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2007, the lost year for Falun Gong (II)

2008-01-29 Source:Kaiwind Author:By: Zhong Guoxing

6. Performance of the cult is not acclaimed

Two years ago Falun Gong started to vigorously hold the so-called "Chinese New Year Galas" and "Divine performances" in the name of showcasing traditional Chinese culture so as to deceit the public with their so-called "Chinese divine culture". In this year, Falun Gong staged a series of contests in order to attract the public and get some largess from its boss.

---"International Chinese Classical Dance Competition" ended in failure. The New Tang Dynasty TV(NTDTV) announced on march 13 that it would hold the International Chinese Classical Dance Competition from May 20 to 27 in New York in collaboration with "Epoch Times" and "Sound of Hope Radio" and some other media. It indicated that the contest would be broadcasted live through the NTDTV in various countries in the world. In its rule for the contest, it required: "Since the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) is not recognized in the US legal system, all music and songs eulogizing CCP are not allowed to be used in this contest." Such a requirement fully exposed its real intention of acting against the Chinese government. Such anti-Chinese and anti-Communist contests were not welcomed among the overseas Chinese community and only a few people participated in it.

Soon after NTDTV announced to hold "International Chinese Classical Dance Competition", it was generally criticized by domestic and overseas Chinese. On April 6, Xinhua Net criticized that "the real intention of Falun Gong holding dance contest is to make its cult color less strong in the name of showcasing traditional Chinese culture and to act against China under the camouflage of culture. They just wish to befool the public and attract people who don't know its true nature to participate in the contest and eventually be used to serve for their anti-Chinese activities." On April 25, China Anti-Cult Association wrote to the Dancers' Association of China to disclose the real intention of Falun Gong holding the dancing contest and call on Chinese dancers, domestic and foreign youths who were interested in learning Chinese dance as well as their parents to be aware of the real intention of Falun Gong in holding the contest and not be cheated by "Falun Gong". On June 8, New York University Chinese Culture Club delivered letters to Chinese students, scholars and people in various circles to denounce Falun Gong and call on overseas Chinese to reject the "International Chinese Classical Dance Competition" to be held by Falun Gong. Besides, many other people also wrote articles to denounce Falun Gong as well as its "International Chinese Classical Dance Competition".

In July 2007, disregarding the voices of denouncing and accusing, "the International Chinese Classical Dance Competition" started with only tens of people - mostly westerners - participated. It was unimaginably queer that ballet also staged on such Chinese classical dance contest. Although Li Hongzhi had boasted to make the contest "Oscar in the dancing field", it ended in failure.

---"The first International Chinese Vocal Competition" ended hastily. This contest started on October 15 and ended on October 17 after three days of competition. Falun Gong had boasted that the contest that gathered Chinese vocal elites around the world would attract many vocal experts and fans and would contribute a lot to spreading Chinese culture. How it turned out then? In fact there was no Mainland Chinese participating in the contest and in some groups there were only one participant. In order to make it grander, Li Youjun, the manager of the Literature Department of NTDTV(Asia-Pacific)  went to Taipei National University of the Arts to attract participants. There he said, "the competition provides opportunity to anyone who loves music. Although it is a Chinese vocal competition, foreigners are welcome as well." Despite such efforts, there were only less than one hundred participants, which was fewer than  that of the dancing competition. In addition, the participants were so poor in their performance that the top awards were mostly not gained. Some said that the Vocal Competition was just like the low quality fireworks that cracked and went out before rising to the sky.

---2007 "NTDTV Christmas Gala" finished in dismal. 2007 "NTDTV Christmas Gala", which was boasted by Falun Gong as "an art pageant showcasing oriental divinity" was held at the casinos palace CAESARS in Atlantic City, one of the largest casinos city in US deluged with gamblers and prostitutes. In order to sell out the tickets, Falun Gong undersold them while many practitioners bought some tickets with their own money and then gave them to passer-bys on the streets. Players for the gala were mostly from the Divine Performing Arts Troupe. Senior Falun Gong member Guan Guimin also came to make up the number and groaned two songs. A foreigner nicknamed janson2005 who watched the show described: I got a free ticket. Sound effects were very bad and the audience hissed frequently.

