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Minghui fabricating 'fire fighting' mythology

2008-03-07 Author:By: Luo Zhijun

I noticed a series of "fire fighting" rumors created by Falun Gong on Minghui Net.

The Burning of wheat stubble was a close call

On September 17, 2007, Minghui Net published an article entitled "Crying Out 'Dafa is Good' and the Fire is Extinguished In No Time." The article was about an unusual happening taking place in Zunhua county of Hebei province during the wheat harvest in 2006. The story went like this: A certain villager named old Cao planned to burn wheat stubble to make room for planting the corn. Meanwhile, about a dozen mu wheat hadn't been harvested on the piece of neighbouring land. Old Cao, his wife and his son Xiao Cao arrived at the wheat land, set the wheat stubble on fire and watched the fire nearby with shovels and forks in their hands. The wind suddenly blew harder and the fire, along with the wind, went straight towards the neighboring wheat land. The three of them, turning pale with fright, promptly did everything possible to beat and strike with shovels but the fire was too fierce to put out. At that time, old Cao's wife was stunned out of her wits and shivered all over her body. Old Cao got blister burns on his arms and he thought, "The only thing we could do is to compensate for them with what we earned during the whole year." At the very critical moment, Xiao Cao recalled that his uncle taught him to turn ill luck into good by repeating "Falun Dafa is good". Xiao Cao kneeled down immediately shouting: "Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness, compassion and forbearance are good! Please save us, Master Li Hongzhi!" It was really amazing that the wind stopped as soon as Xiao Cao finished his plea. The fire was extinguished in no time just before it spread to others' wheat land.

The key to success in this case is Xiao Cao uncle's influence on him which inspired him to kneel down crying out "Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness, compassion and forbearance are good! Please save us, Master Li Hongzhi!" By making use of this method, Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong are suggested to train a "Falun fire brigade" consisting of skilled and experienced Dafa disciples. When fighting fire, all team members shout in unison "Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness, compassion and forbearance are good!" In this way, the effect will be excellent and no fire-fighting equipment and apparatus are required, which will make the existing fire fighting teams thoroughly discredited and laid off. In addition, an "international Falun fire-fighting team" can be set up to run across the fierce fires in different countries, ensuring the elimination of all fire. But the precondition is that Li Hongzhi should make an example himself. For instance, if not long ago Master Li could arrived at the scene of forest fires in Greece to put it out, then the "Falun fire brigade" and the "international fire-fighting team" are bound to win the trust of the people of the world and its prestige will spread far and wide.

Two failures in setting the vegetable shed on fire

On Sep. 13, 2007 Minghui Net published an article entitled "Why did villains fail to set my vegetable shed on fire" whose author claimed to be a farmer from the east area of Northern Town in Liaoning Province. "We made great effort to build this vegetable shed which is 130 meters long and the 40 meters wide. But the villains in our village set fire to the shed before the vegetables have grown up. 20 meters of the vegetable shed has been burned." "It has been mid-night when we returned home from the shed. The next day when we arrive at the shed, we were stunned because there was a strong smell of gasoline and corn hulls spread all over the ground. Immediately we realized what had happened. That is, the villains failed to set the shed on fire and were unwilling to give up. So this time they poured gasoline on the corn hulls they brought as a trigger to set the shed plastic on fire but still couldn't succeed." What is the real cause of it? The wife of the farmer unveiled it: "Do you still remember the booklet I found under the rock when I uncovered the grass cover the other day. I found it was a booklet of Falun Gong and started to read… I constantly repeated in my heart these days 'Falun Dafa is good.'"

The Falun booklet played an unexpected role in this case which has great significance in protecting all people from fire. If each family has such a booklet at home, everybody then may have no more worries about preventing fire and theft. But the key issue is the personal demonstration of Master Li. For example, he can promise to President Bush that the White House will be free from fire for good as long as a Falun booklet is put in every room. Even if terrorists set fire intentionally, there is no way that they will succeed. If Bush does not believe him, Li Hongzhi can make an experiment on the spot, igniting a Falun booklet to see whether such a seemingly fragile paper book could be burned into ashes. If the answer is not, the American media is bound to propagandize wantonly, the final result of which is that there will be a Falun booklet lying in every corner all over the world.

