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How do Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong organize practitioners against society, people and government?

2008-01-28 Author:By: Guo Zhengyi

I. Origin of Falun Gong

Since 1990s, Li Hongzhi has cured people and cheated them for their money under the name of Qigong. After he visited his younger sister Li Ping in Thailand whose husband is Taiwanese during May to September of 1991, he claimed that he learned from Buddhism. He published "China Falun Gong" in April, 1993 and then lectured across the country. He was registered from China's Qigong Scientific Association in August of 1993. He went to U.S. in August 1994, and then he went to France for 3 months. When he came back, he propagandized Falun Dafa and made lectures everywhere. He published "Zhuan Falun" in December 1994 (Which was the entire lection for his practitioners).

At the same time, however, more than 100 people in his hometown Changchun disclosed him as a swindler to the central government in December 12, 1994. Then he was scared,  he said clearly in the meeting of Falun Dafa members in Beijing, "Although it's a new year, I have to get together. We must hold this meeting, for lots of practitioners have known that I'm going abroad to propagandize Falun Gong." Here to cite what Ye Hao who is the main favorite and backbone of Li Hongzhi wrote in his published materials, i.e. "From 1992 to 1994, there were about 20,000 people who participated in Li Hongzhi's Falun Gong classes." Then, on May 31, 1995, Li visited Houston, U.S. and made lectures. He deceived the Americans and got the Honorable Citizenship from the Houston city mayor and Friendly Ambassador. After that, he visited Kuala Lumpur and made lectures for a month.

According to disclosure of the mass of people and after investigating, the National News Publication Bureau issued a notice on July 24, 1996,  to "Immediately Confiscate and Close Down Five Kinds of Books Including 'China Falun Gong'". China Qigong Scientific Research Association also logged out Falun Gong on December 9, 1996 in accordance with the facts that Li Hongzhi propagandized superstitions through Falun Gong and  deified himself, made up political rumors and deceived the ordinary people with theology as science. Therefore, either Falun Gong Organization or its publicity is illegal.

However, Li Hongzhi considered the practitioners who believed in him as backbone. They illegally established  Falun Gong organizations, such as Falun Dafa Research Association, general tutorial stations, tutorial stations  and appointed some instructors throughout the country. Besides the ordinary people with lower educational background, they mainly aimed at old cadres who participated in revolutionary movement, cadres who were in main department of the government and youth and adult intelligentsia so as to get support and asylum, but also to steal the national secrets and use the intelligentsia as Falun Gong `s second and third echelon.

In this regard, Li Hongzhi pointed out that "when I am not here, the decision made by the Association should be obeyed by the tutorial stations all over the country, especially the instructors." At the same time, Li Hongzhi also said that "All the decisions made by the Association are approved by me. No matter where I am, they have connected with me though phones and fax and then they make the decision." Such was the secret Falun Gong system under Li Hongzhi's control.

II. The madness and disclosure of Falun Gong

After Li Hongzhi's escaping abroad, he propagandized Falun Gong and established Falun Gong cult's organization. At the same time, he also sent continuous lection to organize the practitioners to behave anti-society and anti-human's activities.

In 1997, Falun Gong activities and its harm was disclosed gradually all over the country. Firstly, The Buddhist Association of China published several articles to criticize Falun Gong in February 1997, identifying that Falun Gong was heretic adhering to Buddhism. (i.e. evil cult under Buddhist's coverage.) Then, while it firmly struck the illegal Falun Gong organization in Zhejiang Province of China, Qian Tang Weekend published an article named "How Does A Young Intelligentsia Suddenly Die?" to disclose the truth that Falun Gong was killing people. After that, Qilu Evening Newspaper published an article named "What is Falun Gong?" to show some cases in which some people died when they were ill but not to take medicines so that they missed the best time to be cured. At the same time, the media disclosed that Falun Gong was killing people one after another. At the time, ignoring laws and regulations, Falun Gong organized thousands of practitioners to besiege the office building of Qilu Evening Newspaper on 1st to 3rd June 1998. At the time, they attacked other media's offices. Then Li Hongzhi directed his practitioners to attack Beijing TV station in person on 1st June 1998. He planned to organize hundreds of thousands practitioners to attack. However, only a thousand of them came so that Li Hongzhi was very angry. He dismissed the chief  of Beijing tutorial station, and appointed Yao Jie who commanded practitioners to strike Beijing TV actively. For this, Li Hongzhi was very disappointed. So he wrote an article "Uproot" on July 6, 1998, in which he said, "I have found some people who aim at protecting something in human society rather that protecting Dafa in an early time. It's good if you want to be a common person to protect society and I will not deny you. However, you are practitioners. How you deal with Dafa is the problem of root, at which I want to point. During you practicing Falun Gong, I would disclose all your minds by using every method so as to remove them. You cannot always ask me to lead you up while you don't follow. After you understand the Fa, you behave. But if you don't understand, you won't behave or go the other way. I cannot consider it as a practicing activity. The moment I called you to break up with human beings, you didn't follow me. Every chance cannot show up twice. It's serious to practice and the gap was wider. It's dangerous to add any human things when practicing Falun Gong. As a matter of fact, it's good to be a nice guy. However, you should make clear that you choose your way."

