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Why can't Falun Gong gather any art talents?

2008-02-28 Source:Kaiwind Author:By: Wei Zhen

Falun Gong is really eager to have some art talents. At "Teaching the Fa at the Meeting on Writing Music" in 2003, Li Hongzhi feverishly asked the followers to discover more talents in this field, "At present, there are few art talents among the followers outside China. In the mainland, there are all kinds of talented people, and it is easy to form as many performing groups as you want. But it is quite difficult outside China. Everyone should work some ways out." "Now, the most needed are talented people in music creation and instrumental accompaniment, for the music accompaniment in some art activities is very monotonous. Actually, there are talented minds in this field. The question is how to bring these talented Dafa followers in to play their roles." After that, the followers established some art schools and dancing and singing troupes immediately, opening up lively to attract talents. However, there were few visitors and applicants. Several permanent "enrollment announcements" on the website of Minghui are clear evidence.

This year, Falun Gong has gone in all kinds of art competitions, attempting to find art talents that would devote themselves to Falun Gong. Unfortunately, the so-called "dance competition" turned out to be a shame, becoming a joke talked about in people's leisure time. And the so-called "vocal competition" would not be able to get away from a gloomy destiny either.

Why can't Falun Gong find any decent art talents even after racking its brains?

First, the nature of Falun Gong as a bluffing cult organization determines that it would never attract any real art talents. Li Hongzhi has already set the baseline that the purpose of collecting talents is to "better clarify the truth". People who know about Falun Gong are all very clear about what "clarifying the truth" means. It is the pursuit of teenagers with true art ideals to entering the hall of pure art, and who would sell his talent and even his soul to a cult organization? As for real artists who cherish sincere and passionate emotions for the motherland and peoples, how could they work for an anti-Chinese organization that is capable of slandering and bringing shame on the Chinese government? Moreover, as Falun Gong regards its so-called "culture handed down by god" that based on witchcraft as its axis, rejecting other forms of advanced culture, how could artists pursuing freedom in art easily give up their own faith?

Second, the means of fraudulence that has always been used by Falun Gong is prohibitive. Every time, Falun Gong would put out the slogan such as "the one who participates would have good fortune". The "good fortune" itself is enough to scare people off, leaving alone the question that whether there would be any "good fortune". The biggest "fortune" with Falun Gong is probably "consummation". Participating in the competition of Falun Gong would become "consummated", and this is the thing over which any real artist would certainly ponder carefully. Of course, it is still attractive to those Dafa followers who are so attached to "consummation", therefore the "international competition" is still able to get about 100 participants to avoid stage wait.

The one difficult thing to understand is that Falun Gong, always asking people to put down "reputation, profit, and passion", has to tempt youngsters of art with vanity, promising that "the winner will be awarded US$10,000" and "the next superstar would be you". For young people engaged in art, money and reputation are really what they crave for, because only with certain economic basis one can make further progress in his career, and only with reputation  one can reveal his talent to a greater extent. However, everyone knows that such things will not be earned for free, and the money of Falun Gong in particular is a hot potato. One who loves money should take it from the right way. For most common people, it is not difficult to choose justice when justice and money are in conflict. Maybe it is the dream of everyone in the field of art to become a "superstar", but no artistic achievement is to be spoken of by becoming a "superstar" of Falun Gong that has been peripherized by the mainstream society. It is very clear that there is no need to consider becoming the "superstar" of few people but to be rejected by the majority.

Falun Gong itself knows that it is quite impossible to find art talents among common people, so their focus is on Dafa followers and those who might become its followers. However, what kind of decent art talents will there be among the followers who have given up all "attachments"? If one works hard to improve his professional skills, doesn't it mean that he still has "attachment"? Will it affect doing "three things" well? It seems that being a Falun Gong follower is somewhat caught in a dilemma.

(Kaiwind, October 17, 2007)