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Unveiling the issue of 'Falun Gong refugees'

2008-02-22 Author:By: Bai Yizi

In recent years there have constantly been some Chinese citizens applying to western countries for political asylum with the excuse that they, being Falun Gong practitioners, had been persecuted by Chinese government. Since the issue of Chinese refugees tends to be frequently associated with Falun Gong, the westerners scornfully name Falun Gong as "refugee exercises" and those applicants for political asylum in the name of Falun Gong as "Falun Gong Refugees". Are those people really refugees? Are they really Falun Gong practitioners? How does Li Hongzhi relate to those "Falun Gong Refugees"? Now let's reveal the true identities of those "Falun Gong Refugees".

Some so-called "Falun Gong Refugees" are in fact those who intend to immigrate into target countries

It usually involves great economic profit to help illegal immigrants apply for political asylum. For instance, lawyers usually charge about 4000$, sometimes even 8000$, for a case of political asylum. After your application for political asylum is approved, more money should be paid to cover the expenses for visa extension, green card application and interviews, etc. Finally it will amount to at least $10,000 to $20,000 (From "High Profit Promoting the Surging of American Illegal Immigrants" at www.zaobao.com, May 25, 2007). Therefore, in order to reap sudden huge profits, some unlawful immigration agencies invent the message that it is easier to get approval if you apply for political asylum in the name of Falun Gong and such practice works well for all, men or women, old or young.

In 2001, the British police uncovered "a workshop of lies" in which a law firm helped more than 2,000 persons from China to seek refuge with invented information, and almost half of them were in the name of Falun Gong practitioners. According to the reports by British Home Office, there were 6,000 Chinese persons applying for refuge in the name of Falun Gong practitioners in 2003 alone. Most of these stowaways were from Fujian Province and they had to pay about 260,000 yuan for illegally crossing the border.

Huang Zhaobang, chairman of Australian Welfare Committee of Chinese Immigrants, remarked that "As a target country for refugees, Australian Ministry of Immigration has received over 4,000 applications for refuge in the name of Falun Gong in 2003 alone. More Australian immigration agents have put it clearly in their advertisements in Chinese newspapers that they are ready to help Falun Gong practitioners apply for refuge in Australia. In fact, among the 4,000 applicants, far less than one hundred are really Falun Gong practitioners. So it can be surely inferred that fake Falun Gong refugees exist in Australia as well as in Britain. As far as I know, some immigration agents, deserting personal integrity at the sight of profits, only charge those Chinese applicants for refuge 300 yuan to 500 yuan, then they will get ready all the necessary documents, even including the detention certificates issued by China police. (From "Falun Gong Refugees an issue drawing more Chinese's attention" at renminbao.com, June 19, 2004)

In recent years, many media and overseas student agencies in China have given exaggerative advertisements on the advantages of studying in Germany. Attracted by the illusory picture, the number of Chinese students in Germany has grown explosively. But after they came to Germany many fell into a sea of troubles. They couldn't pass the language proficiency test, so their visa couldn't be extended. They couldn't find jobs, so they were short of money. Their German language was so poor that it was too hard for them to finish their studies. What`s the way out? Many of them would not choose to return to China with no gains because their families, even by falling into debts, have invested much on their overseas studies. So they would try every means to stay in Germany, and application for refuge was just one choice. It is not surprising to find some Chinese overseas students in Germany involve themselves in Falun Gong. Clearly those students don't believe in Falun Gong at all. Their real attention is to seek political refuge. (From "Guangming Daily", August 30, 2002)

In recent years applications for political asylum have been in upward trend in Canada. In 2006 China has become the second largest source country for Canadian refugees. In the past ten years, applications for political asylum have increased from 1000 a year to 2800 a year. And the approved applications from Falun Gong practitioners have doubled since 1999. Meanwhile the approval rate for application for political asylum in Canada has risen obviously from 21% in 1998 to 40% in 2000. Under such circumstances, many people intending to settle in Canada managed to throw themselves into the lap of Falun Gong. Of course their true aim was to be legal immigrants in Canada and the participation in Falun Gong was only a makeshift excuse. So they would claim that whether you believed Falun Gong truly or falsely, you just declared that you were Falun Gong practitioners if you were eager to stay in Canada.

In June 2007, it was reported by South Korea "Church and Heresy" that "Increasing numbers of Falun Gong practitioners have applied for refuge. Among all the applicants for refuge the majority is from China, the total number is 52. Most of these Chinese applicants are confirmed as members of anti-China organizations, such as Democratic Party of China, China Overseas Democratic Movements Joint Conference and Falun Gong." One judge from Seoul Administrative Court remarked that "Fake refugees tend to on the increase. After they are found by the police, most of the illegal immigrants will either resort to lawsuit or participate in certain political groups to apply for refuge."