7. Failed in making troubles- how is it possible for Falun Gong to act so wildly

Falun Gong was extremely hostile to China. It not only smeared China but also repeatedly interfered certain great events. In any event that China participated, it would certainly oppose; in any happy event, it would try to make trouble.

---Failed in sabotaging APEC summit in Sydney of Australia. From September 2 to September 9, APEC summit was held in Sydney of Australia, in which heads of more than 21 member countries gathered there to discuss issues related to the theme "Strengthening our Community: Building a Sustainable Future" and various regional cooperation. Such a summit would certainly be taken by Falun Gong as a good chance to make trouble. After careful planning, Falun Gong mobilized its members around the world to make trouble in Sydney. As their conspiracy was timely seen through by the host country authority, they finally failed in attempting to make trouble there.
As Falun Gong media-Epoch Time, Secretchina Net, NTDTV and others were not allowed to access to the APEC closing ceremony, they diverted their angry to Chinese government, crying, "Australian government bend over to CCP pressure" and "CCP exports persecution" by collecting "Chinese language media blacklist". In fact, it was quite natural for Falun Gong to be treated like that since it had done so many bad things. As it repeatedly made troubles in such similar occasions, Australian government and its security agency took more precautious measure against it. Therefore the farce "APEC summit-Focusing on Falun Gong suffering week" jointly directed by Falun Gong and the democratic activists also ended in discomfiture.

---Failed in making trouble on the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong's returning to motherland. In late June 2007, when people around China were cheering for the coming 10th anniversary of Hong Kong's returning to motherland, Falun Gong planned to make trouble on such a "historical opportunity". They mobilized Falun Gong members in Taiwan in an attempt to throw down the gage on the celebration. Well-informed Hong Kong authority took assertively measure by repatriated them on their landing in Hong Kong. "Ashamed and resentful" Falun Gong media cried out: "Hong Kong repatriated 800 Taiwan citizens! One Country, Two System died out!" Chen Shui-bian then had to comfort them, saying that Taiwan authority would continue to support efforts of Falun Gong practitioners.

8. Falun Gong be censured by almost everyone for bespattering the overseas Chinese community

In recent years, Falun Gong could have no more fresh activities but to fabricate their falsity in more absurd and astonishing ways and behave more ridiculously. Falun Gong disciples have repeatedly recited the points fabricated on Falun Gong media. Every time when Falun Gong instigated its disciples to make trouble, there would be certain nondescript scenery. In order to have stronger impact and make it more stirring, Falun Gong followed the guideline of making greater impacting trouble when more disciples came and making trouble when less disciples came. Under this guideline, Falun Gong instigated overseas Falun Gong members to walk to the streets and squares or to the Chinese embassies and consulates to make troubles and spread rumours. Falun Gong had its poor disciples to go from one place to the other, making them exhausted both physically and mentally and wasting not only energy but also money. Epoch Times, however, were more than willing to report that Falun Gong were sympathized and supported in certain countries. Exaggeration and biased reports are two most frequently used tricks of Falun Gong.

The impudent rumors of Falun Gong may deceit some foreigners for the moment but not forever. Their ugly performance not only seriously blemished Chinese image but also disrupted order in Chinese communities and hindered the economic and social life of the Chinese people. Therefore many overseas Chinese changed their views from original indifference or keeping a distance from Falun Gong to taking action against it for unbearable indignation.

---On April 20, when Falun Gong held a so-called "Organ harvesting alive symposium" in Colombia University of USA, over one hundred patriotic Chinese students in the university made joint protest; tens of Chinese students rejected the "symposium" held in Princeton University and had stinging debate with Falun Gong members, making them speechless.

---On April 29, Indonesia Surabaya authority held a mass parade to celebrate the 714 birthday of the city. Falun Gong organized 200 people to participate in the parade arrogantly, but aroused indignation among local Chinese. Trucks used by Falun Gong were held out and banners torn to shreds and Falun Gong members finally escaped like drowned mice.

