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Ji Liewu: Li Hongzhi does not want the organizers to appear

2008-01-25 Source:Kaiwind Author:By: Tan Deyin

Seven years ago when at the age of 36, he had been the director and general manager of the China Nonferrous Metal Industry and Trade Group (Hong Kong) and the East Copper Limited Company. He had been stationed in Hong Kong for 10 years.

Seven years later, still in the prison, he spoke with pride as before, "In those days, I had done a good job in my field (trade investment and futures, etc.)." At that time, he was highly recognized and respected by his counterparts at home and abroad.

However, Falun Gong gradually made him lose his mind. In 1999, he was sentenced to twelve years in prison and deprived of political rights for two years for using cult organization to undermine the implementation of law, causing death by organizing evil denomination, and illegally obtaining state secrets.

In September 2006, when Ji Liewu recollected the besiegement of Zhongnanhai by those who practiced Falun Gong, he said, "I can not remember some details clearly."

However, there was one thing Ji remembered quite clearly. And when he talked about it, he laughed several times. That was, Li Hongzhi had planned that the organizers of the "4.25" incident could not appear. But his contemplation fell through.

Many people had practiced Falun Gong since it spread and there were different opinions about it. Those opinions were first among the people, and then among the media. Since then, the different voices began to appear among the disciples of Falun Gong. In April 1999, a magazine of Tianjin Normal University published an article written by He Zuoxiu, which criticized Falun Gong. Then, the disciples in Tianjin went to argue with the university and demanded the magazine  to make corrections. Both sides refused to budge and at last, the police asked the disciples to unconditionally withdraw. Ji said, "At that time, Li Hongzhi was just in Beijing. He was in Beijing on April 22 and that happened just on April 19 to around 20."

Ji Liewu was also in Beijing at that time. He said, when Li Hongzhi arrived Beijing to know the situation, he asked the disciples to report the situation to the higher-up. It meant that they should report to the Public Security Ministry , the State Council or the Central Committee of the Party to solve the problem.

"At that time, Li Hongzhi asked Li Chang to organize the besiegement and inform the disciples." Ji said, "According to Li Hongzhi’s instruction, after meeting with Li Hongzhi on the morning of April 24, Li Chang called the assistants in Beijing for a meeting and circulated the notice."

On April 24, Li Hongzhi were going to Hong Kong. " I saw him off in the morning," Ji said, "Li Chang had a meeting in the tutorial station near the Lama Temple. When I came back, the meeting was going over. I knew the plan was assigned."

On April 25, a call from Li Hongzhi made Ji tied up with him more firmly.

"On April 25, I had planned to Hong Kong with Li Hongzhi, and then to Australia from Hong Kong. But I failed to leave." Ji said, "I took my luggage and was going to the airport on the morning of April 25, still going to Hong Kong. But the affair happened on 25th and Li Hongzhi was calling me to know the situation all the time, so I did not leave."

"It meant that I was making phone calls all day long, and failed to leave."

"When Li Hongzhi left, he made a principle that those in Falun Dafa Research Association could not appear and the activity could not be organized in the name of Falun Dafa Research Association."

"Li Hongzhi did not want those of Falun Dafa Research Association to organize the incident. But it should have organizers on the spot. Anyway, Li Hongzhi did not allow these people to go to the scene."

"The incident had been informed on April 24 and there should be somebody to do the things." Ji said, "Li Hongzhi said when going to Zhongnanhai, those in the Research Association could not appear and it could not be organized in the name of the Research Association. Everyone should be voluntary to go. His meaning was that everyone had the desire to report the situation. That was what he thought then.

"On April 25, many people went to besiege Zhongnanhai. The government wanted to talk with the representatives. Thus, the Research Association or the tutorial station faced the problem to negotiate." Ji said, "So I called Li Hongzhi and asked him whether to break the original plan to negotiate with them?"

"Li Hongzhi said that since they wanted to negotiate with us, we had better to talk with them. Then, Li Chang and Wang Zhiwen went to negotiate." Ji said he did not go to Zhongnanhai, "I was outside."

"The situation of the day was that, Li Hongzhi wanted to see the result of the negotiation." Ji said, "Until the evening, when Li Chang went out of Zhongnanhai and advised us to go back, I was reporting the situation to Li Hongzhi."

"Later, Li also agreed with their demand that we should leave first." Ji said.

Tan Deyin: Talking so much with you, I feel that you are made use of by the swindlers. It is my feeling. I do not know if you agree with me.

Ji Liewu: It should be right. It should be right. It should be right. It is right! Because at least it is impossible for us to do things harmful to the society or the country. It's not our thoughts. It's not our original intention. What we wanted was just keeping fit and self-cultivation.

Tan Deyin: If so, what would you do with Falun Gong in future?

Ji Liewu: It is impossible. I will absolutely never take part in these matters... Never. It is a prospect to contribute to the country in the future if possible. Now, I can just face things at present.

(Kaiwind, October 11, 2006)