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The whole story of April 25 event


Origination of Falun Gong

Li Hongzhi swindled money by curing diseases with Qigong from early 1990s. He visited his younger sister Li Ping (Whose husband is Chinese Thai) in Thailand from May to September, 1991. Li Hongzhi claimed to receive the power of Buddha when he returned to China. He published "Chinese Falun Gong" in April of 1993 and spread his theory in China. He registered Falun Gong in the Scientific Research Association of Chinese Qigong in August of 1993. Li Hongzhi went to USA in August of 1994 and then went to France for 3 months in September. He claimed that he got a higher level every time when he went abroad. He advocated Falun Gong without restraint after coming back, giving reports everywhere, and published the book "Zhuan Falun" in December of 1994 (this was the lection which Li Hongzhi required his believers to read over) .

Document of the Central Committee of 1994

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued a document "Several Opinions to Strengthen the Popularization of science and Technology" on December 5, 1994. Among the "Opinions", the twelfth article stresses to understand fully the protracted, complex and arduous nature in eradicating anti-science and pseudoscience and to persevere in doing so. Attack illegal activity that utilizes superstition in accordance with the law uncompromisingly; ban the reactionary superstitious organization in accordance with the law uncompromisingly; criticize and educate the people who participates in superstitious activity. The leaders and cadres should set an example to others; strengthen the study of modern cultural and scientific knowledge of modern science, scientific method and scientific thought consciously; oppose and resist the impacts and influence of various Anti-science ideological trends consciously; neither participate nor encourage various superstition and activity of pseudoscience. Forbid the cadre in the government and the Party to join the visit of temple, augury, extravagant bereavement, play an exemplary role in establishing a good social mode.

Under the encouragement by the spirit of the document of the Central Committee, More than 100 people, came from Li Hongzhi's hometown Changchun, jointly sent detailed material to related departments of the central authorities and revealed that Li Hongzhi is a mountebank on December 12, 1994. (It is reported that one copy was sent to the China Association for Science and Technology, but was not rendered to leaders; another three copies were sent to the China Qi Gong Scientific Research Association, a copy was locked in the safe deposit box by Huang Jingbo, one was stolen and sent to Li Hongzhi secretly). At this moment, he was very flurried. He planned to flee. Said by Li Hongzhi clearly at the Falun Gong assistant meeting on January 2, 1995, "I must hold the meeting to convene everybody in the New Year. Because many students know I will spread Falun Gong abroad at once." The main janissary of Li Hongzhi and key cadre Yi Hao sent him to Hong Kong, then Ji Liewu sent him to U.S.A. Hereafter, Li Hongzhi visited Houston of U.S.A. and lectured on May 31, 1995, defrauding the title of emeritus citizen and goodwill ambassador in Houston, then he went to Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia to carry on the visit of one month's speech in August of 1995. 
In accordance with the exposure of people and after a thorough check-up, the State Press and Publishing Administration issued a notice to capture and seal off  "China Falun Gong" and other 4 books on July 24, 1996. Because Li Hongzhi propagandized feudal superstition; apotheosized himself; fabricated political rumors; disguised science with theology, China Qigong Scientific Research Association logged-on the registration of Falun Gong. Thus Falun Gong is illegal from its organization and publication.

However, Li Hongzhi has already established Falun Dafa Research Association, general tutorial stations and branch stations in various areas with his cadres who believed Li Hongzhi's Heresy. He appointed several assistants that developed organizations in the whole country illegally. Besides ordinary people whose cultural level is lower, his main aim was mainly a revolutionary veteran cadre, national cadres of confidential departments and young and middle-aged intellectual. With the help of those people, Li Hongzhi could get shelter, support and the state secret. He imposed young and middle-aged intellectual as the second and the third echelon of Falun Gong.

Li Hongzhi pointed out this clearly in January of 1995, "When I am out, all tutorial stations must obey and follow the decision of our Research Association. An assistant is more duty-bound". Meanwhile, Li Hongzhi also said clearly, "All decisions of the research Association makes have the consent of me. Wherever I am, their decision has been made after phoning and faxing me. " This is the secret organized system of Falun Gong under Li Hongzhi's strict control!

