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The way how a 75-year-old woman grows new teeth

2010-03-19 Author:By: Mu Zi

Minghui Net is a media manipulated by Falun Gong organization and the source publishing and distributing most of the "scriptures" and "lectures teaching Fa" by Li Hongzhi. But it does more than this and fabricates numerous claimed "first-hand" materials about miracle and karma stories. Li asked the disciples to visit the website frequently and to learn more stories published on it. At his Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Minghui Net held on September 4, 2009, he eulogized the website by defining it as a "crucial website" and "a window of cultivation and exchanges for Dafa disciples", where they can "have direct access to the first-hand materials" and people can "see the true state of cultivation of Dafa disciples on a timely basis".

I want to tell you a story about the creation of a fabricated miracle story on how "my mother-in-law grew new teeth" so that you'll see for yourselves whether the articles published on Minghui are facts and "first-hand materials".

I'm a volunteer of helping Falun Gong addicts recovery. Three Falun Gong practitioners refused to listen to me and insisted that the "Master" was telling the truth and what published on Minghui were facts. So they kept visiting Minghui behind our back.

In early April 2009, in order to smash their belief in Minghui and their worship of Li Hongzhi, several volunteers of us decided to expose the lies told by Minghui. On April 8, I composed a miracle story at their presence about how my mother-in-law grew new teeth.

After the article was done, at their witness, I sent it to Minghui, which was published on the website on April 11. (The screenshot of the article on Minghui is attached behind.)

They were astonished and speechless at reading the article online, for they knew there was no such a village and no such a town named Chenxiang Town in Anhui City; I had no such a "mother-in-law" and created those diseases "she suffered" as well as the "miracle" of her growing the new teeth. The article is created out of my imagination from beginning to end and cannot fool even a three-year-old. But there it was and Minghui published it on its website.

That's the way how a 75-year-old woman grew her new teeth. As a result, the three former practitioners grew out of the belief in and the worship of Li Hongzhi and Minghui as well. They finally woke up from the nightmare.




(Facts.org.cn, March 19, 2010)