Li Hongzhi`s words meant that he asked his practitioners not to protect the human society, but to break up with human beings. In other words, he asked his practitioners to destroy the society.

After that, Li Hongzhi held an emergency meeting for instructors in Changchun on 26th July 1998. Some asked him on the meeting that how should a firm practitioner be in the cases familiar with Beijing case. Li Hongzhi answered that "How should a firm practitioner be? What's meaning of this? It seems that no one knows what you've asked. You mean that you didn't participate and that you were firm and practiced Falun Gong. Isn't it? You mean to find out the reasons when you lost the chance to fulfill consummation. You have pointed to me. I have said very clearly. Every case, especially the big case is best chance to test the best practitioner to fulfill consummation. Some could step out. Others couldn't when they believed they were practicing Falun Gong. Facing the chance of consummation, you wouldn't act. How would you do? Don't you want to fulfill consummation? You said to practice Falun Gong. However, why to practice? Isn't it to fulfill consummation? You are looking for excuses for you and your other heart at all. You wouldn't act unless the real practicing activities come. Do you behave so real to practice Falun Gong and to do nothing?"

At that time, Li Hongzhi exposed his features of anti-society and anti-humanity completely. At the beginning, he asked his practitioners to believe his "Zhuan Falun". After reading the book time and time again, they could go to a higher level and fulfill consummation in the end. Such is a firm practitioner. However, he changed in 1998. He told them that doing things that were anti-government and anti-society could go to a higher level and fulfill consummation.

As to the illegal activities of Falun Dafa, National News Publication Bureaus wrote "Key Informations of Press and Publication" on June 16, 1998 to report to the central government about the cases that Falun Gong besieged various media. And the Ministry of Public Security sent out the notice to investigate Falun Gong on July 21, 1998. Then, Falun Gong used their illegal connections to infiltrate into and steal documents from the governmental offices so that they timely sent out two "brief information" calling on the practitioners to resist. They also organized a group of veteran Red Army soldiers, revolutionaries and old scientists (including the backbone named Ye Hao) to write to the central government. They boosted Falun Dafa to deceive central government. They thought that the central government would hold back from taking actions to ban their illegal activities for fear of harming good people.

At the same time, Religion and Culture Press published a book named "Qigong of Buddhism and Falun Gong" in June 1998, to disclose Falun Gong's evil. Then they wrote a letter to the central government by condemning the book. The letter was signed by the backbones of Falun Dafa Research Association, such as Li Chang, Yu Changxin, Wang Zhiwen, Ye Hao and Ji Liewu. However, they disclosed themselves.

As they didn't meet the anticipated results of attacking Beijing TV, Li Hongzhi made rumors while he was lecturing abroad that there were 100 million practitioners in mainland. He wanted to boost and encourage his practitioners. Such was a total lie which can be useless now matter how many times they said. Regardless of the correct number made by the government, we could conclude that there was one practitioner among 8-9 people if there were really 100 million practitioners. However, there was actually less than 0.1-0.3%. Apart from babies, there were about 2 million or so according to statistics.

Deluding by Li Hongzhi's rumor, several practitioners thought there were really 100 million behind them. They also had the Master's protection and the Falun (people practice Falun Gong and it practices people) running around them. So they lost their minds to do whatever illegal activities being told do. On 18th April, 1999, when they attacked  Tianjin Normal University, some boosted that they had 0.2 million practitioners in Tianjin and 1 million in Beijing. It seemed that the more they said, the more timid others would be. However, this was a lie that could not cheat themselves like bubbles.

Just as what Li Hongzhi always said, "we don't have organization and list". In this regard, how could he calculate that there were 100 million practitioners?

However, under encouragement by Li Hongzhi's rumors and that he was commanding the activities in person in Beijing, they made the 4·25 Event that thousands of hundreds of Falun Gong practitioners besieged Tianjin and then Zhongnanhai in Beijing. Until then, Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong disclosed the nature of anti-society, anti-people and anti-government.

III. Making Influence Abroad and Savaging Inboard

How were the Falun Gong practitioners organized and commanded? They used Internet.