Folie and disclosure of Falun Gong

Li Hongzhi spread and developed Falun Gong cult all over the world after fleeing abroad, at the same time, he sent lection back to organize various anti-society, anti-humanity activities.

In 1997, Falun Gong`s activities and its danger exposed in China day by day. First, the Chinese Buddhist Association organized to publish the article which revealed Falun Gong in February of 1997, pointing out that Falun Gong clearly was heretic adhering to Buddhism. Subsequently, while there was a determined striking to Falun Gong's illegal development of organization in Zhejiang, "Qiantang Weekend" issued an article "why a young intellectual died suddenly", revealing the truth that Falun Gong killed people on December 12, 1997. Then "Qilu Evening" published "What is Falun Gong", revealing that Falun Gong follower did not take medicine, which delayed the treatment and even caused patients' death on April 1, 1998.

He Zuoxiu cried out that the backyard was on fire at this moment! A doctorate student of their research institute took Falun Gong so deep that he was out of control, sitting by the bed; did not eat and drink, keeping silent for a few days. Li Bo, reporter of BTV, interviewed this event and made TV programme report.

Meanwhile, every news media revealed that Falun Gong was heresy. Falun Gong organized its followers immediately at this time; ignored the law and organized over thousands of people to besiege "Qilu Evening" from 1st to 3rd of June, 1998; besieged other news media at the same time. Li Hongzhi ran back and commanded secretly at this moment, deciding to besiege BTV on June 1, 1998. According to the plan of Li Hongzhi, there should have over ten thousand people to besiege BTV. But in fact there were only a thousand people. Li Hongzhi was very angry about this. He dismissed the leader of Beijing general tutorial station and Yaojie took in charge, who organized to besiege BTV actively.

Although the State Press and Publishing Administration issued a notice to capture and seal off  "China Falun Gong" and other 4 books on July 24, 1996 and China Qigong Scientific Research Association logged on the registration of Falun Gong, it was clear that Falun Gong was illegal for its organization and publication, but the reporter Li Bo of BTV was nevertheless dismissed for his article criticizing Falun Gong. Falun Gong became more arrogant from then on.

This is exactly preview of Arial 25th event

For this reason, Li Hongzhi still greatly regretted, thinking that they should attack Department of Publicity of the CPC Central Committee directly. After that, Li Hongzhi wrote a pamphlet named "Uproot" to every follower of Falun Gong on July 6 1998. He said, "I have seen for a long time that there are several people, whose heart is not for guarding Falun Gong, but in order to guard the human society. I do not object to it if you are an ordinary person. It is certainly good to guard the human society. But you now are people that practice Falun Gong. Which position you stand to think about Falun Gong is a key problem. It is exactly what I should point out for you too. In your practice, I will expose all of your hearts by methods and dig up it from the root.

You can't always let me lead you, but you can not go on by yourselves; You move only when the Falun Gong tell you, but you do not move or move backward when Falun Gong does not tell you; I can't admit that is practice. I ask you break with people the moment of truth, but you do not follow me. There is not another chance again. It is serious to practice; the gap is bigger and bigger. It is extremely dangerous that add something else when practicing. It is all right to become a good person, just you should know, the way is chosen by yourself."

This meaning is to let the followers not maintain the human society, but break with people. In other words, Li Hongzhi let his followers destroy the human society!

Then, Li Hongzhi held an urgent assistant meeting in Changchun on July 26, 1998. There was a person asking  "How is the steady practitioner in the similar event of Beijing". Li Hongzhi answered, "what do you mean by steady practitioner? It seems that no body understand your words. You did not participate in the event, you practice by yourself steadily, is this meaning in your words you are finding a reason that you lose the chance to be consummation. It can not be clearer that I have already explained. When the great event appears, it is the best chance to be consummation. Some people can catch the chance while some others think that they are steady practitioner and do not act for Falun Gong. You do not act when there is the chance for consummation. You do not want consummation absolutely. We practice for consummation, isn't it in fact you are finding an excuse for another heart. Steady practicing does not mean we do not act for Falun Gong. Do you really practice steadily at ordinary times? Really practice steadily at this time?"

