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How does the dead “go to market and do manual labor”?

2012-01-04 Source:Kaiwind Author:By Wang Shanyan

From July 24, 2004 to May 19, 2005, a story named Being Reacted Unkindness for Smearing Dafa, Cancer Removed for Reciting Dafa Good in Heart was published on a official website of Falun Gong for five times respectively. The main contents in the articles are same, talking about a person called Fei Baoyin who had got cancer for smearing Falun Gong as retribution judgment, but later his disease disappeared because of reciting the nine-syllable mantra prayer of Falun Gong. Now he can not only go to market but also do manual labor as well.

As known to all, it is a difficult problem for the global medical circle to treat cancer, especially the terminal cancer. Should it be true that "Cancer has been removed for reciting 'Falun Dafa is good' in heart?" With the doubt, Wang Shanyan from Kaiwind.com inquired into the root of the matter according to the clue in the story.

Wang tried to find the person Fei Baoyin mentioned in this story who was in his sixties in the year of 2004. Finally, Wang found a person with following information: Fei Baoyin, male, born on Janary 23, 1944 in Tiaoyugou Village, Mutoudeng Town, Qinglong County.

The small village lies in a mountain gully with a population of over 800, who are very familiar and know through and through with each other.


Tiaoyugou Village

Wang met a villager named Han Jianrong as soon as he went into the village. Wang told him the story about Fei Baoyin on the website. He was very surprised on hearing that, saying, "I have been living in Tiaoyugou for half my life, but I have heard the story you told me for the first time! Falun Gong is talking nonsense. Fei Baoyin has been dead for several years because of the stomach cancer."
"Had Fei Baoyin and his family practiced Falun Gong?" Wang continued. Han answered, "I haven't heard anyone of them has practiced any exercise."


Fei Baoyin's home

Under Han's guide, Wang found Fei Wenju, the eldest daughter of Fei Baoyin. When talking of the story about her father, she said angrily, "Nothing of the kind. That's nonsense, sheer fabrication. My father died of cancer. He had never recited the stuff. No miracle had happened, either. Falun Gong can really fabricate story. If reciting the thing could cure disease, hospitals had been closed early. Moreover, nobody in our family practices Falun Gong or believes the trick. I really don't know how they have thought and why they have fabricated the thing about our family!"


Fei Wenju, the eldest daughter of Fei Baoyin

For that, Fei Wenju wrote a statement in particular, in which she angrily rebuked the report on Falun Gong's website "is really nonsense. That's sheer fabrication. Nobody in our family has practiced Falun Gong or believed the trick."


The statement of Fei Wenju

After returning from Tiaoyugou Village, Wang went to the relevant departments and checked the exact death time of Fei Baoyin was on October 22, 2004 (on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month).



The death record of Fei Baoyin in the monthly report of Mutoudeng Town

In that way, a dead person who had nothing with Falun Gong was boosted by Falun Gong websites as an example of it curing disease and showing miracle. After Fei Baoyin died, on May 13 and May 19, 2005, the website still published his miracle "cancer has been removed for reciting 'Falun Dafa is good' in heart" twice. Could a person go to market and do manual labor after he has been dead for more than 7months?