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The tale of 'missing' people, fabricated by Falun Gong

2008-02-21 Author:By: Chen Rong from Shandong's Weihai

These days, the residents in our community are always baffled by telephone calls and faxes from abroad: "Jiang Zhennan in your community has been persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party and now has disappeared, and you must hasten to be aware of that." More surprisingly, a faxed article named "The Tale of A Textile Expert Escaping with Bare Life" issued by the Epoch Times, Oct. 17, is on the leaflets. The article is about Jiang Zhennan, an old man in our community, but the whole story is a nonsense. Facing these kind of harassment, we are very anxious and worry, Jiang Zhennan, who lives well, why does Falun Gong say he has disappeared? It's really a flapdoodle.

Speaking of Jiang Zhennan, we all know he is a senior expert in the textile circle in Weihai city. Since he began to start his career, he settled his family in the city. Now he has spent most of his life here. Jiang and his wife are very amicable and honest, respected by the dwellers in this community. But the Epoch Times says "he has disappeared for nearly a month without any information". Just thinking about it, can a  man nearly 70 years old and who has something wrong with his eyes, go anywhere? let alone the neighbors always see each other, how dare you say he suddenly vaporizes from the world?

A few days before, it was the Double Ninth Festival, our community organized some activities, and we went to Jiang Zhennan's home to send some keepsake. Jiang and his wife were all at home. Except his eyesight, Jiang is healthy. After we told them there were many tiresome calls recently saying Jiang had disappeared, his wife got agitated at once: "We must ask those guys, what they really want to do by these calls? My husband is an old man, how can he be disappeared? Some Falun Gong practitioners once came to my house to see him, I drove them all out!" His wife said, "We Chinese should be patriotic, and we shouldn't play such tricks. We are all educated, our children are all members of the Chinese Communist Party, how can we do such thing?! These days, the Party is holding its 17th national congress, I have noted in earnest the report given by the General Secretary Hong Jintao, and I've caught every important news items, we citizens should concern about the national events". With saying this, she brought out her notebook and let us have a look. In the notebook, she has written down each important event happened during the meeting. We were all affected by her behavior. Why does Falun Gong maliciously vilify such a virtuous senior who are so concerned about the nation and the Party?

The Epoch Times also said, "The Beigou Police Office has installed two video cameras on both sides of the building in which Jiang Zhennan live, and meanwhile installed antenna-like equipment so as to take him under all-around surveillance". This is totally nonsense. We never heard of such thing. We have been working for the community for many years, and we know everything about the community. We have never seen such cameras installed in a certain building, how can the "Epoch Times" far from abroad know it? It  lies without any foundation!

In recent years, the living condition of the citizens within our community is getting better and better, the condition of the community committee is improved as well. To make the dwellers's life more healthy, delighted and harmonious, we have set up Chess and Card Room, Reading Room, Entertaining Room, and Sports Square, opened to all the dwellers the whole day. We also set up physical teem for the senior, recommending them Qigong, such as Badunjin and Wuqinxi(a Qigong exercise imitating 5 animals), which are welcomed by all the citizens especially the senior. Every year, we take part in large-scale collective activities at city or district level more than 10 times.

No matter the senior, the children or the young people in the community all like doing physical training or chatting together. They live in harmony, none cares about Falun Gong. We feel that it is really far away from our life, we wonder what are those guys' ulterior motives by such calling and writing. Falun Gong preaches "truthfulness, compassion and forbearance", but the Epoch Times talks flapdoodle and calls white black, saying the lively  old man disappeared. They make tiresome telephone calls again and over again, interfering with our daily life. We'd like to know, is it the "truthfulness"? Is it the "compassion"? And is it the "forbearance"?

We'd like to call on those rantankerous guys to stop acting senselessly. You attempt to deceive the world by coining several stories and making an uproar with ulterior motives, but how can you realize that? Now we'll clarify the facts about Jiang Zhennan by all means, we will never let such crazy things happened in our community!

(Facts.org.cn, October 21, 2008)