 Li Hongzhi's feature of anti-society and anti-humanity exposed completely. At the beginning, Li Hongzhi asked his followers to read his book "Zhuan Falun". A follower could improve his level by reading again and again, finally get consummation, which meant a steady practitioner. But the theory changed by 1998, the followers had to be anti-government and anti-society then he could reach consummation.

According to various illegal activities of Falun Dafa, the Press and Publication Administration compiled an issue of  "Key Informations of  Press and Publication" (totally 17 copies) on June 16, 1998, reporting derectly  to the central authorities about the situation that Falun Gong besieged the news medias. The Ministry of Public Security sent out the notice of investigation on Falun Gong on July 21, 1998. At this time, Li Hongzhi  and Falun Gong made use of the followers working in the Communist Party and government departments and instructed them to steal documents, and timely sent out two issues of  "brief informations"  and called on the followers to resist the  "investigation". Falun Gong organized some veteran red army soldiers, respectable revolutionists and scientists (including Li Qihua, former dean of 301 Military Hospital; Yehao, core member of Falun Gong,  a cadre working in the 11th bureau of Ministry of Public Security;  Ge Xiulan, censor of CPC Central Committee for Discipline Inspection,etc., totally 21 people. Among those people including Guan Guimin,only three of them are non Party members, the others are all the Communist Party members.) to write to the central authorities and  flatter Falun Gong, in order to make the central authorities be "reluctant to hit a rat for fear of breaking a pot", so as to achieve the purpose of  continuing their illegal activities.

Meanwhile, because the publishing house of religion and culture published the book "Buddhist Qigong and Falun Gong" in June of 1998, which revealed the cult nature of Falun Gong. Falun Gong complained to the central authorities and wrote "the report about Chinese Buddhist Association openly attacking Falun Gong and hindering the social stability", which was signed by key members of the Research Association of Falun Dafa, such as Li Chang, Yu Changxin, Wang Zhiwen, Ye Hao, Ji Liewu and Tang Xuehua, thus exposing themselves to the public.

He Zuoxiu stroke Falun Gong again

Kong Fanfen,a female key member of Falun Gong, working in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, contacted He Zuoxiu in person in 1998, saying that the doctorate student who was out of control should have taken other Qigong, Falun Gong was good. She gave him one copy of "Zhuan Falun" and a report about "how Zhan Jingyi practiced Falun Gong and his spirit ran out and entered into a steel-making stove". She let He Zuoxiu practice Falun Gong. However, the doctorate student continued practicing Falun Gong and was out of control again, he sit by the bed, no eating and drinking, just muttering " Master Li Hongzhi rescues me". The Academy had to ask his family to get him back home and get some treatment. His family handed his Falun Gong materials to He Zuoxiu to study why Falun Gong was so evil. He Zuoxiu transferred these materials to religious expert Duan Qiming. In the same time, another expert Guo Zhengyi, in accordance with the request of State Press and Publishing Administration, examined the five illegally published books of Falun Gong.

Because the number of Falun Gong members to besiege BTV was not large enough as expected, Li Hongzhi started a rumor, saying that in China there were 100 million people practicing Falun Gong when  he was interviewed abroad in 1998. His aim was to enlarge his influence and encouraged his followers. But it was a lie, even if he repeated it for 1,000 times. Let`s put aside the exact figure given by the government. But we know there is about 20 in the provinces where Falun Gong permeated, accounts for 23% of the whole country, its total population is about 8-9 hundred million. If there were really 100 million people practicing Falun Gong, then there would be one person out of every 8- 9 people to practice Falun Gong, but the number of practitioner in every working unit is in fact just one to three per thousand, and excluding infants and pre-school children, the practitioners are about 2 million at most.

In January of 1999, Duan Qiming gave a report at the Research Association of Atheism. He introduced Li Hongzhi's background in detail, his education (Junior middle school) and the alteration of his birthday, criticized his Anti-science, anti-humanity heresies, and cited several cases of death because of Falun Gong. Guo Zhengyi made an introdution to 5 Falun Gong books, saying that "Li Hongzhi said he was the loftiest god among the universe, other religions were all over! Scientific itself was the heresy. This was the period of the doomsday, only Li Hongzhi could rescue the mankind. Li boasted that in China his followers had already reached 100 million".

