 year-old salesperson Kang Caiye of West City Guang Ke Long Supermarket in the South Mansion in Guangzhou City drowned herself in the river with a tape recorder and Falun Gong tapes.

16 Sept. 1996, Statistician Zhang Lijun, Food Company of the Ling Yuan City of Liaoning Province, cut the wrist when practicing but failed to die. On 17 Sept., he held up a car and put his hand into the radiator, which caused serious scalds, and slipped under the running cars when others were off guard. He was run over and died immediately.

Falun Gong breaks hundreds and thousands of families, making them lose harmony and happiness and causes a great number of addicts died from refusing medication or even self-mutilation, suicides and killing others. Currently, 1660 practitioners and innocents were killed by Falun Gong. Falun Gong`s nature as a cult has been exposed completely.

(Xinhua, February 28, 2001)