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Hao Xianzhong:obsessed with Falun Gong and torturing his parents to death

2010-03-23 Source:Kaiwind Author:By: Zhang Zhenliang

Hao Xianzhong, male, born in 1982, villager of Xindong Village, Zhangqiao Town, Yanling County, Henan Province. He used to have a happy family; his father was a carpenter and his mother was gentle and nice. They once lived happily together. But all had changed and the family had fallen apart ever since Hao Xianzhong became a prey of Falun Gong. In three months from April to June 1999, his parents and paternal grandmother passed away in succession for his practice.

In autumn of 1997 when he was a junior high school student, in order to build up health, Hao started to practice Falun Gong. Being obsessed with the cult, he began to lose interest in study and his academic performance declined rapidly as a result. To make things worse, he turned a deaf ear to teachers and parents and kept practicing it behind their back. In the end, he dropped out of school and said to his parents: “I’ll become a Buddha if I keep practicing and work hard on it.”

Hao Ping’an, the father of Hao Xianzhong, was extremely painful at seeing the son be obsessed with Falun Gong and drop out of school. On the afternoon of April 16, 1999, the father was so angry that he slapped the son. In stead of being irritated, the son stayed calm and told his father: “That’s good and the effect is better than my two-week practicing. I should thank you for that.” Being enraged by these words, the father grabbed a stick and waved it at the son. With the help of neighbors, the boy got rid of his father and ran away. Late that night, the father had to go out to look for the son. The wind was strong and it rained heavily. The father stepped by accident on a high-voltage power line dropped onto the ground and died immediately. The family collapsed at the news except for Hao Xianzhong, who looked at the cold body of his father like a stranger. Finally, he said: “He’s lucky and it must be because of the good deeds he has done in his previous life.”

Sun Erni, the mother of Hao Xianzhong, was hurt by her son’s practicing the cult and dropping out of school and became heartbroken at the death of her husband, who had accompanied her and supported the family for two decades and passed away like this at his middle age. She held the hands of her son and begged him to go back to school. Looking at his mother who was in tears, Hao Xianzhong grabbed his schoolbag and left home. The mother was happy and thought the son would go back to study. But then she learned from a neighbor that her son went to one of his fellow practitioners and practiced Falun Gong there. She almost fainted at the news and rushed to drag her son out of the practicing group. She burst into tears and felt desperate. The son was stubborn and refused to listen to her, the husband had gone forever, the mother-in-law had been sick and bed-ridden for years, the rural housewife saw no hope in future. Late at night on May 12, 1999, it rained heavily and the mother, who hadn’t eaten anything in past two days, swallowed a bottle of pesticide and died in great pains. When she was dying, her son sat cross-legged practicing Falun Gong at his own room.

Witnessing the death of the son and the daughter-in-law, the bed-ridden grandmother couldn’t stand it any longer. Early on the morning of June 20, 1999, she sent for the grandson to her bedside and told him to go back to school. At her words, Hao Xianzhong said: “Don’t worry,Grandma,  I will keep practicing till I reach the highest level.” In despair, the old woman finally closed her eyes forever.