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True cause of death of Shi Biao, a Falun Gong practitioner


[Rumor and Truth]

Shi Biao, a Falun Gong practitioner,who died of cancer, but the evil Falun Gong organizaition took advantage of his death to utter slanderous attack on the law education class.

On April 14, 2005, an article published on Minghui Net claimed that Shi Biao, a Falun Gong practitioner from Jinyun County of Zhejiang Province, "was  beaten secretly and forbidden to be visited by his family just because he refused to give up Falun Gong. Shi Biao was black and blue all over his body and his chest suffered from severe internal injury. He couldn't recover even after he was released. On December 17, 2003, Shi Biao died with resentment due to his internal injury".

As one of Shi Biao's colleagues, I have known something about what Shi Biao had experienced. I found the article on Minghui Net was really inconsistent with the facts, so I decided to reveal what I knew to ensure a right understanding of the facts.

"My spirit has gone to South Africa to meet Master, and would return in a week."

On January 8, 2004, Xiang Shiyin, a reponsible person in the local community where Shi Biao lived, was informed by the residents that Shi Biao died at home several days ago, but his family was still waiting for the return of his spirit instead of preparing for funeral affairs. Xiang Shiyin was afraid that the dead body may develop virus infection if kept at home for a long time. So he together with Doctor Liu at the County People`s Hospital went to visit Shi Biao's family.

On entering Shi Biao's room, Xiang Shiyin and Doctor Liu both felt that an offensive smell assailed their nostrils and found that some liquid kept transuding out from the corners of Shi Biao's mouth. However, Shi Biao's family, including his wife, parents and parents-in-law, were sitting round his dead body and showed no sorrow at all. His mother-in-law mrs. Chen kept rubbing away the liquid from the corners of his mouth.

Xiang Shiyin asked, "What's wrong with Shi Biao?"

Shi Biao's mother Hu answered, "Two days ago Shi Biao said, 'My spirit will go to South Africa to meet Master. I will return in about a week. So don't move my fleshy body.' Then he closed his eyes and fall into sleep. We are waiting for the return of his spirit."

Doctor Liu examined Shi Biao's body and found the so-called fleshy body had long lost any living feature and in fact it was rotting gradually. So Doctor Liu and Xiang Shiyin advised Shi Biao's family to arrange funeral affairs as soon as possible, otherwise the virus would spread about quickly. Two days later his family realized suddenly that Shi Biao's spirit may follow Master and would not return forever. Then Shi Biao's body was sent to the funeral home and cremated on January 11.

"The cause of death should be later-stage lung cancer."

Doctor Liu said, "According to Shi Biao's symptoms, he must have suffered some lung disease."

Shi Wei, brother of Shi Biao, was a doctor at a hospital attached to a medical college of a university in Zhejiang Province. Knowing that Shi Biao was critically ill, Shi Wei returned to Jinyun County from Hangzhou to take care of and accompany Shi Biao in the last days and help arranging Shi Biao's funeral.

When asked about Shi Biao's health by Xiang Shiyin, Shi Wei said, "My brother Shi Biao has developed liver disease for many years. But his current symptoms showed that he might die of lung cancer in later period. I have always urged him to go to the hospital, but he stubbornly held that practicing Falun Gong could cure all his disease. What a pity."

"Toxin inside the body is discharged."

Before his death, Shi Biao worked in the economic arbitration office in the food market of Jinyun County. He was responsible for his job and got along well with his colleagues. He was not a sociable and talkative person. He has loved practicing Qigong for many years. He once told his colleague Zhan Lechun that his greatest wish was to have his heavenly eye open. Since he practiced Falun Gong, he tended to isolate himself from the people around.

One day in early summer of 2003, his colleague mr. Sun found there was a horsebean-sized lump on Shi Biao's neck. Some other colleagues also found that some blains often developed around Shi Biao's lips. Moreover Shi Biao always kept coughing and became thinner and thinner. When advised to have a check-up at a hospital, Shi Biao responded, "It doesn't matter. That means the toxin inside is being discharged. Qigong is really producing effects on me. I will be well after all the toxins are discharged."

In November 2003, Shi Biao asked for leave from his working unit. At that time his colleagues could smell unpleasant odors from his mouth and nose and found the lump on his neck has grown to be as big as a pingpong ball. Mr. Sun asked him whether he would go to the hospital. Shi Biao answered that he would not see any doctor and he would be fit after having a rest at home for some time.

Though Shi Biao's home was only three hundreds meters away from County People`s Hospital, Doctor Liu has searched all the medical records from 1983 to 2003 and found not a single record of Shi Biao's seeking medical advice.

"No one is heard to be beaten."

On October 12, 2001, Shi Biao returned from the law education class and went to work as usual until his death. During this period, his colleagues have never heard Shi Biao's complaints about being beaten in the law education class.

Teacher Hu was in charge of receiving visitors to the law education class. He said that the family members were allowed to pay a visit to members in the law education class once a week. He recalled, "Shi Biao's family members have visited him for five or six times. We have recorded every visit clearly. And every time Shi Biao's mother or wife has signed their own name. In fact, Shi Biao's mother and mother-in-law also have studied in the law education class before or aferwards. So they knew clearly that no one would br beaten here."

Mr. Li, a member in the law education class together with Shi Biao, also said, "The law education class is located in a village. And it is close to the villagers' houses. We can hear the villagers chatting from our own rooms. If anyone is beaten, the villagers can also hear very clearly. So it is groundless to say we are beaten there. "

"He sacrificed his life for Falun Gong. What a foolish person!"

"The cause of Shi Biao's death is clear to all. As a person afflicted with serious disease, Shi Biao has never received any medical treatment, and only put all his hope on Falun Gong. So it is nothing strange that his disease became incurable," remarked by mr. Wang, vice director of Jinyun Industrial and Commercial bureau which is the superior unit to where Shi Biao worked.

Mr. Wang continued that, "The real tragedy is that Shi Biao died without a clear realization of the facts, and his death has not awakened his family members to the danger of Falun Gong. Knowing he was badly ill, I went to visit him on behalf of our bureau and found he has lost his consciousness. A week later I was informed of his death. I went to visit his home again. But his parents still believed that he was only sleeping. It is hard to imagine they were waiting for Shi Biao's return from South Africa."

As for the statement "Shi Biao died with resentment", vice director Wang was rather indignant. He said, "Shi Biao's family members claimed that he died serenely and happily. If it is true, it is a great fortune for him as far as a Falun Gong practitioner is concerned. Isn't a kind of consummation when the follower's spirit accompanies his master forever? However, as far as an ordinary person is concerned, Shi Biao really died with an iniquitous wrong. Because of Falun Gong he said no to any medicine and treatment. Finally Falun Gong led him to the death. How foolish he is to sacrifice himself for Falun Gong! Falun Gong even took Shi Biao's death as an excuse to attack and malign our government. How malicious the cult Falun Gong is!"

(Facts, March 22, 2008)