As a result, "Falun Gong Refugees" have not only greatly stained China's international image but also brought much trouble to the immigration bureaus of some western countries.

For example, in order to achieve the aim of staying in America, Zhang Dongliang, former president of the international trading company attached to Xinyang Foreign Trade Bureau in Henan Province, disguised himself as a Falun Gong practitioner persecuted by China law enforcement and applied for political asylum. Finally he was approved to settle in America permanently. (From "Overseas Edition of People's Daily", July 7, 2000)

Under the help of Chinese police, America police cracked a group chicane case in which the suspects applied for political refuge under cover of Falun Gong. According to China law enforcement officers, since 1999 Falun Gong has created many names on Internet claiming that these people had been persecuted by China government, and some even died. In fact these people don't exist at all. However, some people managed to have their names changed into the ones created by Falun Gong by bribing local policeman in China and then applied for political refuge in America. In this way, some agencies gained high profit from helping illegal immigrants getting green cards. At the same time, it seemed that they proved to American government what Falun Gong has created were not always lies. It is said that the identity documents the applicants for political refuge presented to American Immigration Bureau with the aid of this chicane group were simply a so-called "computer bottom copy of household registry certificate" and a fake identification card. In fact, such kind of "computer bottom copy of household registry certificate" means nothing since the household registry records kept in computer center database in China have not been changed at all. This chicane group has even colleted the names of people who had died in China hospitals and published them on Internet. Then they spread the rumor that these people were Falun Gong practitioners and were persecuted to death in China. China police have uncovered how the chicane group bribed China policemen to get the certificates to prove the illegal immigrants in America had kindred relationships with the dead persons the group has fabricated. (From Tianjian Net, May 21, 2006)

Canadian authorities have been on alert against fake "Falun Gong Refugees". In August 2005, Hu Xiaoping, who claimed to be a Falun Gong practitioner, was repatriated from Canada to China because Canadian court for refugees ruled that she was not a member of Falun Gong and then her application for refuge was turned down. (http://www.voanews.com/chinese/archive/2005-08/w2005-08-13-voa18.cfm)

In early 2007, Russia has successively repatriated three Chinese who applied for refuge in the name of Falun Gong.

"Falun Gong Refugees" result from cold war thinking.

During the cold war, because of the confrontation between the east and the west, policies about refugees set by western countries showed apparent ideological features. That meant political considerations outweighed the true humane solicitude for refugees. Consequently some western countries always took refugee policies as diplomatic instrument to attack or stain the images of socialist countries. Even they initiated refugee escape affairs for their diplomatic purposes. American and other western countries often made use of newspapers, broadcasting and air drop leaflets to instigate the masses' discontent with socialist countries and encourage people to escape to the west so as to spread the gossip that socialist governments have lost the support of the people. Then as for people from east European Communist countries, western countries would accept them as political refugees immediately no matter what real intentions the people had.

Cold war has come to end. But its direct influences and side-effects on current world have far from ending. Only if China, Cuba, North Korea and Vietnam and others are still sticking to socialist system, the west will not give up their ideological war against Communism.

Due to cold war thoughts and political interests, some political groups in America tend to provoke the confrontations between China and America in terms of ideology and social system. For example, some American congressmen would negate anything about communism. So they would readily support any anti-China or anti-Communism bills in American congress. Radio Free Asia, which has lasted until now, was founded just after the end of cold war. American Congress once claimed that "radio broadcasting is the only way to overthrow socialist system totally". In fact, Radio Free Asia belongs to the same camp with Voice of America. Voice of America mainly spreads news from official stance while Radio Free Asia mainly spreads those uncensored news, namely rumors, lies and irresponsible comments. On June 12, 2007, American Traditional Foundation, claimed to be the fortress of anti-Communism, launched an opening ceremony for a so-called "monument to those persecuted by Communist countries". American president Bush and Lantos, Chairman of American House Committee on Foreign Affairs attended the ceremony. In addition, western countries always try to demonize Chinese foods and China-made products. Recently they maligned that hackers from China army respectively invaded the offices of American Defense Minister Gates and German President Kohler. All these reflect the great influence of cold war thinking.

The new century has witnessed the increasing growth of China's economy. Its annual growth of GDP is expected to be over 10% in the next five years successively and its economic gross has ranked the fourth in the world. It goes without saying that China's integrated national power has improved greatly. Western powers have long held the theory of containment to realize their strategic safety. That means they not only strive to beat the real enemies but also contain the potential rivals from developing into their real enemies. So they would not like to see a strong and prospering China and to find China develop quickly in a stable economic situation. Western media have demonized China as a country with no democratic freedom at home and with no responsibilities in international affairs. The west holds that China's increasing growth will threaten America's hegemonic status.

