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Falun Gong's act of propaganda failed again

2008-01-30 Source:Xinhuanet

The historic experiences tell us that any evil and reactionary force would not easily retreat from the historic stage. Facing the flushing historic trend, they would certainly put up a death-bed struggle and fight stubbornly with their back to the wall.

Since the beginning of this year, with plot and abetment of Li Hongzhi and the overseas Falun Gong headquarters, the underground Falun Gong organization in China secretly contacted each other, purchased, equipped and disseminated large quantity of "timely broadcasting systems", illegally propagated cult throughout China, undermined social order and endangered the stable and united political circumstances.

The facts alarmed the people again: "Falun Gong's secret organization inside China still exists and the underground activities still rampant. Their counteraction toward the law and the society has never stopped."

Conspiring and planning to stir up trouble and unrest

From May to June this year, cases that Falun Gong diehards illegally propagated cult fallacies, disturbed the social order with "timely broadcasting systems" took place in more than 10 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities as Beijing, Liaoning, Jilin, Guangdong and Helongjiang throughout China. They set up "timely broadcasting systems" secretly in public areas, vicinities of government buildings and places where Falun Gong addicts were helped and educated. The "systems" were timely activated and massively propagated Li Hongzhi's cult teachings and orders from the headquarters of overseas Falun Gong organizations. They maliciously attacked related departments of the Chinese government, threatened the masses of people and practitioners beginning to doubt and waver from Falun Gong, as well as agitated and deluded the diehards to persist confrontation with law and society.

This kind of "timely broadcasting system" was assembled by loud-hail speaker, semiconductor power amplifier breadboard, operators, clock and battery, etc. It had the characters of assembling easily, high-power, concealment and  timely broadcasting. The police found out during the investigation that quite a number of the "timely broadcasting systems" located in more than 10 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities all over the countries used the loud-hail speakers of the same model produced by the same factory and more than half of the semiconductor power amplifier breadboards were assembled at the same location.

Through careful investigation of police around the country, the conspiracy, planned and directed by Li Hongzhi and the headquarters of overseas Falun Gong organization and implemented by the underground Falun Gong organization inside China, had eventually been brought into the open.

In the last two years, Falun Gong cult organization fell apart under harsh strike by the Chinese government. Li Hongzhi and the Falun Gong cult organization were at the end of the rope, crestfallen and desperate every single day. In order to prevent the Falun Gong practitioners from breaking away from the spiritual control of the cult and save themselves from the awkward situation of a decreasing social foundation, Li Hongzhi and the Falun Gong headquarters in the US racked their brains to provoke the public by using the "timely broadcasting systems". In addition, they also wantonly trumpeted and taught it on the Minghui Net, and vainly attempted to restore the voice of Falun Gong.

Seeing the order and method of operation on the Minghui Net, Gu Xiufang, pseudo named "Gu Hui", a major member of Falun Gong organization in Beijing got what she had wished and desired for a long time. According to her view, "using the 'timely broadcasting systems' was safe and effective". It could not only "force those did not want to listen to listen", but also "encouraged 'fellow practitioners' to stouten their beliefs".

The "instructions" passed on from the Minghui Net led Li Yan, the major member of Falun Gong organization in Shenzhen, to be ready to make trouble. She always worried that "many 'fellow practitioners' could not hear the 'master's' new teachings after they had been caught in custody, and would be very easy to swing away and transformed by the government. And our voices had been weakened." After seeing the message on the Minghui Net, Li Yan and other major Falun Gong members in Shenzhen "suddenly saw the light". They decided to disseminate cult "teachings" by the "timely broadcasting systems" to prove their existence.

Rack their brains for evil things

According to instructions given by Li Hongzhi and headquarters of overseas Falun Gong organization, "Gu Hui" and other major members of Falun Gong wholeheartedly wanted to arouse a new round of Falun Gong upsurge. They began to run around and secretly contact each other.

This March, "Gu Hui" could hardly wait to leap to places like Changchun and Shenyang, and constantly contacted the underground Falun Gong organizations in Henan, Shandong, Guangdong and Helongjiang, recommending the "timely broadcasting systems" and asked them to provide list and contact information of the local Falun Gong diehards.