When Li Hongzhi met media in Sydney on May 2, 1999, he was asked," Mr. Li, I want to ask. There are more than 100 million practitioners all over the world. How many ways for you to connect with them? What are they?" He answered, "There are no communicating ways or direct connecting ways. As you know, because you all know that the meeting is held here. So do I. Why do they all know what happened somewhere? We all know Internet that is convenient all over the world. When we want to inform them where to hold a meeting, we would log on net so that lots of them know. So do I. As a matter of fact, I have no touch with them at times, even the telephone." (It reminds us what Li Hongzhi said in January 1995 "All the decisions made by the Association are approved by me. No matter where I am, they connect with me through phones and faxes and then they make the decision." Then Li only knew to use telephone and faxes to control his organization. Well, when he escaped abroad, he got foreigners' supports so that he began to use Internet. It's real for him to go to a "higher level".)

After April 25, Li Hongzhi claimed in his affiche on June 2, "No matter how difficult it would be, we give chances for them to know what on earth Falun Dafa is. The readers could get whatever they want on Internet." In another word, Internet controlled all Falun Gong practitioners.

There is a number to be announced. Before and after April 25, 1999, there were 39 Falun Gong websites in U.S., 20 or so in other countries, 20 in Mainland China, 1 in Hong Kong and 1 in Taiwan respectively. All these weren't commercial. They provided materials for free. So we all know the funding sources without telling them out.

Then the chief of inboard net is Li Chang. Ye Hao escaped for Canada before 25th April. After 25th April, he established Minghui Net there. There were totally 6 mirror image stations (Then they established Xin Sheng, Jian Zheng and Science stations.) They also established 4 small stations that couldn't easily be noticed. They used net and emails to send messages that condemned government, instigated the masses of followers and made chaos. For example, in the morning of 4th June, the practitioners from Beijing Falun Gong Station passed round for perusal and read an article written by Li Hongzhi on 2nd June, 1999 named "A Few of My Feelings". After investigation, the article was published in the Falun Gong net in Taiwan. And the words were simple-Chinese! Then after 4th June, the stations in mainland posted the article on Fanlun Gong nets.

On July 22, 1999, China clamped down Falun Gong and Falun Dafa Association in public and sent out Wanted Order for Li Hongzhi. The illegal websites inboard was clamped down completely. Then Li Hongzhi escaped for U.S. and didn't dare to appear until now. Then the power was handed to Minghui Net that was controlled by Ye Hao, while the Falun Gong public activities were always represented by its spokesman Zhang Erping who was once the English interpreter for Li Hongzhi.

According to latest statistics, there were 10 stations for Minghui Net's simple-Chinese websites, and 5 for traditional-Chinese websites. There were also lots of websites in German, Russian and French languages. On 1st July 2000, they also established World Falun Dafa Radio Station that not only concentrated on attacking China, but also infiltrated into other countries in the world. Such was what Li Hongzhi said that they had nothing to do with politics.

On 20 March, 56th UN Meeting on Human Rights was held in Geneva. In the name of human rights, Li Hongzhi asked Zhang Erping to organize a group of Falun Gong practitioners to practice Falun Gong collectively in Geneva, among whom there were many foreign practitioners. In the circumstances of holding news meeting, activities of signing names against China and of the so-called complains by victims, Zhang Erping did his best to encourage U.S. to propose a case against China. He attempted to use western hostile power to pressure Chinese government.

What helped him was that under the command of Minghui Net, more than 100 Falun Gong royalists suddenly gathered in Tian'anmen Square and made troubles in order to appeal for the world when UN Human Right Committee was about to take a vote on a U.S. proposal against China. Such was to echo with U.S. power that was against China at a distance.

Then with the command and careful planning, Minghui Net instigated practitioners to gather up and make troubles in an attempt to make chaos on April 25, May 1 and 13 May 2005. (These days were the so-called first anniversary for illegal besiegement of Zhongnanhai(the Central Government), the date of birth of Li Hongzhi carefully made-up by himself, and the day of World Falun Dafa respectively.)

In such so-called day of World Falun Dafa on May 13, Minghui Net tried its best to propagandize. We noticed one part of its scene: "The first anniversary of World Falun Dafa is beginning at noon in New York City. Practitioners from all over the world are making congratulation in their own words. They collectively show Falun Gong, teach Gong, make consultation and get interviewed and so on. Just at the end of the first phase of Falun Gong show, there was a kind voice from the loudspeaker in the park that: our Honorable Master says hello to everybody!"