According to international pact, refugees refer to those who cannot obtain protection from their countries because of racial, religious, national or political conflicts and those without nationalities who cannot or refuse to return to the counties they originally live. The core of American refugee policy is to decide who can be sorted out to be admitted to stay in America. Generally the flow of refugees exhibits the feelings of people. Refugees from socialist countries will surely impair the image of socialist government and weaken people's cohesive force. Therefore, when devising its policy for refugees, America gives full play to refugees' symbolic functions and propaganda value so as to attack Communism. Anti-communism ideology is dominant in America's choice of refugees. (From "Refugee Policy and American Diplomacy" by Li Xiaogang)

American government have clamped down on the cults such as "Branch Davidians" and "The People's Temple". However, when China put a ban on the cult "Falun Gong", America has made an issue of it in the name of safeguarding human rights. They regard Falun Gong as a cheap political instrument which can be employed easily to overturn the leadership of Communist Party of China and then transform China's socialist system. So western countries are very generous to Falun Gong refugees for whom these countries have provided much political protection and financial support. It can be proved strongly that Falun Gong has thoroughly degraded into an anti-China organization and an instrument controlled by international anti-China groups.

As for Chinese applicants for refuge, American or Canadian officials in charge of censoring the refugees' qualifications tend to take it for granted that China, with a different social system, must have persecuted those applicants. According to some Canadian immigration consultants and lawyers, in recent years Chinese immigrants apply for refuge mostly with the excuses that they are Falun Gong practitioners, members of underground sect or victims of China's family planning policy. In fact, a closer investigation will prove that most of those applications cannot hold water. But those applicants have been approved to stay in Ameircan or Canada. It is reported that approval rate for Chinese applicants for refuge have amounted to 49% in the successive three years, 2% higher than the average. (From "Huanqiu Times", third edition, April 5, 2007)

In order to immigrate into America, some people even tell lies or spread rumors about their motherland shamelessly. One American immigration official once recalled that one Chinese applicant for refuge claimed that he was a Christian and he would be in danger if he was repatriated to China. When asked how Jesus died, the applicant answered "Jesus was beaten to death by the Communist Party!" The official also disclosed that many applicants for refuge claimed to be Falun Gong practitioners, but they know nothing about Falun Gong's exercises. (From "Asian Times", April 24, 2007)

It is obvious that "Falun Gong refugees" are evil consequence resulting from some western countries' support and connivance for cult.

Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong imposing control over Falun Gong refugees

Since the Chinese government banned Falun Gong in 1999, Falun Gong has constantly made trouble to China. What Falun Gong has claimed and conducted have clearly revealed to people that it is a cult. By now the majority of former Falun Gong practitioners have shaken off its spiritual control and broken away from Falun Gong. Few Falun Gong followers can be found in the mainland China. Many of overseas Falun Gong practitioners have also deserted Li Hongzhi. Only several Falun Gong diehards frequently appeared in the so-called demonstration organized by Falun Gong. The loss of support from his followers has got Li Hongzhi into a corner and he is threatened to be kicked away by western powers.
In order to expand Falun Gong and make itself go on to be exploited by western powers, Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong establish as a target those illegal Chinese immigrants who want to stay in western countries but fail to provide lawful documents. Li Hongzhi has instigated them to apply for refuge in the name of Falun Gong practitioners and instructed them how to make it. On April 12, 2004, Li Hongzhi talked about Falun Gong refugees in "Instructions to Asian and Pacific Practitioners". He said "To tell the truth, it is a great shame to China government. Why do so many people from China, instead of other countries, apply for refuge? China always claims that it is a strong power. Why do so many people escape from the strong power to be refugees? So China only pretends to be strong…..No matter what are your real intentions, if you want to settle in America or other developed countries, the best way at present is to apply for refuge in the name of Falun Gong. It is said that in China Town of New York, there are courses specially set for refugees who will be taught how to learn Falun Gong. Of course, you will not be taught how to believe in Falun Gong. What you learn is the general knowledge about Falun Gong, such as how many actions, exercises and books in Falun Gong, for immigration officials are very likely to question you about these."

On August 4, 2007, in "Teaching the Fa to Australian practitioners", Li Hongzhi said "It is not uncommon for some people who are not Falun Gong practitioners to get approval from immigration offices in the name of Falun Gong in many places of the world. As we all know, for Chinese applicants the best excuse is just Falun Gong. So many people in China know clearly that they must pretend to be Falun Gong practitioners and claim to have been persecuted by China government if they want to stay in America, Australia or Europe."

Under the instigation of Li Hongzh, Falun Gong has done a lot to disguise some people into Falun Gong refugees and help them apply for political asylum. In this way several corrupt officials or rascals escaped to foreign countries and were camouflaged to be Falun Gong refugees.