In mid March, "Gu Hui" instructed Li Yan dispatching a number of "timely broadcasting systems" to places around China as soon as possible. Li Yan immediately organized major members of Falun Gong in Shenzhen like Cheng Hao and Cui Yan to produce and assemble the "timely broadcasting systems" days and nights in secret places. They also dispatched about 100 set of such systems to places like Changchun, Shenyang and Beijing according to the lists of names and addresses of receivers provided by "Gu Hui" through mail or railway consignment in batches step by step.

In mid April, "Gu Hui" asked Li Yan for "more goods" so as to plan a greater disturbance throughout the country. But, the key part of the "timely broadcasting systems" loud-hail speaker was in short supply. Li Yan trusted He Jian, a Falun Gong member in Wuhan, who was about to go to Beijing, to contact "Gu Hui" and buy the loud-hail speaker. 

On 24 April, "Gu Hui" arranged He Jian and another Falun Gong diehard "Hong Xiang" to look for supply of the goods in Tianjin. In Tianjin, they found a factory and negotiated for price, model and quantities at the site. After they were back to Beijing, He Jian contacted Li Yan again and told her that goods had been found but money was needed. Li Yan soon remitted 65,000 RMB to an account provided by "Gu Hui".

With the money, He Jian and "Hong Xiang" went to Tianjin on April 26 and ordered 126 boxes and 3618 loud-hail speakers at a time. They also asked the factory to dispatch the goods urgently before April 27 to the Beijing Yihai freight terminal at Beijing East Railway Sation. To cover their illegal acts, He Jian signed a pseudo name "Yuan Xiuxin" on the contract.

April 29, "Gu Hui" and He Jian appeared at the Beijing Yihai Freight Terminal together. He Jian dispatched more than 3000 loud-hail speakers respectfully to 5 cities as Wuhan, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Harbin and Changchun, with a fake ID card named "Yuan Xiuxin" again. More than 500 left to be used in Beijing.

Afterward, "Gu Hui" instructed the underground Falun Gong organizations in Shenzhen to dispatch the corollary equipment as semiconductor power amplifier breadboard, clock and battery, according to the contact and address list provided by her.

Enchanting by crook

With careful planning and implementation of underground Falun Gong organization, more than 3,000 loud-hail speakers were secretly dispatched to 5 big cities like Changchun,and sent further to more than 10 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.

After receiving "Gu Hui's" instruction to dispatch the loud-hail speakers, the underground Falun Gong organization in Changchun organized urgent "discussion". Out of consideration for protecting themselves, major Falun Gong member Liu Yaqian suggested to receive the goods with the name of a local Falun Gong practitioner Song Wanqing, for Song Wanqing had stayed in bed from many years and using her ID would be hard to notice and no one could do something to her even if being discovered.

With Song Wanqing's ID card, another Falun Gong member Zhang Zhongyu withdrew 19 boxes of 504 loud-hail speakers and rent an apartment to hide them immediately. 10 days later, other equipment dispatched from Shenzhen arrived. Zhang Zhongyu called on Falun Gong diehards Tan Chengqiu to secretly assemble in the rented apartment with several other Falun Gong members. Within a month, more than 40 sets of "timely broadcasting systems" were assembled.

According to testimony given by Tan Qiucheng who was in charge of safekeeping, assembling and dispatching this batch of "timely broadcasting systems", he himself never dispatched goods directly to escape strike from the police, but put the goods together to a certain place and had them dispatched by the contact there. Secret signal was needed when fetching goods from Tan Qiucheng's secret hideout. "The knock on the door was usually 3 sounds in consistence and another 3 moment later. After knocking the door from several times, words like 'open the door for me' should be said. When the particular knocks and words were verified, the entrance to the room could be allowed."

In Shenyang city of Liaoning Province, since the local Falun Gong member Tan Xinyu and Guan Yue did not have stable habitation, the bill of lading to Shenyang took too long to be dispatched. April 30, "Gu Hui" hurried to phone Guan Yue's mobilephone and informed her to come to Beijing to fetch it. At that night, Guan Yue flied to Beijing to fetch the bill of lading. May 2, Falun Gong practitioners received 19 boxes of 504 loud-hail speakers.