---On May 4, Chinese Students and Scholars Associations in 25 universities in Great New York area delivered an open letter to support Columbia University Chinese Students and Scholars Association protesting "Falun Gong" for its blemishing of Chinese image. The open letter stated, "It is the obligation of all Chinese people as well as all patriotic overseas Chinese students to maintain image and reputation of our motherland! We sternly notice those 'Falun Gong' diehards acting against our motherland not to ignore the development and improvement achieved in China; not to attempt to stretch their devil's talons into the academy world to spread fallacies; nor underestimate the patriotism and power of solidarity among overseas Chinese students and scholars. Chinese Students and Scholars Associations will stand out forthwith to denounce and respond to those rumors and actions in the campuses that have blemished Chinese image and reputation."

---In June, betrayer Chen Yonglin visited Montreal and made rumors and smearing propagation there, which greatly annoyed friendly overseas Chinese community. As a result, Canadian Chinese Association, Chinese Unification Promotion Association and other associations made statements on World Journal, Chinese Press to condemn the Chen's doggery and indicated that they would find out his legal responsibility.

---On November 11, at a tourist site in Copenhagen of Denmark, Falun Gong members were milled by local tourist guides since they annoyed the Chinese tourists in trying to distribute them Epoch Times and "Nine Commentaries", and volubly advocating the fallacies of "telling the truth" and "persuasion for three quits".

---On November 17, Epoch Times of Falun Gong stirred strong indignation among the local Chinese as they published on the paper a stage photo on the New Year's gala of a Chinese organization RCA. On the associated website of RCA "Maple Forum", many people expressed their condemnation of the impudent action of Falun Gong and disclosed its vicious actions made in Canada. The players indicated that they had no relation to Falun Gong since it was a spiteful cult. The photo incident indicated that Falun Gong has become a target censured by almost everyone in the Canadian Chinese community.

9. Overseas living space is shrinking-Falun Gong is frustrated anywhere

As more and more people recognize the nature of Falun Gong as a cult and a retroactive political organization, Falun Gong is widely despised and its overseas living space is shrinking.

-- April 29 was the 714 birthday of Indonesia Surabaya. Falun Gong members in Indonesia invited Falun Gong Marching Band from Taiwan to have performance in Surabaya along with Falun Gong members from Jakarta, Medan, Bali, Batdam. But just three days before the date for the celebration parade, Surabaya authority informed that Falun Gong groups were not allowed to participate in the parade. While Falun Gong representatives failed to meet the mayor or vice mayor, Falun Gong members just performed an instrument music concert on the square opposite to the nomarch's mansion and then forced into the parade, resulting in prohibition by the police.

---In 2007, based on Sino-Russian Treaty of Good Neighborhood and Friendly Cooperation, Russia authority had taken a series of measures against Falun Gong illegal activities. Russia had repatriated illegally stayed Ma Hui, Ma Jing and Gao Chunman. In September, Russian police arrested Falun Gong member Kuang Shiming for having illegal "telling the truth" activities in Moscow.

---In early 2007, the performance of "Falun Gong" Divine Performing Arts had been cancelled by ROK authorities for the third time because they spread "Falun Gong".

---On June 19, under the request of Malaysia overseas Chinese community, Ampang Jaya Municipal Council delivered letters to advertisement companies, ordered them to remove the advertising board- "Falun Dafa is Good" on the second middle circle Rd of Kuala Lumpur by June 27.

---In July, Falun Gong prosecuted Moldova Department of Justice on Moldova Court of Cassation, claiming that Moldova Department of Justice had violated Moldova law on social organization. The real reason for such prosecution was that Moldova government had for many times rejected the registration application of Falun Gong. The appeal was finally turned down by Moldova court.

---On July 23, nine directors of "Falun Dafa Research Center" were punished with amercement by Kuala Lumpur Primary Court because of guilty in violating 1965 Company Law of Malaysia.

---In the early morning of August 2, Falun Gong members who were making trouble at the Chinese consulate in Vancouver were attacked, their so-called "excruciation exhibition" photos and the small blue house used against rain were torn. Local residents were in fact very antipathic to Falun Gong for their holding rootless "excruciation exhibition" and protests. Answering to request of the public, in early June 2006, Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan ordered Falun Gong supporters to remove their "protest wall" from the sidewalk in front of the Chinese Consulate.

