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A Falun Gong witness deceived by ad

2008-02-21 Source:Kaiwind Author:By: Qing Feng

The rumor of "Sujiatun concentration camp" sensationalized by Falun Gong has already been proved to be a complete lie by the evidence from the Chinese government, the U.S. Dipomatic Missions in China and the media inside and outside China.

After the "Sujiatun rumor" was debunked, Falun Gong began to shift their points of rumors so that they made up the so-called "Live Organ Harvesting" phenomenon. What Falun Gong used to prove their "Live Organ  harvesting" includes the contents of organ transplantation from the webs in China, some so-called proofs "that was collected by telephone" and some witnesses who were selected by Falun Gong, such as "reporter Peter", "Annie who is the wife of a doctor", "a military old doctor in Shenyang city" and  "a man who is one of Korean ethnic minority named Kim", besides, they also used two  anti-Chinese Canadians named David Kilgour and David Matas to make up the lurid Commission Report by ways of hearsay, guesswork, grafting one twig on another and faking something. The Chinese government, the Canadian mainstream  media and the PhoenixTV has doubted about and denounced the fake.

Recently, the Minghui Net has published an article named "After Investigation, the Experts Point Out the Chinese Government Offers the Live Organs", in which they have ceremoniously mentioned another witness who is Dr. Liu from Natural Medical Rehabilitation Institution of California. Although Dr. Liu is the witness, he dare not tell his full name out, which seems to be suspicious of.

The article says, "A Japanese company in Shenyang of China has been disclosed to be suspected of involving in trading human live organs. The legal representative has been arrested. However, the Company's website which was shut off had pointed out clearly that the Chinese government backed them. Dr. Liu from Natural Medical Rehabilitation Institution of California states that, last year he logged on the website and found out that the organ transplantation centre he was looking for was offering the live organs which were  supplied and guaranteed by CCP authority. The article mentions the case of which a Japanese company in Shenyang of China has been suspected of involving in trading human live organs. A Japanese man named Tomoya Ueno who was the legal representative of the Japanese company named IPC Information Consultative Company Ltd. After investigation, it`s known that since 2004 the company had been spreading information in the internet of offering service of organ transplantation in the name of China International Supporting Centre for Organ Transplantation, which both exceeded its business scope and infringed the regulations by Ministry of Health of PRC, which ordains that the human organ couldn`t be trading. On 17th October, 2007, suspected of crime of illegal business operation, Tomoya Ueno was arrested by the Chinese police. The case now is under investigation so that we believe that the truth will be known soon. However, it is the criminal case involving a foreign person suspected of trading human organs, yet it is used by Falun Gong to be the evidence to prove "live organ harvesting."

Let's see how Dr. Liu investigates. Dr. Liu has raised an example that a website recruits Japanese clients, "It wishes that the Japanese clients to have some organ transplantations. It says openly in the home-page that their organ transplantation is supported by the government and that those organs are supplied by the government, so that the organ supply is reliable. However, after the crime of illegal organ transplantation was disclosed, this website and other websites as well disappeared so that I couldn't see it." In using such an advertisement in a website to prove something, Dr. Liu can be deceived easily. Because when the website says the government supports the transplantation of organ, Dr. Liu believes so. And when it says the UN supports the organ transplantation, Dr. Liu still believes so. In other words, can Chinese government allow the existence of the website that deceives people in the name of Chinese government? The Regulation on Human Organ Transplantation of China has been enforced since May 1, 2007. It points out clearly that any organization or any person can not be allowed to trade human organ or to do activities involving trading human organ. Chinese government would firmly and severely strike such an organization that involves in trading human organs and should never allow its existence. On July 3, the Ministry of Health of PRC has claimed that Chinese nationals have the priority to Chinese human transplantation of organ and that the Chinese medical institutes and medical staffs cannot do human transplantation operations for foreign citizens who are in the name of paying a visit to China. The activities of recruiting Japanese clients to come to China and to do transplantation operation are against Chinese laws and regulations. So, why Chinese government supports this?

Let's see the second evidence from Dr. Liu. Dr. Liu has logged on a website named Yueshen International Health Service Centre. He asked some questions and received answers as follows, "you could come to China at any time. You have to wait for 2 weeks, at most 4 weeks, after you`ve arrive in China. And you could obtain a complete liver." On such basis, Dr. Liu concludes that "the period that he is about to wait for is so short that it proves there is a huge number of people who offer organs." So, you can see that Dr. Liu was deceived again. According to relative statistics, there are more than 50,000 patients who are waiting for transplantations of organ to survive in a year. However, because of lack of organ suppliers, there are only less than 10,000 patients who can be cured. It's not only in China but also internationally the demand exceeds supply. The period i.e. 2-4 weeks to get the organ is so short that not only Dr. Liu has a doubt but also for an ordinary person. It's totally used to deceive the patients. How can Dr. Liu make the conclusions that "there are plenty of organ suppliers?" and "The live organs are offered by Chinese government?"

It seems that the Falun Gong organization outside the country has failed again by putting forward the so-called "expert witness".

(Kaiwind, October 31, 2007)