As a matter of fact, afraid of seeing others and the light, though Li Hongzhi was in the United States. Under such a circumstance, some practitioners were suspicious. Where was Li Hongzhi? Some cited "Zhuan Falun" that, "I am going to be 50 years old." It said that after 50 years old, Li Hongzhi would go to heaven. Then there was a panic in Minghui Net so that the Minghui Net and other website claimed, "The followers should look at the attitude from Minghui as related to the big issues." They started an activity named "Helping the Master Walk in the Human World". They asked the practitioners to propagandized Falun Gong in medium or small cities. Although such actions were useless in Mainland China, they indeed infiltrated into foreign medium and small cities.

Then in Minghui Net, Li Hongzhi continued to claim so as to instigate those Falun Gong royalists to risk danger when in desperation. For example, in the article named "Toward Consummation" by Minghui Net on June 16, Li Hongzhi instigated his practitioners that "Those Dafa practitioners who are facing pressure to walk out are great. The practitioners are waiting for consummation, but I couldn't wait." Influencing by his idea and rumors, Falun Gong organization did more and more illegal activities. There were many cases that over hundreds of practitioners illegally got together in Beijing and other places.

Because the activities of "Helping the Master Walk in the Human World" by Minghui Net was illegal in Mainland China, then they instigated practitioners to post and hand out leaflets. They also offered No.1, No.2 and No. 3 descripts of leaflet to disturb the society.

On September 27, 2000, Minghui Net again published an article named "Serious Edification-Master's Lasted Talk". In the Talk, Li Hongzhi mentioned "I'm happy for practitioners and future wiser who have walked out to verify Dafa. No matter whether they have been arrested or lost their lives for Falun Gong, they have fulfilled consummation." "Some said that walking out meant participating politics or struggling with people and so on. They used such excuses to deceive themselves and influenced those who wanted to go out. Others said that why Master did not come out quickly to finish this soon. Here I used human words to criticize them that why they were shameless to say such." "Such was not the case in 1999 and before 25th April when old practitioners wondered how to learn Falun Gong and get it. It's the periods of learning and getting Falun Gong. Now it's the period of how to verify the functions of Falun Gong when the evil did harm to Dafa."

In order to save his potential members, Li Hongzhi said that "The practitioners in a high class inside the country could use their conditions to verify Dafa in their circumstances. They didn't expose themselves to evil so that they were marvelously verifying Dafa."

Just then, Minghui Net published several articles such as "Verifying Dafa and Practicing Dafa to Fulfill Consummation", in which he said "it's pivotal to verify Dafa." When the October 1st came, "all Dafa practitioners should get rid of all kinds of difficulties to finish their last process of practicing Dafa" in Tian'anmen Square. He even threatened that there will be 0.1 million practitioners who gathered in Tian'anmen Square to demonstrate!

On October 1, there were indeed 0.2 million people who went to Tian'anmen Square. However, they didn't demonstrate. They watched National Flag rising in the morning instead. After that, there was a thousand of Falun Gong royalists who were instigated by Li Hongzhi. They illegally gathered in Tian'anmen Square. They mixed with the visitors in Tian'anmen Square, illegally sending papers, posing bars and calling slogans in an attempt to gather and make troubles and to disturb the orders. They were seriously blamed by the masses of people or taken away quickly according to the law or fulfilled their consummation in light of what Li Hongzhi said. Such was the biggest number that was deceived by them.

The facts show that Li Hongzhi carefully planned the activity. It was a political activity that was with malice, plan and purpose organized by Minghui Net. In National Day, the Falun Gong practitioners acted together and worn same clothes to make troubles in Tian'anmen Square. They appeared in the same time. According to their activities in National Day in Tian'anmen Square, Falun Gong organization is rigorous. Such was what Li Hongzhi said "The practitioners in a high class inside the country could use their conditions to verify Dafa in their circumstances. They didn't expose themselves to evil so that they were marvelously verifying Dafa."

After that Minghui Net claimed again in other nets that it got along well with Li Hongzhi. They were preparing to help "Falun Dafa Week" that was held in L.A. of U.S. There were about 500 Falun Gong practitioners on 21st October in Hyatt Hotel of L.A. At 3:00 p.m., under the protection of several bodyguards, Li Hongzhi appeared suddenly and made a lecture for about 30 minutes. On the one hand he encouraged those who decided to walk out. On the other hand he talked about the situation Falun Gong was facing. At last, to avail such an opportunity, Li Hongzhi thanked to U.S. and Canadian government for their supporting Falun Gong and its practitioners.

All of these proved that Li Hongzhi and his men completely lost their national prestige and human dignity, and that they actively threw themselves to foreign powers that were against China and that they would, with their hearts and souls, became the tools used by hostile powers to intervene our internal affairs.