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Who is Li Hongzhi


Li Hongzhi has an old name Li Lai and an infant name Xiao Laizi. He was born on July 7, 1952, in Gongzhuling Town of Huaide County (now Gongzhuling City) in northeast China's Jilin Province.

From July 1960 to July 1966, he studied at Changchun Zhujiang Road Primary School.

From July 1966 to July 1969, he studied at Changchun No. 4 Secondary School.

From December 1970 to May 1978, he served as a trumpet player in a band of the Jilin Provincial Forestry Armed Police Corps.

In May 1978, he began to work as an attendant at a guesthouse run by the Jilin Provincial Forestry Armed Police Corps.

In April 1982, he began to work at Changchun Municipal Cereals and Oils Company and left the company in December 1993.

Dishonest Li Hongzhi

In order to guise and mystify Falun Gong, Li Hongzhi fabricated his life story, tricking up to be a god and supernatural man.

In his fabricated resume, Li Hongzhi boasted to have completed his cultivation at the age of eight. In fact, Li Hongzhi was studying at Changchun Zhujiang Road Primary School at the age of eight.

On September 24, 1994, Li changed his date of birth from July 7, 1952 to May 13, 1951, a day happened to be the eighth day of the fourth lunar month in the Chinese lunar calendar which is believed to be the birthday of Sakyamuni, founder of Buddhism.

Li Hongzhi said, "If I said towards to air that I want to be transformed into certain object, I can turn into it in a second. I can also create anything as I wish just by a single stroke in the air."

Li Hongzhi fabricated a lot of absurd and uncanny stories about him in an aim of deifying him and deceiving others. In one of the fabricated stories, he said that he had the function of making himself invisible, boasting that nobody could find him as he just thought about "nobody can see me".

The Buddha figures that the Falun Gong practitioners purchased with high price and worshiped day and night appeared in 1992. The so-called Buddha was a patchwork of Li Hongzhi's photo with paper-cuts in the shape of lotus flower and backed with drawn light beams. The cassock that Li Hongzhi wore was theatrical costume bought from a toggery.

A Man Who Often Goes back on His Words

Li Hongzhi frequently speaks of "truth, compassion and forbearance" and always pretend to be a noble and unsullied sage. Nevertheless, he often capriciously denies stoutly what he has said, which completely exposes the nature of a rascal. 

I knew nothing about the April 25 Incident of besieging Zhongnanhai compound when it occurred.

--I knew, so what? I even think there should have been more people to go! 
Li Hongzhi himself plotted and organized the April 25 Incident in 1999. However, he alleged later that he didn't know it at that time as saying, "I was on the way to Australia from the U.S. when it happened in Beijing."Then he withdrew his previous remark after he was proved to be in Beijing during April 22 to 24, "At the time my disciples went to appeal to Zhongnanhai, Beijing, I was at a stopover in Beijing on the way to Australia and left there without knowing anything about what happened."

However, even his favorites disclosed the fact that Li Hongzhi had plotted and organized the besiegement of Zhongnanhai compound, which left no leeway for him. So he said publicly, "If an ordinary person doesn't undergo real trials, how could he reach consummation? It's better to test so many people than to test one by one at a time. Actually I think the participants are too few, with only over ten thousand people, far from enough."
The earth will soon explode! The human race will be destroyed!

--I've never said such things. Only cults say the earth will explode and the human race will be destroyed.
Li Hongzhi once preached, "This world is very empty due to explosion. Our planet should have been totally destroyed in an explosion last year."(record of Li Hongzhi's speech) "Our earth is not the only planet that has life in the universe and it doesn't exist for only once. At the same place of the earth there had been an earth in the past which was destroyed or exploded." (Falun Fofa -- Lecture in Sydney, May 1999)
About the destruction of the human race, he wrote in his book Zhuan Falun, "I once reviewed carefully and found that mankind has experienced 81 calamities in the past, and each time only a few people survived. "(Zhuan Falun, December 1994)
"There have been many oracles and prophets in history who predicted that human kind would suffer from serious disaster nowadays. Human race at present is more evil than expected... The morality of human kind is declining quickly to the edge of danger." (Zhuan Falun, Vol. II, November 1995)

"If you look back, human society today is very terrible! It's indeed full of all the ten sins." (Falun Fofa -- Lecture in Sydney, March 1997)

I want to tell everyone around you that the present time is near the point of extinction of the human race. The wise just stand aside, nor are they allowed to interfere. They not only don't interfere with the affairs of the human society, but they may not even take care of themselves in doomsday...I don't mean to exaggerate things to frighten you as to say that nobody is taking control. I want to tell all of you these things are absolutely true. No matter you worship Buddha or any statue of other religions, actually there in nothing on it... It's the point of extinction. It's like that when the time comes." (Interpretation of Falun Dafa, February 1995)
Later Li Hongzhi found that Falun Gong's cult features have become very obvious with too many words about "explosion of the earth" and "destruction of the human race", so he began to deny stoutly these theories he once advocated at his utmost. He said at a dharma conference in Frankfort, "There are some religions that talk about doomsday. All of them are 100 percent cults." He spread on the Internet after the April 25 Incident that he had never said the earth would explode and the human race would be destroyed and that it would be a defamation if any one said he had spoken such words.

