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Falun Gong, a slaughterer of women

2008-03-21 Author:By: Jiang Yongping

Li Hongzhi took advantage of some of the weaknesses of women to control their mind, leading them eventually to embark on the road of self-destruction. Falun Gong is a slaughterer of women.

In comparison to males, females are psychologically fragile. Encountered difficulties or distresses, they usually long for spiritual support and help. Liu Siying's mother Liu Chunling, and Chen Guo's mother Hao Huijun, one is divorced, the other suffered the death of spouse. For such single mothers, it is necessary to play the role of both father and mother. They have to bear multi-fold pressure of life and need more consolation and spiritual sustenance. Under such circumstances, due to the low level of education or insufficient humanistic spirit attainment, they lack of the capability of analysis and judgement. It is easy for them to be deluded by Li Hongzhi's pack of lies and resort to "Falun Dafa" for spiritual strength. They will be bewildered by it, unable to extricate themselves and devoid of common sense, finally they destroy themselves and their family.

An absurd way of thinking is bound to lead to absurd behavior. Obsessed with Falun Gong, one will of course understand life and treat things in accordance with the extremely absurd ideas of Falun Gong. The female practitioners of Falun Gong usually have heavier psychological dependence and relatively low confidence in their own abilities. Once obsessed with Falun Gong, they would tend to be passive and think that Li Hongzhi will help them do everything, no need for themselves to worry too much. So they leave their sick bodies, family problems, confused feelings and everything for Li Hongzhi to deal with. And they will follow whatever Li Hongzhi says. Li Hongzhi wants them to go to "heaven" and achieve "consummation", and they will commit self-immolation to "ascend to heaven."

The 12-year-old Liu Siying and the 19-year-old Chen Guo were led by their mothers to embark on the Falun Gong road of destruction. It is the most sad and sorrowful incident. Women in the family generally bear the responsibility of educating their children. What they do and say have significant influence on their children in particular on daughters. The gender identity awareness that starts from childhood, prompts children to take the same sex elders closest to them as behavior model. As mothers, they believe in the so-called "god", "satisfactory" and "heavenly kingdom", read "Falun Dafa big nirvana" and listen to "Zhuan Falun" day in day out. If the children live in this kind of family environment, how could their personality not be distorted from the healthy development? It would be much worse if  the mothers consciously lead their daughters to practice Falun Gong. Viewing from the self-immolation cases of Liu Siying and Chen Guo, women's obsession with the Falun Gong would impose great harm to the healthy growth of children.

Facing today's rapid development of modern society, women should have unyielding spirit to overcome superstition and fatalism. Only by relying on their own efforts to improve their comprehensive quality, will they enjoy a civilized and happy life. We advise those sisters still under the spell of Falun Gong to wake up to the truth, not to be the victims of Falun Gong.

Jiang Yongping, Associate Researcher at the Institute of Women, ACWF

(Facts.org.cn, May 6, 2008)