After the underground organizations of Falun Gong in various locations got the parts of the "timely broadcasting systems", they immediately secretly assembled according to the method taught by the Minghui Net. Li Yan admitted that their technique of assembling the "timely broadcasting systems" was "introduced by the Minghui Net", otherwise how could one never touch that kind of thing be able to do it immediately without directions"?

Under planning and implementation of Falun Gong underground organization, the major members of Falun Gong in Liaoning, Jilin, Guangdong, Hubei, Shangdong and Heilongjiang set the time to conduct cult propagation with "timely broadcasting systems", openly confronting the state law and seriously disturbing the normal social orders.

All the efforts turned out to be in vain

In order to reach his evil political goal, Li Hongzhi and the overseas Falun Gong headquarters manipulated the underground organizations in China to carefully plan and implement "timely broadcasting systems" to propagate cult fallacies illegally. It could be described as racking their brains and all the efforts turned out to be in vain.

According to "Gu Hui's" testimony, ever since she planned in detail and disseminated "timely broadcasting systems" according to the instructions of the overseas Falun Gong Headquarters, she carried out a one-to-one contact system according to the instructions on the Minghui Net. She only contacted with major members in various localities and "usually would not call back if other people called me", so that the conspiracy would not be cracked on the whole after one member had been exposed.

The underground Falun Gong organizations in different places had become more and more surreptitious. According to the testimonies of some Falun Gong members, "many of them have one or two fake ID cards. Their BB calls and mobilephones all set passwords and constantly changed numbers. Liu Yaqian changed 3 mobilephone numbers during the 2 months when he contacted "Gu Hui" for supply of goods.

Police found out through investigation that the connection between Falun Gong diehards became more and more secretive and cunning. The underground organization in Changchun used code words, such as "calendar" or "collection" for original books of Falun Gong and "fruit" for leaflet. Some local members even set up code for contact, such as "183" for "having something to discuss with you", "188" for "having the Master's teachings", "333" for "getting followed, caution please", "931" for "I've arrived", and "983" for "what you asked have been done". Li Yan told the reporter that Falun Gong diehards usually did not use their true names. Everyone has a pseudo name, such as hers is "Jinqiu", Hejian's "Akang" and Chenghao's "Dapang".

The local underground Falun Gong organizations even carefully planned out the method, location and time for positioning the "timely broadcasting systems". Li Yan said that the underground Falun Gong organization in Shenzhen had held special meeting to plot to hang out the "timely broadcasting systems". Through discussion, they decided to make an on-the-spot investigation first and carry out the plan second. They split into groups and set the broadcasting time at 3 o'clock in the morning and made phone calls to report safety after everything was done. They racked their brains on the location of setting the systems. "Some one wants to hang it up in the parks, saying there are more people in the parks and it could influence more people; but others insist to hang up at the house of detention." "Later, all of us have reached an agreement to hang the system at the house of detention, so that fellow practitioners in custody could hear new teachings and enhance their confidence." After the target was decided, they swiftly moved according to the assigned jobs.

Under rigorous strike of the police, the hideouts of Falun Gong underground organizations in Beijing, Shenyang, Changchun, Shenzhen, Harbin and Wuhan had been successively smashed. Supplies of "timely broadcasting systems" were found in time and quite a number of Falun Gong diehards were captured as criminals successively.

According to "Several Explanations to Specific Law Application of Transaction of Criminal Cases Concerning Organizing and Exploiting Cult Organizations" issued by the Supreme People's Court and the Supreme people's Procuratorate, the act propagating cult that violates the implementation of laws and administrative regulations, and severely hampers social order and cause serious social influence shall be punished by the law. Another farce abetted, planned and implemented in conspiracy by Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong cult organization again went bankrupt. Their whining-like death-bed struggle again ended up in failure. What awaits these lawbreakers will be the trial of law and justice.

(Xinhua, November 1, 2001)