Ren Jiyu, the president of the Research Association of Atheism, thought this was a typical cult which was a menace to the whole mankind. It was necessary to put all the materials together and  report to the central authorities as soon as possible. In order to avoid resistances from different levels, the president would report to the authority in his own name.

At the beginning of 1999, the magazine "Science and Technology for Juvenile" in Tianjin asked Guo Zhengyi to invite He Zuoxiu to write a manuscript for their publication. He Zuoxiu agreed joyfully and timely sent the famous article "I do not agree teenagers doing Qigong" to the magazine. The article was published on the fourth issue of 1999. Then a new struggle began. Instigated by Li Hongzhi`s rumours, many followers really believed there were 100 million people behind them, in addition, Li Hongzhi`s dharma body and the wheel of law (Falun) protected them, they had lost their mind to do whatever Li Hongzhi asked them. They declared fiercely while besieging Tianjin Normal University on April 18, 1999 that they had 200,000 disciples in Tianjin and 1 million followers in Beijing. It seemed that  more people could scare others. But all these were nothing but self-deceiving lies which were as same as the soap bubbles.

At this moment, the followers in Tianjin contacted Beijing followers every evening. There were only some Tianjin followers besiegeing  the Normal University at the beginning; then more followers came from Tangshan to Tianjin, at last a large number of followers from Northeast China came to Tianjin. The position of the negotiator also rose, Yu Changxin started to lead  Falun Gong negotiation team. Because all relevant materials had already passed to Tianjin, and  Tianjin was told that it was an illegal activity of an illegal organization. Must withstand them.The municipal Party committee of Tianjin  certainly supported Tianjin Normal University to withstand Falun Gong`s besiegement.

Meanwhile,Falun Gong followers in Beijing made troubles in He Zuoxiu's home continuously. They said the doctorate student`s posture of practicing was wrong, so he was out of control. He Zuoxiu asked them whether their postures were the same or not. Their answer was not the same. He Zuoxiu said you'd better give up practicing, or you would be out of control too.

There was a symposium commemorating the May 4th Movement on April 22, Yu Guangyuan gave a speech first. He said it seemed a big event would happen. Duan Qiming talked about Falun Gong problem in the end. After lunch, Ren Jiyu criticized us for the  delay of report and personnelly made some changes in the report, then everybody signed the name and finnally sent the report to the central authority on Monday. However, Falun Gong was quicker than us.The report from the Research Assocition of Atheism was sent to central authority on the afternoon of April 25th. At that time, the representitives from the State Council was negotiating with Li Chang and other Falun Gong members.

Under the instigation of Li Hongzhi and his command in Beijing on April 22, finally Falun Gong succeeded in transferring its practitioners in Tianjin to Beijing to besiege Zhongnanhai with over 10 thousand people in April 25th of 1999, which was called event 4.25. It should be pointed out that  Yi Rong, Falun Gong spokesperson  in U.S.A. had already declared to the mass Media of the world there would be a big event happenning recently in Beijing, please pay close attention. So far, Li Hongzhi and his cult Falun Gong planed anti-humanity, anti-society and anti-government event 4.25 exposed completely.

Command from abroad; Be savage at home

How could Falun Gong organize and command its practitioners? The answer is to use internet.

When Li Hongzhi was interviewed by news media in Sydney on May 2, 1999, a reporter asked, "there are so many students all over the world, more than 100 million, what are the methods that you communicate with them?" The answer was not direct: "As you know, because you all know that there is a meeting. I know, so do they. Why  everybody knows the things that has happened here?Everybody knows Internet. It is very convenient in the whole world. If I say where to hold a meeting, I send the news on websites, and the people all over the world know. I can know too. In fact I do not have any communication with them, even by telephone. (This makes us remember Li Hongzhi once said in January of 1995, "All decisions that the Research Association  Falun Dafa made  have been approved by me, I am in any place, and before they make any decision, they would phone or send fax to me." Li Hongzhi only knew how to control Falun Gong by telephone and fax at that time. Now he gets the support of his foreign master, using Internet, he really improves his level.)

after April 25th event, Li Hongzhi claimed at his Bulletin Board on June 2nd, "No matter how difficult the situation is, we give them the chance to understand the fact of Falun Gong rightly. Readers could see various relevant news through Internet." In other words, all the followers were controlled by Internet network. Before or after April 25th,1999,There were 39 Falun Gong Websites in USA; Over 20 Websites in other countries; over 20 in mainland of China; one in Hong Kong and one in Taiwan. Around a hundred websites were all noncommercial, offering various materials for free, so its source of funds was obvious.