---On the 2008 New Year's Day, Pasadena City of U.S. would have a New Year Rose Parade, in which Beijing Olympic float would also participate. This was the first Chinese Float that was included in Pasadena Rose Parade that had a history of 119 years. While patriotic overseas Chinese were cheering for such a success, Falun Gong members tried their best to oppose and sabotage Chinese Float being included in Rose Parade. From October to December, for three times Pasadena rejected Falun Gong's proposal of taking action to block Olympic Float. Pasadena official clearly stated: Falun Gong's attempt of smearing Beijing Olympic Games did not work in Pasadena!

10. "Universal Buddha" cannot control the situation-Falun Gong is to decline from such internal conflict

---Severe faction strife in Australian Falun Gong. Between July and August of 2007, Australia based "Falun Buddhism Association" had severe faction strife with Epoch Times, Secretchina Net, NTDTV, Sound of Hope radio. As time went on, the faction strife evolved from censuring each other in Australia to sending representatives to complain to Li Hongzhi in U.S. It is said that 300 odd people from only about 1000 Falun Gong members in Australia had traveled to U.S.

Faction strife among Australian Falun Gong members shocked the whole "Falun world". For security reasons, chicken-hearted Li Hongzhi had to invite the core members of the two sides to U.S. to address the problem with the price of 600,00 to 700,000 USD on air tickets. After taking a series of measures such as changing heads of Falun Buddhism Association and NTDTV, delivering a deceitful Fa Teaching to Australian Practitioners and answering questions posed by the practitioners, Li Hongzhi appeased the strife to certain degree. At the end of the year, however, new strife emerged between the new Falun Buddhism Association heads and heads of Falun Gong media with even more violent censuring and complaint. Faction strife in Australian Falun Gong groups revealed the conflicts and problems in this highly centralized organization that was based on founder worship.

---Sound of Hope Radio vice president was forced to resign for cheating. As vice president of Sound of Hope Radio, Lin Xiaoxue often made use of his special position to grift for money and embezzle the donation. Many victims made complaint to Falun Gong headquarter and relevant judicial authorities. It was reported that money involved in this case was of hundreds of thousand USD, a sum sufficient for criminal punishment according to US laws. After Lin Xiaoxue was found to have embezzled and grifted money, US based Falun Gong organization made concessions to avoid trouble so as to cover the scandal. Internally, Lin was forced to resign to "answer for the disciples"; Externally, measures were taken to compensate victims to appease them and; Lin fled away to avoid further trouble. Some Falun Gong members were very critical of  the solution that Falun Gong headquarter took to cover up for and connive criminal. Therefore they appealed on internet, demanding that Lin Xiaoxue case be completely investigated and Lin punished according to US laws.

---Taiwan Falun Gong members wanted to be independent. Recently, "instructor" of the Taiwan Falun Gong organization Fu Wenlong created pithy formula and abracadabra in his spreading Fa, aiming to have an independent school. Li Hongzhi was very critical to Fu Wenlong and warned Fu and his followers not to "disorder Fa" and did what the Dafa disciples should do, i.e. studying Fa, practicing and telling the truth, otherwise they would be punished by heaven and driven into the eighteenth layer of hell and exterminated both physically and spiritually. Many Falun Gong practitioners in Taiwan hoped to have more time practicing and not so involved in politics. Such request of Taiwan practitioners was firmly inhibited and rejected by Li Hongzhi, saying they didn't follow the process of practicing. Li Hongzhi even threatened Dafa disciples that they would not achieve so-called "consummation" if they didn't participate in political activities against the Chinese government.

No matter how did they act, 2007 still witnessed Falun Gong's decline.

2007 was a year that Falun Gong did not want to recall in which it was declining. It is expected that with more and more people recognizing the cult nature of Falun Gong, it will be harder and harder for the Falun Gong to strive for a living.

Falun Gong is doomed to collapse.

(Kaiwind, December 31, 2007)