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Never allowing Falun Gong to spread heresies

2008-05-09 Author:By: Zhai Wei & Li Shufeng

What Buddhism advocates is adorning the country and benefiting sentient beings; what Buddhist pursues is loving the country as well as the religion, protecting the country and its people. So China Buddhist circle, firmly sticking to what Buddhism advocates, will not allow the cult Falun Gong to disturb the social stability and harmony which Chinese people have achieved with hard work. In particular China Buddhist circle will not allow Falun Gong to adopt the Buddhist terms in its cult fallacies to deceive and hurt  people more cruelly.

Since the day when Falun Gong was just founded, China Buddhist circle has begun to disclose and denounce Falun Gong severely. Mr Zhao Puchu, the leading figure of China Buddhist circle has earlier pointed out that Falun Gong was none other but cult. And he has emphasized the significance of exposing Falun Gong and promoted the attack on Falun Gong.

Seeing through Falun Gong and disclosing its cult nature

In 1992, Falun Gong began to spread its heresies. Li Hongzhi has not only brazenly claimed Falun Gong to be the most profound level of Buddhism and has willfully distorted, libeled and pirated Buddhist terms in his fallacies. Those imprudent actions have aroused great dissatisfaction from China Buddhist circle that immediately started to expose and denounce Falun Gong.

In 1996, China Buddhist circle began to disclose Falun Gong to the outside world. Many profound articles such as "Falun Gong is the cult under the camouflage of Buddhism" and "Comments on Li Hongzhi's two-faced tricks" were openly published to help common people see through Falun Gong. People from China Buddhist circle said with great indignant, "How could Li Hongzhi pirate the Buddhist term 'Wheel of Law' as the name of his cult heresy? How could he take the birthday of the Buddha as his own birthday? How could he adopt the Buddhist terms in his fallacies? Since Falun Gong deceived the public repeatedly, people got quite irritated with the term 'Wheel of Law'. Since Falun Dafa endangered the society time and again, Buddhists even felt ashamed of preaching Buddha Dharma. This is the greatest humiliation for the Buddhism and the greatest malignancy intolerable to Buddha Dharma."

Mr. Zhao Puchu was on alert against Falun Gong's vicious actions. In November 1996, Mr. Zhao wrote an instruction on the article "Disclosing Falun Gong's cult nature-- comments on Li Hongzhi's ‘Zhuan Falun' and his Falun Gong" that China Buddhist circle should write and publish more articles to help people see through Falun Gong clearly.

On November 24 and 25, 1996, Mr. Zhao Puchu pointed out in two letters successively that the exposure of Falun Gong was of great urgency and importance and China Buddhist circle should denounce Falun Gong from the perspective of protecting the upright religion as well as maintaining social stability. On November 28, Mr. Zhao Puchu proposed that seminars should be held to collect more ideas about how to denounce Falun Gong. He criticized some people's neutral attitude toward Falun Gong and remarked firmly, "Falun Gong is the cult." This is the first time that Mr. Zhao Puchu clearly and openly declared Falun Gong to be the cult.

On December 7, 1996, Mr Zhao Puchu sent a copy of "Zhuan Falun" to the Buddhist Association of China and in the long letter attached to the book he wrote, "It is not enough to ban on the cult, efforts should also be made to reveal and pull down its fallacies so that our fight against the cult may work." So Mr. Zhao Puchu not only insisted that Falun Gong was the cult but also put forward that it was vital to outlaw Falun Gong and expose deeply its heresies.

Just within a month, in order to clarify Buddhism's upright ideas and thoughts, Mr Zhao Puchu of 90 years old, in spite of his illness, had written one instruction and five letters to denounce the cult Falun Gong. Mr. Zhao's highly social responsibility and political insight have greatly impressed China Buddhist circle and pushed them to carry out stronger attack against Falun Gong.

Thorough exposure of Falun Gong made more know Falun Gong's evil features

Since 1997, China Buddhist circle has published more articles with sharper and keener ideas to denounce Falun Gong.

In January 1998, based on Mr Zhao Puchu's proposal, Buddhist Association of China held a seminar aiming at the cult Falun Gong. Scholars and experts from Buddhist circle and other fields made a deep analysis of Falun Gong and further denounced Falun Gong as a cult attached to Buddhism. At that time Falun Gong went rampant and spread fast, so this seminar adequately revealed that China Buddhist circle would go on with fighting against Falun Gong firmly and bravely.