Houses on a street were burnt down except two

On July 27,2007 Minghui Net published an article entitled "Why wasn't these two households burnt down" . The author personally witnessed an unusual happening. "On the night of June 7, 2007, a fire broke out at Wangdian Tun, Yongan village, Victory Town, Bin County, Hei Longjiang Province. The windows, doors and roof of two brick houses were all burnt down. The strangest thing is: a thatched house actually survives such a big fire." "After arriving at Wangdian Tun, the author walked along the road in the east of the village as far north as the last street. He saw a row of poplars standing from east to west about 15 meters from the residential area. These poplar trees were a dozen meters high and five or six meters wide, the leaves and bark of which were all burnt. Under the trees there was a thick layer of ashes about five or six meters wide and about one hundred meters long. It resulted from the burning of households' firewood previously placed under the trees. The witnesses said it was blowing west wind at that time. The poplar catkins flew everywhere and triggered fire as soon as they landed. The loud crack, heavy smoke, heat wave and strong flame could scare someone to death." According to the author's investigation, "The fire started from the firewood pile placed on the backyard of the second house from the west. The fire burned towards the east all the way along with the wind. Before the arrival of the fire engine, two brick houses were already burnt down. ""When the big fire almost reached the last house in the east, it suddenly turned around and switched from the original west wind into the east wind and gradually burned down. The firewood pile of this household was only less than ten meters away from the big fire but was totally intact. The author helped bring the crucial point out that the owner of the unburned houses were Falun Gong practitioners.

This case indicates that every Falun Gong practitioner's family is "exempted from fire disaster ". As long as you join in the Falun Gong organization, you will be free from fire without taking any effective measures. However, here comes the question again. Because of the connivance of Chen Shui-bian, Taiwan is overwhelmed with Falun Gong practitioners, even Annette Lu having become a devout Dafa disciple. It is estimated that there is a much larger population of Dafa disciples than any other places in the world. Then why is fire still breaking out in Taiwan. The Xinhua News Agency has ever reported that one year a big fire broke out in the snow mountain in the middle area of Taiwan, "The fire broke out in a snow mountain located within Tainchung County. Fire alarm was heard at noon from the east peak of the snow mountain and the fire spread about 10 hectares. Because the region where the fire took place is at an elevation of about 3200 meters and its south is a steep cliff, the firefighting didn't go very well. A total of 100 people, including firemen, forestry staff and park rangers, took part in the firefighting and the military was rushing to the fire spot to join in the rescuing work." "" Fire news is frequent in Taiwan recently, with several arson affairs taking place in Kaohsiung and other cities and counties. A fire breaking out in Li Moutain near the snow mountain had just been put out 5 days before. It is reported by the Tainwan media that another fire took place in the Xin Zhujian mountain neighborhood today which has spread about 1 hectare by 6:00 p.m. Taiwan authority has already requested a close attention from departments concerned." In fact, the first thing for Chen Shui-bian is to ask Li Hongzhi to take the responsibility for his fault of letting the fire so widespread and severe in Taiwan. Where did Li Hongzhi`s Dharma body go? Even if we don't blame him for his gloating over the fire disasters in mainland, but why is he standing by towards those fires taking place in Taiwan? Does he have any position or not?

The kitchen was on fire but all the family was totally intact

On Sept. 24, 2007 Minghui Net published an article named "Falun Dafa Master saved all my family" whose hero was a Falun Gong disciple from Shi Jiazhuang, Hebei province. "On the night of Sept. 2, we forgot to turn off the fire when boiling water and as a result almost everything was burnt up including the water pot, liquefied gas stoves, range hood and the window glass in kitchen. Just in such a situation, the whole family had no idea what was happening and slept sound throughout the night. The next morning when we got up, we totally freaked out. Fortunately, except the kitchen, all the other rooms were totally intact and every family member was not poisoned or hurt at all. My mother is a Falun Gong practitioner and I stick a sheet of paper she gave me with characters 'Falun Dafa is good' in my room."

Everything concerning Falun Gong is a treasure, even the papers with characters being so effective. It can not only avoid a fire, but also stop the spreading of coal gas. It is not known that whether Li Hongzhi has apply for the patent for Falun paper with characters and further promotes it.The fact is that the death takes place frequently all over the globe because of gas poisoning in the families, this patented product is bound to be purchased by every household and Falun Gong will certainly become very rich. In this way, the Falun Gong financial crisis which has been bothering Li Hongzhi will be easily solved. Then what is the use of his shamelessly begging to the foreign master for money?

The hair is on fire but not hurt at all

On Sept. 12, 2007 Minghui Net published an article named "The story of Mme Li from Hunan Province". Mme Li is a Falun Gong practitioner and she had "quitted from the CPC". "Once, the little daughter of Mme Li accidentally set her hair on fire when playing hydrogen balloon. Because she was running upwind to plea for help from her mother at that time, the hair floated backward and as a result she was not burnt. Mme Lee fought the fire barehanded and only got burnt in a small area of her shank. She told me on the phone afterwards that her little daughter was almost burned and she was almost frightened to death. The next day I hurried to call on them only to find that her little daughter was not hurt at all. I knew it was the Dafa that protected her. (I taught her to repeat in her heart "Falun Dafa is good" before this accident.)

Every time at the sight of the self-immolation tragedies commit by many Falun disciples under the instigation of Li Hongzhi, people are often filled with righteous indignation and blame Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong cult for their violation of humanity. The firefighting rumors on Minghui Net seem to illustrate the fallacy that each of the so-called Dafa disciples under the leadership of Li Hongzhi is not afraid of fire burning.

(Facts.org.cn, July 1, 2008)