At that time, the leader of Falun Gong website in China was Li Chang. Ye Hao fled to Canada before April 25th., Ye Hao set up Minghui Net there immediately. Then they set up 6 mirror image websites in Canada later(Websites Rebirth, Witness and so on were set up afterwards). They set up 4 inconspicuous websites in China later on. They made use of the websites and the e-mailbox to transmit news, attack the government, agitate the followers and make the turmoil. For example, on June 4 early morning, followers in practicing centers of Beijing passed or read a copy of "One Impression of Mine" written by Li Hongzhi on June 2, 1999. When looked for the source of the article and found it out that it was sent out from Falun Gong website in Taiwan, but it was in simplified Chinese! Just after June 4, some websites of mainland published transshipments of the article.

Our country banned Falun Gong and Falun Dafa Research Association publicly on July 22, 1999, sent out a warrant to its chieftain Li Hongzhi on July 31 and closed down all illegal websites. Li Hongzhi huddled up in U.S.A. at this moment, dared not to show up in public occasion up to now. The commanding right of Falun Gong organization totally landed on the Minghui Net that controlled by Ye Hao at this moment. The person who show up in the public was Zhang Erping (he was once the English interpreter of Li Hongzhi), claimed as the spokesman of Falun Gong.

The 56th human rights conference of the United Nations was held in Geneva on March 20, Li Hongzhi and others were using human rights as a excuse and asked Zhang Erping to organize a lot of Falun Gong disciples to go to Geneva to practice Falun Gong together, among them foreign practitioners were not rarely seen. Zhang Erping also held press conferences and signature activities condemning China and put forward the so called victim accusation etc. He did all he could for the U.S. government to make anti-China proposal, attempting to rely on the western hostile forces to exert pressure on our government.

On April 13, when U.N. Commission on Human Rights would soon vote on the so-called proposal of condemnation of China  submitted by U.S.A., Minghui Net summoned more than 100 Falun Gong diehards to make trouble in the Tiananmen Square suddenly, attempting to attract attention from the whole world and in an attempt to cooperate with what they were doing in Geneva.  

Then in the year 2000, instigated and commanded by Minghui Net, a large crowd of Falun Gong followers assembled together to make troubles, attempting to raise the great disturbance on April 25( the first anniversary of besiegement of Zhongnanhai by Falun Gong followers), May 11(the fabricated birth date of Li Hongzhi) and May 13(the so-called World Falun Dafa Day) respectively.  

On the so-called World Falun Dafa Day of May 13, Minghui Net did its utmost to propagate. We could just look at one section among them. New York celebration began formally at noon time. Falun Gong learners from different races  used their own languages to address speech of congratulation, demonstrated the practice of Gong collectively: to teach Gong, give consultation and interview... After the first round, there came a piece of cordial and warm news in the the park`s amplified loudspeaker,"the respected Master gives warm regards to everybody!"

In fact although Li Hongzhi hid in U.S.A, at this moment, he still did not dare to see people nor to expose under the sunshine. In this circumstance, many believers became suspicious, "where has Li Hongzhi gone?" Someone quoted the words from the book "Zhuan Falun" that "it will turn straight to 50 years old", that was to say Li Hongzhi passed his 50th birthday and he had already left human world satisfactorily and achieved his consummation. Minghui Net was in disarray at this moment, declared constantly on Minghui Net and other websites that  as far as the  important issues concerned, the followers should see the attitude of Minghui Net. And Minghui Net had launched an activity of  "helping  Master`s competence in the world" among the Falun Gong followers, the followers were encouraged to move towards small and medium-sized cities to propagate Falun Gong, although this was invalid in China, it really did in small and medium-sized cities in foreign countries.