The disclosure and denouncement of Falun Gong have been on a larger scale. In June 1998, "Qigong of Buddhism and Falun Gong" edited by Chen Xingqiao was published by the Religious Culture Publishing House attached to the National Religious Affairs Bureau and appeared on Internet very soon. The book pointed out sharply that Falun Gong was full of fallacies and self-contradictions. And Li Hongzhi debased and denounced the existing religions and Qigong without restraint. Li Hongzhi exaggerated some limitations of science and certain crises in modern society just for the purpose of fooling and bewitching people. If we do nothing about Falun Gong, Falun Gong would surely endanger our life mainly in the following four aspects. First it would deter the healthy development of the science and Qigong. Second, it would disturb the solidarity and stability of Buddhist circle of China. Third it would negatively influence our country's reforms and opening to the outside world and Chinese people's communications with foreign countries. Fourth it would prevent people from having normal work and life.
The book has met great responses from the society, and it especially helped many Falun Gong practitioners find out Li Hongzhi's true colors. So the book was really a huge bomb cast on the cult Falun Gong. But Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong, deeply panicked, hated the book very much. The leading figures of Falun Gong such as Li Chang, Ye Hao, Jie liewu and Yao Jie masterminded some activities to oppose the book. They wrote letters to certain authorities, instigated some Falun Gong practitioners to debate with the author or editors by phone call and write letters to denounce the book and defend Falun Gong. Until Chinese government outlawed the cult Falun Gong, the Buddhist Association of China and the Religious Culture Publishing House have received more than 600 letters of this kind. A leading figure of Falun Gong even threatened that he would raise 1 million Yuan to buy all the copies of this book stocked in the Religious Culture Publishing House and then burn them all.

All these activities only revealed clearly that Li Hongzhi and other Falun Gong leading members were always in a state of anxiety and fear, and Falun Gong was just the cult.

Supporting our Government's decision and calling on more to join the anti-cult war

On August 1, 1999, Mr. Zhao Puchu, being informed that our government has officially outlawed Falun Gong, felt excited and remarked, "I fully support our government's decision about Falun Gong. This decision is necessary, timely and totally correct." "Falun Gong does not belong to Fofa nor religion or Qigong. It is an arrant heresy. It is opposite to Buddhism and our country's policy about freedom to believe in religions. So China Buddhist circle should be highly on guard against the cult Falun Gong and never allow it to spread in the society."

In August 2000, China Buddhist leading figures together with the leading figures from China's Taoism, Islam, Catholicism and Christianity paid a visit to America. They have introduced China's situation in which all people enjoy the freedom to believe in any religions. At the same time they also deeply exposed the cult nature of Falun Gong.

In January 2001, the issue of some Falun Gong diehards setting themselves on fire on the Tiananmen Square has aroused great indignation of people from China religious Circle. They all appealed to the government that the cult Falun Gong should be denounced and attacked hard so as to create the harmonious and stable social environment.

In the first spring of the new century, China's National People's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference were held ceremoniously. Vice chairman of the Buddhist Association of China made a speech on behalf of China religious circle. He said that upright Buddhism was totally different from the cult Falun Gong. Buddhism help to make people wise while cults ruin their wisdom; Buddhism instruct people to be merciful and not to kill while cults entice others to have self-immolation; Buddhism instruct people to reward others for their kindness while cults guide people to be merciless; Buddhism instruct people to love their motherland while cults instigate people to betray their native country. While retribution will certainly come, we just wonder how the cult founder Li Hongzhi can diminish his Karma since he has committed such monstrous crimes.

The Buddhist Association of China issued an open letter to the whole Buddhist circle in China. It read that the Buddhist disciples should carry on Mr. Zhao's unfulfilled wish and fight against the cult Falun Gong vigorously and actively by clarifying to the public the differences between upright religion and cult, revealing the harm of the cult Falun Gong to the nation.

The Buddhism Association of China also calls on the five major religions in China to actively participate in such an anti-cult campaign so as to influence the diehards and save the fanatics with our mercy and carry forward the upright religions while eradicating the cults with our righteous actions. Disciples from Taoism, Islam, Catholicism and Christianity all welcomed this call and made favorable responses.

The large-scale anti-cult campaign has developed from China Buddhist circle to the whole China. All make it the duty to further disclose and denounce the cult Falun Gong.

(People's Daily, sixth edition, March 20, 2001)