For example, Han Guangsheng, former director general of Shenyang Judicatory Bureau, who escaped to Canada in September 2001, made a story that he has released 159 Falun Gong practitioners, so he had to apply for political asylum. Falun Gong in Canada specially provided some documents to help Han Guangsheng apply for refuge.

On October 12, 2001, overseas edition of People Daily published an article titeled "The Lowdown on the whole event of the so-called charge against China's Public Servants by Falun Gong". It revealed that under the remote control of Falun Gong headquarters in America and with the collaboration of some Falun Gong diehards in the Mainland, Falun Gong framed a case against China's public servants in America and claimed that China government had murdered and illegally imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners. By doing so Falun Gong attempted to monger rumors to confuse right and wrong, deceive the press and libel China government. Amidst the so-called charge, Falun Gong in American tried every means to apply for refugee to the United Nations for Peng Liang, a Falun Gong practitioner from Hubei Province. But they failed at last.

In March 2007, Zhang Jiyan, whose headband was an official at the cultural office of Chinese Embassy in Canada, ran away privately from the Embassy in order to stay in Canada to look after her son who was studying in Canada. At that time her husband had finished his tour of duty and returned to China. Then under the instigation of Falun Gong, Zhang Jiyan began to invent lies to attack China and the Chinese Embassy. Huang Huikang, counselor of political  affairs of the Embassy in Canada, declared that he hoped the sensible Canadian officials could see clearly Zhang Jiyan's fake application for refuge and required Canadian government to refuse her application. In fact, Zhang Jiyan's involvement in Falun Gong was just for the purpose of staying in Canada.

As for those Falun Gong refugees, Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong will fully make use of them and control them at any cost.

Li Hongzhi once remarked brazenly, "Anyhow, once they have managed to apply for refuge in the name of Falun Gong, then their fate is closely related with Falun Gong. It doesn't matter whether they really believe in Falun Gong or not. But if they succeed in applying for political asylum in the name of Falun gong, they owe a lot to Falun Gong. It is Falun Gong that has changed their fate, so they mustn't be against Falun Gong. If they dare to attack Falun Gong, they will go nowhere and lose all chances." ( "Teaching the Fa to Asian and Pacific Practitioners" )

Li Hongzhi also said, "Anyone who has made use of Falun Gong owes much to Falun Gong. If they attack Falun Gong or Falun Gong practitioners, they will be in dangerous situation and be doomed to be deserted. Falun Gong welcomes and helps anyone who is willing to be related with Falun Gong. If you don't take the advantage of Falun Gong, you are impossible to get permission to stay in your dream country. If you come into the camp of Falun Gong, your future, even your life will find the right belonging."("Teaching the Fa to Australian Practitioners") According to Li Hongzhi, once you label yourselves as Falun Gong refugees, you will be under the control of Falun Gong.

Consequently, in foreign countries, Falun Gong has constantly ordered these Falun Gong refugees to distribute anti-China leaflets, hold the so-called exhibition of excruciation to malign Chinese officials, launch anti-China demonstrations and organize sit-down protest outside China Embassies in Foreign countries. Their malicious intent is just to make trouble to China government.

Rong Na, chief nurse of a certain hospital in Jilin Province, attempted to extend her visa after she had worked some time in British. In this case Falun Gong controlled Rong Na. they took away her mobile phone and refued her to communicate with the outside. Then they ordered her to read the book "Falun Dafa" several hours every day, otherwise she was not allowed to have meals. In addition, they forced Rong Na to distribute leaflets about Falun Gong in Chinatown of London. Sometimes she was arranged to demonstrate outside Singapore Special Office in UK by performing Falun Gong exercise. Thus Rong Na had been persecuted by overseas Falun Gong followers for two years. Finally under the help of Chinese Embassy in British, she fled from Falun Gong and returned to China. (From People's Daily Online, Jan. 22, 2006)

In 2005, Chen Yonglin, former diplomat at Chinese consulate general in Sydney in Australia, joined Falun Gong in order to settle in Australia. Falun Gong helped Chen Yonglin and his family to obtain Australian permanent residence. From then on Chen Yonglin kept banging the drum for Falun Gong and maligning the Chinese government. Moreover he even offered national confidential documents to hostile groups.
In October 2006, Jia Jia, former secretary-general  of scientific and technical experts association in Shanxi Province, escaped to Indonesia when he was traveling abroad in order to immigrate to New Zealand and get together with his son. In fact, Jia Jia had never contacted any Falun Gong practitioners and known nothing about Falun Gong. However, his application for refuge had got approved with the help of Falun Gong. Jia Jia was so grateful to Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong that he tried his best to make uproar for Falun Gong, and especially he played main part in the so-called "Three Quits" farce contrived by Falun Gong.

(hardkingdom.com, October 18, 2007)