Then Li Hongzhi continuously made speeches through Minghui Net to instigate Falun Gong diehards making desperate moves. For example, the lection "Going to Consummation" sent out by Minghui Net on June 16, Li Hongzhi instigated, "those who come out carrying the pressure to verify the fundamental laws and principles are great. It is the consummation that the disciples were waiting, I can't wait either." Under his instigation, the illegal activities that Falun Gong organized were strenthened and increased rapidly. The gatherings of more than one hundred of Falun Gong practitioners illegally happened many times in Beijing and other places, though these gatherings were forbidden.

Because the invalidity of the activity "helping Master`s competence in this world", Minghui Net agitated the followers to put up the slogans, spread the leaflets, and provided the drafts with page 1, page 2, page 3 ...etc. on the net in order to disturb the social order.

On September 27, 2000, Minghui Net sent out "Stern teaching -- the last talk of  Master". In this talk, Li Hongzhi said, "I am happy for those disciples coming out for verifying fundamental laws and principles for more than one year. No matter they are locked up or lost their life for practicing fundamental laws and principles firmly, they are all in consummation. Someone says that coming out is to participate in politics, and to fight against people etc. These people are cheating themselves with this excuse, and shaking other people who want to come out. Others say why Master does not finish this as soon as possible. I will use one sentence in the words of people. These people have the face to say it! Those disciples who were persecuted are on the way waiting for them in the agony! Wait for them to step out of people. The psychological attitude is different from that before April 25 1999 and now. Then the old disciple was to learn well and receive well. But now it is to learn and to be persecuted as well as learning and proving the law at the same time."

In order to keep the commanding group behind the scenes, Li Hongzhi said again, "in fact some disciples with high social standing could use the environment they live in freely to testify Dafa, and not to expose them to the evil. It is truly amazing and proves the law."

At the same time,the article "Fa-rectification Practice to Achieve Consummation" had been published on Minghui Net, saying it was the critical time for proving Fa (law) on earth, the disciples of Falun Gong should get rid of all barriers and gather together at Tiananmen Square on October 1st, Chinese National Day to fulfil the final practice. They even said on October 1st there would be 100,000 disciples in Tiananmen Square.

Indeed, there were 200,000 people in Tiananmen Square on October 1st. They were not there for demonstration, but to watch the ceremony of raising the national flag. Afterwards, there were about 1,000 Falun Gong diehards were gathering in Tiananmen Square to carry out illegal activities. Mixed with the visiting masses, they distributed propaganda brochures, pulled out banners, shouted slogans in an attempt to make troubles and interrupt the order of the square. They were sternly condemned by the masses of the people and were taken away lawfully immediately. This might be their largest team being summoned together out of deception.

Fact shows that this trouble-making activity is organized by Li Hongzhi and others. It is planned purposely through Minghui Net and it is a political activity which is anti-government. On October 1st in Tiananmen Square, the Falun Gong diehards who caused lots of trouble shared the same action, dressed in the same uniform and showed up at the same time. From what happened on the national day, we can concluded that  Falun Gong organization still exists tightly within China territory. This is what Li Hongzhi referred to as "some disciple with high social standing who can use the environment they live in freely to testify Falun Dafa, and not to expose them to the evil".

Later, Minghui Net claimed on other websites over and over again, that Minghui Net has always been having a close relationship with Li Hongzhi. And they planed to hold Falun Dafa Week in San Francisco to cooperate. 500 Falun Gong disciples gathered around on 21 October in Hyatt Hotel for the activity. Accompanied by quite a few body guards, Li Hongzhi suddenly came to the spot and gave a 30 minutes speech after hiding for one year and 3 months. He encouraged those disciples who came out on one hand, but on the other hand he talked about the current situation and the situation Falun Gong was going to face. At last, Li Hongzhi said he would like to use this opportunity to thank the US and Canadian government for the support they gave for Falun Gong and himself.

All of this proves that Li Hongzhi and his gang have already lost their national dignity and personality. He is wiggling to serve for the foreign anti-China force. He has become the tool of international hostile force to interfere the internal affairs of our country with all his heart actively.