I have countless dharma bodies and I have the same dharma power like that of a Buddha.

I have neither asked anyone to regard me as a god, nor told anyone to call me master.
Worshiping Li Hongzhi as a hierarch is a feature of the cult Falun Gong and also an important means for him to manipulate the Falun Gong practitioners, so he always counterfeits himself as the supreme Buddha in the universe and boasted that he could create everything. He once said, "What I am doing today is to deal with human kind and substances. I can create everything. Because other lives including plants and animals don't know dharma, I deal with them directly, that is, rebuilding and assimilating them directly." (Falun Fofa -- Lecture at the First Dharma Conference in Northern America, January 1999)
"What I teach is the biggest top-down Dafa in the universe that can create a living environment for everything in the universe including the spirits and human beings at various level." (Falun Fofa -- Lecture at the Dharma Conference in Europe, January 1999)

By contrast, Sakyamuni "actually hasn't explained systematically the doctrine of cultivation, the features of the universe and the reason that people promote their level. That's why the upper god told (me): you have left people a ladder to the heaven – Zhuan Falun...I have numerous dharma bodies who look the same as me ... with the same dharma power like that of a Buddha... They will look after you and protect you."(Falun Fofa -- Lecture in Sydney, March 1997)

"My dharma bodies in another space know all about what you are thinking... No matter how many people there are, I can take care of all of them, and I can take care of the entire mankind." (Zhuan Falun, December 1994)

"People will not believe if I say more or talk big because they have the thoughts of human kind after all. I speak here and a god believes what he hears because he has the thoughts of a god. " (Falun Fofa -- Lecture in America, September 1997)

"The disciples who disseminate Falun Dafa are not allowed to be called as teacher or master. I'm the only master of Dafa." (Zhuan Falun, December 1994)

Apart from blowing his own horn, he has also made compelling requests for Falun Gong practitioners, "All Falun disciples preaching Fa can only say like this, 'Master Li Hongzhi has said...'or 'Master Li Hongzhi has told us...'" (Falun Fofa – Big Consummation, March 1997)  

However on May 2, 2000, with the exposure of the nature of Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong, he suddenly became "modest" in front of foreign reporters as saying, "Some people call me a god, some Buddha, some master. I cannot close the mouth of every body, but I have neither told anyone to look me as a god nor a master. Now the one who sits in front of you is a real man. I am just an ordinary man."

One of Li Hongzhi's important features is that he dares to call his absurd and fatuous words as "universal truth" and often goes back on what he's just said.
Illness is "karma forces". To eliminate your karma, you must practice Gong. If you take medicine, "karma forces" will accumulate and you can't be saved at last.

--I've never said a patient shouldn't take medicine.
"Why do people fall ill? That illness and misfortune of people are caused by karma -- that black-matter karmic field ... that's the root cause of people's health problems. It's the chief source of them ... ( Zhuan Falun, December 1999)
"Because the normal society is as it is, and birth, age, illness and death, all have causes from the past and are karmic retribution. If you owe a debt you have to pay it off." ( Zhuan Falun, December 1994)

"What we call illness is problems in another space being inflected in this space, such as something grown in the body, inflammation, virus and bacteria... We know these things exist in another space, so how can they be cured radically since you cannot even break through this space? ... So in the world of cultivation we don't talk about illness. All we talk is karma forces. That's the point. I said just now that actually illness can't be treated at will." (Explaining Zhuan Falun, November 1997)  

"If you take medicine while practicing Gong, that means you don't believe practicing Gong can cure illness. You won't take medicine if you believe... A person who is sincerely practicing Dafa has something uncommon in his body and doesn't have illness that common people may have. If you place your heart on the proper position, believing that your illness can be cured by practicing Gong, stop taking medicine and don't care for it, someone will heal it for you... A lot of people have my dharma bodies going in and out their body and helping them do such things." (Chinese Falun Gong, June, 1994)

However, Li Hongzhi didn't admit what he had said later. He wrote in "A few of My Opinions" on July 22, 1999, "It's said that I didn't allow them to take medicine. In fact, it's not true at all. I only talked about the relation between cultivation and medicine-taking."